Hello Everyone!

Been to the beach! Missed you all terribly!
I’m back home. Our Boys have been leaving home. Figures.

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So you’re all traveling again.
Went to Russia one more time?

That’s ok.
We were with you just as close as your pocket.

Since you left us in June we’ve seen
the ruins of Taormina,
the crowds of Mexico,
and the blue of the Mediterranean.

In the past three months with you we have experienced
television interviews,
and radio shows.

We’ve shared in your play.

Beside you we’ve felt
the love of your mothers,
the excitement of children,
and the pride of friends, family and country.

Plus, you have given us magnificent music all along the way.

Gosh Guys, thanks for the ride!


28 thoughts on “Traveling”

  1. YESSS!!!! Well said Marie. Thank you. Miss you guys as you travel around the world and love everything that you are doing and so happy you keep us informed.

  2. Oh, Marie – you always say the right words. Thank you so much for your poems. I couldn’t do with out you! Love you!!!

  3. Hi Marie, Great to have you back….you were missed. Il Volo, we have loved following you on your travels this summer and fall. We have loved your music, your joy, and the video clips that we have been so happy to receive. We are eagerly awaiting your new album and an itinerary of the upcoming tours. We so appreciate your tweets and instagrams that help us keep in touch. Get it?? WE LOVE YOU!

  4. Marie, thank you for putting words to my feelings. Piero was especially generous with photos. It’s been such an honor to share part of their lives. I hope we are always able to do so.
    Barb W

    1. I think Piero’s friends, not Piero, tend to share more pictures than Gianluca and Ignazio’s friends.

  5. The soul remembers what the mind forgets. We’ll remember you and the guys and all you’ve done for us as long as time allows. Thank you Marie and the rest of the staff and unending thanks to our young men for keeping us with them as they move through life 🙂
    Namaste, Angel Blessings to our Angels 🙂

  6. DITTO DITTO DITTO. Marie, loved every word you said, especially the rhyme with our reasons for loving Il Volo. To our Multi-talented Handsome young men, I too thank you for sharing “What’s Happening” on stage, as well as Off stage. We fall in love every time you perform, then love to see all your fun and relaxation with family & friends that you each deserve. It would be so hard to just sit & wait between concerts; which brings to mind: Do you know WHEN and WHERE your next Concert TOUR will be??

  7. Thank goodness you are back Marie !! We have all been traveling with our talented,lovable Guys for the last three months as they magnificently sang their hearts out, played in the sand, and tenderly interacted with their families, friends and fans. What an exhilarating fun ride it has been !! Thanks for putting it into words as only you know how to do Marie !!
    Please Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero travel back to the United States soon !! We all love you and miss you so-o-o much !!

    1. Wow !! They heard me pleading for them to come back to the USA !! They are flying to Miami on Sunday !! Only 2 hours from where I live !! So near but so far–I want to see them so badly !! Wonder what they will be doing there ??

  8. Thank goodness for social media and websites like this one. I remember loving The Beatles but never having the level of coverage we have today. Its amazing. A day without IL VOLO is like a day without sunshine….

  9. Dear Marie I loved your poem. I agree what a fun summer it has been following the guys, they have been so wonderful to watch and listen to. I thank them too from the bottom of my heart for sharing their lives with all of us. They are so remarkable. I love Il Volo they brighten up my happy life even more.

  10. Thanks, Marie!
    Il Volo has changed so many lives for the better, including mine!
    They are certainly taking us on a glorious flight!

  11. Thank you Crew Pals! It’s great to be back with you all. Now, if only THEY would come back….

    A couple things I missed up there. Thanks Guys for remembering 9/11 and getting wet for a good cause! Oh, and Happy Birthday Hunky Hunk!

  12. My grandson’s mom set me up on Twitter but I have no clue what to do with it except check on it and see comments and “instagram’s”. This morning I discovered some neat pictures of the boys in Moscow that are not on any of the sights. Maybe someone with computer skills could make a collage for us.

  13. Thank you to Marie Crier and the rest of my Il Volo sisters for writing what I also feel in my heart about Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. It is so wonderful to share in their lives and their wonderful concerts. I cannot wait for the next event, photo and news article!

  14. Wow Marie, Back with us . Hurray! My day starts with Il Volo and all the comments. Love to all of you out there in cyberspace. Can’t wait to see what the boys are up to next. When does the new album come out? Joanie g

    1. Myron, I’m wondering why the guys are recording in Bologna, Miami, and LA instead of all in one place. Is the fact that they filmed two DVD’s in Miami relevant?

  15. Beautiful, Marie—Just Beautiful!! Perfect words for all we know and feel about Our Boys. I said in an earlier post that I had really missed you and I’m overjoyed that you’re back!!! This is a super blog always, but we need your humorous and heartfelt touch, so please don’t leave us again!!!
    We all love you,

  16. Marie, I truly hope that our 3 Guys read this poem!!

    This poem of yours reveals to them just how you/me/all of us appreciate them and THAT is what we want them to know.

    Thanks Marie, and welcome back!

  17. What a wonderful poem and perfect sentiments, Marie!
    Thank you so much for resting up and coming back, as always, with gusto!

    My favorite part is
    “Beside you we’ve felt
    the love of your mothers,
    the excitement of children,
    and the pride of friends, family and country.”

    And Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio, your presence in my life is a gift beyond what I can put in words. Sometimes, when I’m going through a hard time, your music and your magnificent hearts are like honey after bad-tasting medicine, like a sweet angel choir to my heart, like a soothing salve for pain. I am forever grateful!

    Love and gratitude,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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