The Meaning of Dedication

I joke alot about the Guys. I know that you all know I seriously share your unshakeable love. Therefore, I assumed I was thee most dedicated Il Volo Fan of all.

DSCN0149 - marie GOOD

 But alas, you know what assuming does.

I get quite a few personal emails from this Crew. I also regularly communicate with several of you. Every now and then someone honors me with their deepest thoughts. I’m keeping the trust I’m sure she intended. So, I won’t tell you who it was, but I have to tell you what it was she wrote:

“…So I am forging ahead. Do I want more money? Certainly! Will I miss a concert? Not unless I am dead. Then I will be in heaven & I won’t have to pay for a ticket & will have a better view.”

Maybe I’m only the second most dedicated.
I like her attitude. How about you?


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  1. Since we are made of different molds all of us express our devotion in different ways. I envy people who can be open and express their feelings because I just now at 79 have the guts to be more open. I use other people’s words to tell how I feel but it is OK. I FINALLY GOT MY FAMILY TO GET THE MESSAGE OF MY DEVOTION TO ‘THE BOYS’. FOR CHRISTMAS MY DAUGHTER ORDERED ME A COFFEE CUP WITH IL VOLO ON IT. You can do this with Walgreen’s Photo Shop.

    1. Wow Gina I wish I could find a store here in Canada that had a picture of the guys or especially one cup of each of thieir faces. Hete’s a idea for the Il Volo how about selling cups or plates or glasses (drinking I mean)on them. with their picture. Who can we contact to suggest that idea?

      1. Loretta, if you are computer savvy you can go on the internet and go to Invitations and they will show you all the products you can make with your photo. Reusable shopping bags, mugs, calendars, blankets etc. They give you directions how to make the item and order. My daughter saved a picture of the boys from one of the Il Volo Facebooks’. I noticed there are other web sites doing same.

      2. Loretta, I have gotten several Il Volo cups from Walgreens. Just take in a picture that you like and they will put it on the cups. I have coffee with the boys every morning.

  2. I thought I was over the top about Il Volo. My friends are tired of me always talking about them. Too bad I say. I am obsessed. Joanie G

  3. Thanks for posting this Mare. It was expressed just like a true ilvolover…..our guys have the best fans!
    At an Italian restaurant where I was recently dining, I told the server, who was from Italy, how much I loved the music of Il Volo. She told me she has heard of them from many people in the US, but in Italy they don’t know them. I assured her that if she heard them she would fall in love. Next time I go there I’m go to ask her if the restaurant can play Il Volo music. What’s better than dining at an Italian restaurant with Il Volo music in the background!!!
    Always spreading the word about Il Volo…… but hope they spend more time here though, Italy can only borrow them for awhile. I hope!

      1. There is NOTHING better than dining to Il Volo music. |\\how about getting up to waltz to their after dinner. What an evening

  4. Oh Boy !! Where do I start ?? With the love that fills my heart for them day in and day out. With the photos of them I have pasted all over my house. With following every little bit of info I can find, on every site and listening to them sing every day. With my wish to go to every single one of their concerts in 2015 and give each one of them a big hug and kiss at the M&G’s at each one. With my hope that my friends get as passionate about them as I am and start talking about them as much as I do. With wishing our loves a New Year that is as good to them as they are to all of us.
    Yes—-I feel very devoted and dedicated to Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero and I always will be forever and ever !!!

  5. what can I say to all these comments???? we are all in the same boat!!! we have all fallen off the cliff and there is no recovery. as they say in my country “we gone true”

  6. Happy New Year to the entire Flight Crew. I’ve enjoyed reading and posting ever since I found you guys. I’ve loved our darling IL Volo ‘brothers’ since I discovered them in March 2014 and from then it has been a most wonderful adventure sharing their lives with them and the other ilvolovers. Thank you so much!

