The One Who Had the Curly Hair

Here is an early Christmas present I received. I’m re-gifting it to you!

I had already fallen for Il Volo before I saw this video, but believe me it only helped to love that “curly headed one” even more. Here, finally, is an interpretation I can understand. I’ve waited a long time to know what brought Little Gianluca to his knees while weeping. Now I know. Thanks Madeline.

You may recognize a couple of those kids and a couple of proud parents.

Full translation of the surprise given to Gianluca Ginoble, on the talent show in 2009, by Andrea Bocelli. Translated by Madeline Bugeja.

ANTONELLA……………..Ginoble, where is Gianluca? There you are, how shy you
are, are you excited this evening?
GIANLUCA………………Yes very, very excited.
ANTONELLA…………….Well, you should be, your song won this year’s addition of
the festival of 2009,  with Il Mare Calmo Della Sera, the song of Bocelli, and I know
that you love him very much.
GIANLUCA………………Well I want to be like him, but to be like him, I need to
study for a least twenty years.
ANTONELLA…………..Well I know that you are excited, and you are going to be
even more, when you see the surprise we have for you.
BOCELLI………………..Ciao, Gianluca, I want to compliment you on this extraordinary success. And I have to tell you that I heard a lot of people talk about you, to a point that ,last Saturday evening, my family and I were in front of the TV, to hear you sing. And it was such a big surprise for me, because it was clear that you had heard a lot of my CD’S. It gives me great pleasure, because for a boy of your age, to like this type of music, means that there is a new interest in this kind of music. And I discovered, that it seems that you, and some of your friends there, are taking it seriously. Well I want to wish you good luck, and give you my compliments. But from here I would like to give you some advice.
First, use your head, second, always sing with your own voice, and third, follow the orders coming from your heart. And if in the book it is written that, this is your destiny, and that this is the road that you should take, than this is the road to arrive there. And if you want, maybe you can come to me, sometime, and we can talk about singing, a bit more if you come over.  I have to make one more compliment, to this program, that finally, we have a program that is helping to teach , that singing should be taken up seriously.

~Thanks again Madeline

Shouldn’t we all follow that advice?

Here’s one minute of one minute later.  You gotta be tough to watch this!

Nice gift. Thanks Jeannette for the heads-up.

30 thoughts on “The One Who Had the Curly Hair”

  1. Gianluca is such a sweet young men. He never has a problem with expressing how he is feeling. His tears certainly endears me to him.

  2. The 3 videos of Gianluca are when I first started my ‘love’ journey of IL Volo. They are these (singing the winning song, andrea Bocelli’s congratulations and the one where GG is emotional with leaving his friends on Ti Lashio Una Canzone). He is wonderful and so adorable!

  3. They are all very special but right from the very beginning Gianluca has tugged at my heart strings the most. He is so emotional and endearing that he makes me want to reach out and give him big hugs all the time !! And his reaction to winning the contest and seeing Andrea Bocelli is priceless.

  4. Gianluca is a very sensitive young man but in 2009 I worried about Ignazio because I thought people would hurt him because of his weight. I needed not worry. They all are nice young men each with special gifts.
    Gianluca want us to vote so we must catch up on the “musiconline” one where someone again named MARCO Masini is winning.

      1. KAREN I found the second site to vote on “All things Il Volo. By now you need to scroll down a few postings and you will find the Sanremo group picture of participants and it will give you a link to “musicon line.altervista”. I do not know how to post it here. Senior Citizen problem.

  5. Thanks, Marie, for sharing this sweet video of Gianluca!
    I couldn’t view the first one, but the second one is amazing and sure tucks at the heart strings! I know Gianluca’s parents were very proud.
    I saw Piero in the audience, but not Ignazio. Wonder if he was also there?
    All three are amazing young men!!

  6. Anna and all, if you go to the site, instead of reading posts from email, they are much better – Always! You can click on the link there. You will also find young Ignazio in that one.

  7. Thanks Gina, I found the site and holy moly they are in 7th place. We can’t have that. We all know that they are better than anyone on that list. I’m gonna vote as often as I can.

  8. Hey Karen, Glad you found the Music on line site. Hope more of us do too! They need us, they are in seventh place still, even though their vote percentages have risen, but very slowly. Yesterday when I found it they were at 4.3%, now 7.3%, so you see how slow things are going there. They were at 7th place then, and still are.

    Have to say, that is the most frustrating site to vote on! Too much back & forth, back & forth scrolling necessary. However, it would seem that it was a smart design on their part, because I don’t know how you could find a shortcut. So, it’s one vote at a time so far as I can tell. If that is what we have to do, then so be it . We really need help, can’t stand to see them behind anywhere!

  9. |I voted 10 times one after the other by going out of the site & back in & the 8.04% didn’t change at all. So it is going to take a LOT of voting to get the percentage to start moving

    1. Hi Loretta
      Do you have the link to that site where the boys are behind?
      I seem to have lost your email address so if you answer me by email I will get it again.

    2. I need the link where Il Volo is behind so I
      can vote too. Could someone please
      send it to me? Loretta, Marie, anyone?
      I surely want to vote where it counts.
      Thanks a bunch.

      1. Hi Gale, scroll up to Dana from Austria and you will see the link there. However, IL VOLO is now in first. But please keep voting as we want them to stay there.

    3. I also need the link for them singing at the
      Italian senate. Any help is appreciated.
      I’m in a learning mode for computers.

  10. What beautiful videos of Gianluca, and to see the little Piero and Ignazio – priceless! They are such talented young men who seem so kind and humble. I do hope that as the continue to grow and become more recognized, they will not lose their humility. That’s one of the things I love about them. 🙂

  11. Marie, thanks for the link. I see Il Volo is in the lead now. do you know if you can vote many times a day on this site or only once a day? it’s important for us to know so we don waste our time.

  12. It is awful how some people have changed of the subject, and the topic that was proposed ” The One Who Had the Curly Hair” was completely forgotten.

    By the way, Merry Christmas for all of you!!!!

  13. Josie, there is no need making negative comments. We are all here because we share our love for IL VOLO and their music. And we support the guys in many ways. One of them is by voting for them, whenever and wherever we feel so.

  14. Josie, Merry Christmas.

    As author and one of the hosts of this site, it is to my delight when the Crew talk about other things than what is posted. That is what we hoped would happen when we began. Our posts/features are merely to get conversation started. As you can see from the comments above, my work is never left in the cold. I take your comment as a compliment. Thank you.

    1. Marie thank you for your reply.

      Was not my intention to make a negative comment as Dana mentioned, it was just an observation. I appreciate your posts and poems as well. Maybe I’m too focused on what is being posted, but for me to change the subject it is to take the focus of what is in the foreground. Anyway, I respect your arguments.

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