Just A Few Samples Of Why They Are So Loved

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Last Count IL VOLO AHEAD by more than 325,000 votes!  You Go CREW!

In the meantime here are just a few examples of why we voted for them.

Is there a place where they can not sing?

Someone’s livingroom?
I swear I wept.
(Thank you LiJoy)

The name of this beautiful song is “Una Lunga Storia D’amore (A Long Love Story).

Here is a translation of the lyrics:

A Long Love Story

When I saw you coming
beautiful as you are,
it didn’t seem possible to me
that from so many people you noticed me.

It was like flying here, inside my room,
like in the sleep, deeper inside you.
I have always known you and loved you since forever.
Pretend never to let me go, even if sooner or
later it will have to end, this long love story.

Now it’s late already, but it’s early if you leave.
Pretend that time will pass only for the two of us,
but won’t pass end this long love story.

Now it’s late already, but it’s early if you leave.
Pretend that time will pass only for the two of us,
but won’t pass end this long love story.
(Thank You Jeanette)

A restaurant?


A hotel garage?

(you have to know how much I love this!)

With mom on the patio?


Hanging around the house?


My Apartment?
(video coming soon)

I have no words to accurately describe these videos.

25 thoughts on “Just A Few Samples Of Why They Are So Loved”

  1. Never any doubt who was ‘ gonna WIN!!!! Some close calls but IL VOLO prevailed. The millions of FANS all over the WORLD, has once again SPOKEN. We love our boys. CONGRATULATIONS, PIERO, GIANLUCA and IGNACIO. Another award on your your shelves. We are so excited, happy and looking forward to the next challenge. Fly higher IL VOLO. We’ve got you covered. We love you. It was a labor of love for all of us, your loving FANS.

  2. They could sing there Dot or anywhere. Alone or altogether. It is what Guinluca, Ignazio and Piero were born to do. We are so lucky to know that.


    1. Marie I just got back on the site computer problems. Were there pictures taken of the Il Volo guys being told they had won the voting?

  3. Yeh!!! I was worried there at one time, but I should have known they would win. I can’t wait to see the video of the presentation. Joanie G

  4. I wept all the way through the videos. Thanks for sharing. No wonder we love them. Pass the klenex. Joanie G

  5. Thank you everyone for all of the long hours (and cramped fingers) you put into helping achieve this goal for “Our Guys”. Once again the power of love has shone through. I don’t think that there is another fan base out there that is as dedicated as we are to helping their “Idols” reach their goals. IL VOLOVERS ROCK!!!!!! Here is an astounding fact: right before the voting ended last night, I added up the total votes for all of the other categories and IL Volo alone had more votes than all of them combined. Now that is saying something about the love we all have for IL Volo. It is wonderful to belong to this crew. Wishing everyone a great weekend.

  6. Ohhh how I love them. I have to admit, all that voting was tedious stuff and I know I gritted my teeth sometimes . They are the greatest, why are people so ignorant of this??!! But I would vote on. Now I am glad its over….this time and so glad that we could show our guys our love. Then I got on the internet today and saw this post, watched those videos….swooned again and its all worth it to do again if we must. Thank you for sharing those videos, thank you, thank you.

  7. Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments with us. I just love them all singing what ever it is and I wish I was there with each one while they are just singing for pleasure or for performances. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and to be able to share this with us. I am envious of the ones that are with them listening to these amazing voices.

    1. Elaine, can you (or anyone else) give us any more information on the appearances in San Francisco and Dallas? I thought it was supposed to be coming up soon, but haven’t got any confirmation or details.

      1. I am anxious to find out more too, Mary. I search all over the web looking for possible events and information but couldn’t come up with anything. My guess is that it will be for private events or they are bounded by contractual agreement and can’t announce it yet. Anyway I welcome them to my city – San Francisco and at least that gives me a chance to feel close to them ❤️❤️❤️

    2. I’m so happy you all liked the videos. Sometimes I’m not sure what you all would like to see, but after Lijoy (and Jeannette) sent me that Gianluca video I had to post it immediately and the others too!

      1. Gianluca, your voice, your tender spirit… are there words to express how magnificent?!

        I love to feel the energy and to bask in your silken tones!

        Thank you, Marie!

        Un abbraccio e un bacio, Gianluca!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. Yes, we did it !!! It was a labor of love but so worth it. Thanks to all who voted, and thanks Marie for those precious videos.

  9. Voting for the boys was a wonderful experience. I loved being united in this effort with all my IL Volo friends. The end result was amazing! It was worth every second.

    1. Yes it was fun since they told us how to vote many times but your in the voting a lot less sign ons. One at a time was very frustrating when they blocked us for the rest of the day.
      Thank you soooooo much for showing us that little trick

  10. Just got home from a short trip and no internet. My friend Jewell ,a friend of 45 years, and I take a few days each December to go to some nice “Christmas” town and forget our daily stress. So happy that the boys won. I felt guilty not being able to help on Friday.

  11. Yes I feel the need to vote too Marie. Now what shall we do with all our spare time, hmm… clean my house, cook dinners, go Christmas shopping, decorating, etc. etc. etc. My husband is sure happy the voting stopped, he says I’m obsessed, ya think,
    I know but how fun. Now I’m going to listen to some sweet Il Volo Christmas songs. What a joy!

  12. Gosh Kate, I need to do all of those things too! How much more fun those chores will be with the Guys Christmas music in the background! Obsessed? Nah.

  13. All these bonus videos simply remind us how talented our guys are. I just love them more and more each day!

    Gianluca, you are so sweet! Thanks for sending us such a lovely treat. Yes I miss you too and can’t wait for the surprise.

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