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The AMA awards are on Sunday night. How can they claim to honor the best in music if the best isn’t on the list? Makes the whole competition null and void as far as I’m concerned. I’m not watching!
Karen has an explanation for this.

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Hi, I did some research on the voting for the American Music Awards and this is what I found.

While the Grammy Awards are awarded based on votes by members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the AMA’s are determined by a poll of music buyers and the public. The American Music Awards have nominations based on sales, airplay, activity on social networks, and video viewing and can nominate only the works released between 1 December of the previous year and 1 September of the current year. Before 2010 had nominations based only on sales and airplay and nominated every work, even if old. The Grammys have nominations based on vote of the Academy and only nominate a work from their eligibility period that changes often.

I think that maybe the category they would be best suited for would be the Favorite Adult Contemporary Award. Adult contemporary tends to have lush, soothing and highly polished qualities where emphasis on melody and harmonies is accentuated. It is usually melodic enough to get a listener’s attention, and is inoffensive and pleasurable enough to work well as background music. Like most of pop music, its songs tend to be written in a basic format employing a verse–chorus structure.

I think that since IL VOLO is not marketed to radio stations and they don’t do video’s on MTV it is difficult for them to be taken serious as award winning vocalists as we all know they are. Sometimes I feel so sorry for IL VOLO for the world has no idea what they are missing.



I understand, Karen. Thank you so much for your research.

Still not watching. They could at least be performing there! What a golden opportunity that would have been for our guys. I hope Sony tried that. You did, didn’t you Sony? Didn’t you? The Crew knows where to find you. Do justice to the best performers you’ve ever had under contract. We’re watching you, Sony!
(Marie’s unbiased opinion/rant/threat)

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  1. I’m with you Marie. I know who is the best and they are not nominated. Not watching, no one can compare.

  2. Marie, Vittorio went to Sony. They didn’t do anything as far as appearances on any tv shows! It’s hard to believe. I hope they do better for our Guys since they appeal to everyone and sing songs better than anyone and have so many fans worldwide already. We have to wait and see and hope.

    1. I hear you Deanne, I will not be watching the show either.
      I too am concentrating on voting for Il Volo. We as fans
      can give them our votes that they do deserve. I just
      love December, 2013 “Il Volo Porta a Porta” on youtube,
      the one that is 1:41:22 as there is one longer than that.
      I like the 1:41:22 because it is mostly Christmas songs,
      however three selections go back to 2009. Watch them

  3. I won’t be watching the AMA either. I never have watched many of the award shows. I guess I don’t care for any of the singers because they all scream & I can’t understand a word they are saying. Or it is a one line song repeated over& over. That is not music! Il Volo is music at it’s finest, perfection! So glad I grew I grew up in a time when music was beautiful!! We Are Love!!!

  4. I totally agree with you Marie, IL VOLO shoulb be one of the performers at least. They would bring the house down. I would think that the responsibility would lie with someone in the IL VOLO camp. I mean how else did IL VOLO get booked on all the the TV shows last year. Thanks for printing the research. I don’t plan on watching the AMA either.

    1. Thank you Karen! I really do have a better understanding of AMA’s mistake!

      Since no one is watching AMA tonight, maybe we should all play Il Mondo at the same time and concentrate really hard on them coming to the States before Christmas. Where’s Jeanine when I need her?

  5. I agree with you all of you ladies I think IL Volo is the best group in the world their voices are breathtaking and the music is beautiful. I’m not going to watch the show anyway no one on there I want to hear they all sound alike anyway don’t be too upset just let IL Volo do their thing they are doing just fine.

  6. The airtime is it. I think since the guys have started back in 2009 I have only heard them on the radio twice. Even in Toronto here when they have been in concert they are only advertised on the radio once & even that’s a stretch & when they are the announcer doesn’t play their music.
    How can we get recognition by the radio for Il Volo besides calling them & them not paying attention to the public. Will writing Sony do the trick? Would Sony advertise Il Volo if we wrote to them collectively. If they heard enough from the public would they insist on airtime? Cold Michele Torpedine get air time for them? Il Volo needs a push in that direction. Who’s got any ideas?

    1. I agree. Who can we get in touch with – il Volo team, Sony? How did they get on the Ellen Show and Jay Leno? They have said they wanted to be on Ellen’s show again. I even wrote to Ellen! Jay Leno would have them back if he had a show. I wonder who booked them on American Idol. That really opened the door for them AND ME! Windy City Live in Chicago will have them back if they have time here.

    2. Hi Loretta
      I have heard them on 96.3 FM Toronto’s classical station. They played stuff from Buon Natale last Christmas and I fully expect them to do it this year also. They hosted them for an interview/meet and greet 2 years ago. The station knows who they are. You can call in ti Bill’s Jukebox where he only plays requested songs. I have heard them on that program too.

  7. Loretta, I am so with you on the airtime issue. I believe whole heartedly that if contemporary radio stations throughout the US would play IL VOLO music, their fan base would grow by leaps and bounds. Last year I contemplated on take my Buon Natale cd to one of our contemporary radio stations that plays all kinds of Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving, but sadly I dropped the ball on that idea. It seemed like everytime I had the idea I didn’t have the cd with me or something else came up. Maybe….if we all send emails to Barb Vitali and let her know how we all feel about the mis-representation of “Our Guys” she may be able to let Michele T know how much the US loves and needs IL VOLO on the radio stations and tv. It is time to ban together on this issue because 2015 is right around the corner and what happens in 2015 will reflect on awards in 2016. Are you ladies with me 🙂

    1. Karen, I think our hands are tied on alot of these suggestions. We really have no idea about contractural obligations or future plans that may already be in the works. HOWEVER, your idea about contacting (in person) your local radio station is brilliant! That may just be where we will have the most impact! Right before I retired I worked for a conglomeration of 5 radio stations. We would have played your cd if you brought it to us. You don’t have to lose your cd. They can find it on their systems.

