SANREMO – Gianluca Says Please!


g - sanremo

Vote For Individual Artisits —> Vote for Il Volo Here


1.) scroll down to closer to the bottom of the page.  There will be a ballet.

2.) Choose Il Volo

3.) Click “Vota”

s - vote

This is not an official pole; it is only a magazine. But it is a way for some of you to silence the critics about who will win. Right now, Il Volo is ahead with roughly 50% of the vote.  Are you surprised?  Get out there and make your vote!

~~ Kelly

21 thoughts on “SANREMO – Gianluca Says Please!”

  1. I would gladly spend all day voting for Il Volo! I voted once and now the site won’t let me vote again! We need to get the word out to everyone to vote our guys into a winning spot!

  2. We’re doing our best to get that word out, Linda! So are you!

    I have to say though, I don’t mind just voting once a day. My share of those 4 million votes was taxing! Of course, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  3. Marie,
    There are two polls going on here. One from is from the magazine and the other seems to be from the San Remo festival itself. When you click “Vote for Il Volo here” above you are taken to the magazine’s poll. The poll Gianluca talks about is the one that seems to be from the festival. This one lets you vote once a day. Here is the link. But you probably know about it already….

  4. I voted on both sites. I don’t know if they both will be counted. They are so far ahead that we know they will win. Joanie G

  5. I voted on both sites also. It’s a pleasure to be able
    to tell these talented, handsome young men we love
    them very much and appreciate their music. Ilvolovers
    be sure to vote for our boys and let’s make sure they
    win this award.

  6. The one that I just noticed today will let you vote more then once. That one is the one we are behind. The one shown above on this blog we are ahead.
    This new one shows their picture and you click on the square on the picture and scroll down and click on VOTE square. We have figured out the Award one and kept up we can do it again. People that have connections to all the Latin American fans clubs need to alert them They are good at working hard to keep up.

  7. I just went and checked my voting experience and the VOTING that says “polldaddy” is the one that only lets you vote once a day but we are ahead.
    The new one is for “musiconline” and we are behind but can vote more then once.

  8. I have been able to vote only once today on the one that says “polldaddy” that says we are way ahead, and twice on the other that says we are way behind. Are these two different polls?

  9. Thanks Marie, I got to vote on this link, hope it will continue so.Il volo votes sure stand out! the other link on this site I got through once, since then I see no box to click and no “vota”, I only see first the whole set of name, and lower down is the scores of each name, there is no place to vote.

    1. Deanne, hi, that was my experience too. Thank you, Marie, I used the link you suggested. Merry Christmas to all you Il Volovers!!!! We can do this for our boys. ☺♥

  10. Emilia, in the poll you gave here, you say it is the magazine poll and you can only vote once a day. fine, I get this one.( Il volo is way ahead). now, the Polldaddy one, I don’t get anywhere to cast a vote(but I see Il Volo is also way ahead in this one), so I have to leave this one alone. the third one, I get to vote on, but I don’t know how many times I can vote on that one. it’s heading when I pull it up is : Music Online” and it says votazioni cantanti Sanremo 2015 one. Il Volo is also ahead in this one. I need to find the one they are behind on, and also how many times I can vote on that one.

  11. when I click on the vote for IL VOLO here, I’m taken to the magazine but cannot vote . All I see are the results . Can you only vote once in the optimagazine poll ? I did vote in the poll listed under Emilia.

  12. Il Volo stays in our hearts forever!! 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️ They Are the Best!!! 😊 International Sensation!!!

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