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  1. Thanks for the treat! I’m so excited about this new year, I feel it’s go to be another exciting year for IL Volo fans. Let’s bring out the champagne and have a toast to our boys, the Best Vocal Group in word and the Best Fans ever. Cheers!!! I wish Ignazio, Peiro & Gianluca and all Ilvolovers a wonderful New Year, may all your dreams come true.
    God Bless

  2. Happy new year to you, Marie, and to all crew members. I will join in that toast to our boys, and add one to finding a concert site this year that will bring us together again….hopefully a hotel with a workout room that just might be a place to find some handsome Italians. Right, Marie? It happened once, it could happen again.

    1. I second the motion Mary I would love to see Ignazio in the same hotel as me again.
      Happy New Year again to our precious Il Volo men & the Flight Crew & everyone on this blog including Myron.
      I’m wishing a successful & outstanding year for Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero & that their families stay healthy & safe & that everyone who comes to this site stays healthy & safe as well & that everyone on this site gets a chance to go to a concert to see Il Volo & a meet & greet. Now everyone you all have something to set you sights towards. Good luck

  3. Dear Marie I can’t belive how fast this year has gone bye so many incredible memories with Flight Crew and the boys. Thanks you for all the hard work you do may 2015 be even better for The Flight Crew and our guys the best vocal group in the world. I hope they have even more success this coming year.

  4. Mary, maybe you could find that concert site a little further south, I’ve never seen the guys in person and need some experienced fans to guide me!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO IL VOLO AND ILVOLOVERS EVERY WHERE,! Dot in Texas!!

  5. Marie–You and the other four incredible woman thst make this site possible for all of us to visit everyday deserve a great big New Years hug and champagne toast !!! You are all amazing !!
    I love my Flight Crew Family and I love our three precious Guys. I hope to meet some of you at the concerts this year and just maybe we’ll be able to somehow organize a Flight Crew Reunion for all of us (and the guys !!)to attend !! What a FUN party that would be !!! Right Marie !!!
    Happy and Healthy 2015 to the entire Il Volo Flight Crew Family and Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero and their beautiful families !!!

    1. Joanie, Thank You so much. It is you and the other Crew who deserve the THANKS. Without all of you we would not be able to realize such a passion. May all of you have as fine a year, next year, as I have just had.

  6. Well here it is another year of IL VOLO memories to be stored away only to wake tomorrow and start fresh with new IL VOLO memories. I can’t believe how fast these 5 1/2 years have gone by and how much “Our Boys” have grown to be “Our Men”. They have blossomed into such wonderful men that have been blessed not only by God but by their family, friends and fans. The 2015 year sounds like it is going to be chopped full of exciting new adventures for IL VOLO.
    Don’t forget to keep voting for San Remo. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

    Il Volo 28.74% (3,821 votes)
    Lara Fabian 16.87% (2,243 votes)

  7. Happy New Year to our Flight Crew board & all our IlVolovers!! I hope this 2015 will be a great year for us all! We know our wonderful young men will have much more success & many more honors!!! May we all be happy & healthy so we are able to attend the Concert of our choice! A great New Year Wish to Gianluca & Family, Ignazio & Family & Piero & Family!!! We Are Love!!!

  8. Marie I’ve sent you 2 messages but my email is offline so I can’t send anything out & can’t receive either. I must have got your message before it went offline. So I can’t get it fixed until Friday.
    I hope I can see the guys tomorrow on computer.
    Have a fun time.

  9. As a new year begins,
    Let us pray that it will be a year filled with
    Peace, Love and Happiness, and
    hopefully an abundance of new friends added to
    our Il Volo Flight Crew Family…
    May God Bless you all throughout the
    New Year…
    Thank you Marie and all who make this site the #1 place for Il Volo information and sharing of Il Volo thoughts, feelings, pictures and so much more…
    Happy New Year

  10. A Happy and Healthy New Year to all of our wonderful Board members and to everyone on the Flight Crew! 2015 is bound to be an exciting year for our beloved Il Volo! God bless you Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!!

  11. Best wishes for the New Year to everyone on this blog and also to our IL Volo guys.
    Many thanks to all for making this site so wonderful.

  12. You’ve all expressed my sentiments so nicely, so I’ll just say Thank You to Marie and all the other administrators of this great site, and a Happy and Healtjy New Year to all Il Volo fans, and wish our boys the best of everything in 2015! I know we are all waiting anxiously to get the new schedule and hope that we meet new friends through our love for the 3 most charming, loving, talented and beautiful young men in the world.

  13. Wishing all of the Flight Crew a very Happy New Year in 2015. Thanks for all you do, your great posts. Keep up the great work.

  14. Happy New Year Marie and all you IlVolo sisters!! Thanks so much for posting so many treats for us to enjoy. Eager to see what comes our way!

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