      Also, I believe what we are doing and saying here, as well as on other “fan” sites, has great impact!

      1. Thanks for the words of hope Marie, it’s just so frustrating that we all want so much for “Our Guys” to be recognized as they should be and the anticipation of what’s to come in 2015 is weighing on us heavily.

      1. Just wrote to The Talk!!!! Not sure how I did it. Told them we want to be on the show when they are on!!!! Will let you know. Will let you know where you should all write. Going to watch a special now with Jay Leno on PBS. He’s getting an award. Miss him.

  8. Marie, I think Sony has to be contacted by the Il Volo team. That means Michelle. My friends have never heard them until I came along and became obsessed. Joanie g

  9. I agree totally with all that has been said. Except for the 15 concerts last June Il Volo has been absent from our country. I loved seeing them televised last year on Home &Family, The Today Show, Jay Leno and The Talk. I recorded all of these appearances and still have them on my DVR. Sony and their team need to get on the ball and get them back here pronto !!

  10. “Our Guys” have fallen behind again in the voting. We need to make sure that they reach the 3 million mark 1st, just as they did the 1 & 2 million marks. We need to pull out all of our resources and get everyone voting.
    Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday 🙂

  11. I’m sitting here on this lovely Sunday afternoon gleefully bouncing up and down or wiping away tears as I watch Il Volo Buon Natale on PBS. It is so beautiful !! At least our boys are getting PBS exposure again—Hopefully on all the PBS stations throughout the country.
    It’s hard to believe that it has been 13/4 years since this PBS Special was taped in Miami and almost a year since it was first aired on PBS and released as a CD/DVD. So much has transpired in their lives since then and they have matured considerably this past year both professionally and physically.
    I’m now going to continue voting for our sweeties until my fingers fall off !!!!

    1. Joanie, I totally agree with your feelings. I was watching the show yesterday and I was crying too. They are so precious and special. I am voting all day long!!!

  12. What is needed is a blitz from the fans. WE do need to communicate with IL VOLO Management (I’m looking at you Michel T) and with Sony, or local radios. Yes, right now IL VOLO sounds different than the bulk of what serves as “good” music.
    IL VOLO also needs to put out a new video, hopefully with their new CD. I think we need to organize and blitz whomever. GRRRRRRR.

  13. Reading all of the above I have a few comments. Some is based upon information that is accurate – I believe and some is opinion. It seems a number of you ( “us”, really since I agree with you) feel the need for Il Volo to be on more TV shows ( old expression “out of sight, out of mind” – we don’t want them out of mind so therefore they need to be in sight ). Interscope records made a lot of mistakes as far as I’m concerned but they did get them on American TV at least a little bit. Now Sony takes over and it has been a slow transition but I worry because, so far this year, they have been on Telemundo once but NOT on any mainstream American network.

    I am sorry if this gets to be a broken record but they should do a regular annual schedule of TV appearances like most of the others do. They did do that for the first two & half years. twice a year on The Talk – their first American TV show -; twice a year on Tonight Show; twice a year on the Today Show; twice a year on the Hallmark home and family show (that is my favorite because they are on the show for more than one segment and we get to see their personality as well as more than one song ! ! ! )
    But so far this year not any major TV shows. Don’t get me wrong, I think being on Telemundo and Univision is very important and that is where a huge amount of their audience is but they MUST NOT “kiss off” the mainstream viewing public. They should be making visits to American TV shows right now for Christmas.

    1. Yes, like they did at Rockefeller Center. They loved doing that. The Talk show really loves them too. The Today Show in the Plaza would be great. They are pretty popular in New York now.

  14. I totally agree Myron and Ann–They definitely need more TV exposure in our country again. The Today Show on the Plaza would be terrific exposure for them. If I still lived in NY I would be there in a flash to see them !!

    1. Maybe we can write to The Today Show? The ladies on The Talk love them. We can write to them also. They have a great audience. Going to check into that one.

  15. If anyone comes up with addresses I will write as well but I also think Michele Torpedine has neglected to get them exposure in the States this year. Everyone in Italy were concentrating on exposure in Italy. I am glad for them but I also read where one of the boys said they didn’t think America would want them back. I would like to send them a banner that says PLEASE COME BACK TO THE STATES & CANADA. Who to write to at Sony who is looking after their contract.
    My computer won’t send letters to Italy since I had it supposedly fixed so I am going to see if my son can send them.
    I don’t think Mr. Torpedine would bother to answer would Mr. Gatica be a good choice or is he still in the picture with directing their songs

  16. Marie could you or one of the Board member contact Barbara to see if she can help who to contact or even to mention to Mr. Torpedine & Mr. Gatica also Tony Renis. Tony Renis would listen I am sure & he speaks English

  17. I could be really wrong here, but I wonder if it is because they sing standards and covers of other musical groups? I think once they can display their own originality with respect to writing the lyrics and melodies, they will be a bit more omnipresent than they are now.
    I love them and all that they do as everyone else does. But I have always just wondered about this…..

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