  7. Also HAPPY NEW YEAR & a successful 2015 to everyone here on this site & the Flight Crew. & I’m not forgetting you Myron. Hopefully I can bump into a few people from here at a concert. In Toronto I was sitting beside a very nice lady in the first row & we shared how much we loved the guys. Don’t know what her name was but we were on the same wave length. Ignazio did something adorable & of course I said “Isn’t he gorgeous?” she said oohh yyeeaa. So if we are going to an Il Volo concert we all think the same

    1. Thank you Allene and Loretta. I only hope they know how much we all love them and want them back here in our country so we can show them just how much once again.

  8. Trouble is Joanie the next time I am giving Ignazio a hug I think my hands will lock behind him & I won’t be able to unlock them ( hope)

    Ignazio, Gianluca, Piero I wish you all a special HAPPY NEW YEAR with best of wishes for 2015 & that your careers will soar to the heavens

      1. YUP exactly I usually forget to give them the gifts I have for them or I walk away in a brain fog & have to go back to give one of the guys gift to them when other people are yelling at me to come back.
        Does someone know how I can get the Sunday performance on my computer because I can’t get RAI2 here with my Bell provider. Would appreciate any help I can get

  9. It is so comforting to read the comments that you ladies have posted. I guess I am normal for a devoted Ilvolover. My family doesn’t get it so I envy those who get some understanding at least. I get eye rolls when I share news about our fabulous guys. I love Il Volo and I am thankful for those who share their photos and information. Really anxious for a new tour. I need an Il Volo concert ASAP. And just one more thing, after you hug Ignazio and have that heavenly scent on you, roll up your shirt into a ball and it will last a few days. Seriously the concert was on a Sunday and I had the scent until Thursday. Happy New Year!!

  10. I had that smell!! By morning the smell was gone. Wish I had known the roll-up trick. Next time I’ll take a giant ziploc bag and after the hug throw my clothes off and toss them inside the bag. That smell might last for weeks. I don’t care what it looks like to the astonished (and mildly sickened) crowd!

      1. Marie– I have a great photo of Gianluca giving me a big hug and every time I look at it I say to myself—Gee !! I wish I could remember his arms around me !!! Sigh !!

  11. Donna, as you talk about Heavenly scent, I took a picture with Ignazio (which is on this site) in September 2013, and for some reason I have not been able to wear that top again. I look at it hanging there in my closet, I love that top, but it’s over a year now and I have a block or something, I just cannot bring myself to wear it again. don’t ask me why, I just don’t understand it myself.

    1. Deanne does it still have the scent on it? then throw it on & breathe in DEEPLY & consider yourself lucky I don’t have a piece of clothing like that.

  12. All you girls that have met and hugged Ignazio are making me very jealous. If I can just look at his face in person I’ll be happy……oh who am I kidding I want more…. a big hug would make me a very happy
    lady. A concert and a new CD can’t come soon enough.
    A Happy and Healthy New Year to all.

  13. I just finished reading all of your comments and I felt a warm feeling come over me. As I was reading what everyone was saying I got a picture in my head of everyone sitting around a big table at an Italian restaurant listening to IL VOLO and comparing stories. Talk about dedication, I spent a good chunk of my retirement money to travel to Italy to see them in Taormina, for no other venue was good enough. I had to see them for the first time where they performed their first music video of O Sole Mio. and of course I had to stay at the hotel where I figured they were staying at, which was right next to the Greek Theater. Unfortunately, they were only at the hotel to have dinner before the concerts. They stayed at a different hotel down the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I would do it again in a heart beat. I to have the same problem as some of you others that my family and friends just don’t get it. Earlier this year my 5 yr old granddaughter and I were watching IL VOLO videos on Youtube and she says “Grandma, you love Piero the most don’t you”? Yes I do. When we would be driving in the car and listening to IL VOLO, I would ask her if she knew who was singing and she would be able to tell me which voice belonged to which IL VOLO member. I taught her well.
    To all of the IL VOLO Flight Crew and our Flight Crew family I wish a very Happy New Year, may it be filled with love, joy, good health, and an abundance of IL VOLO memories. It would be wonderful to meet all of you someday.

  14. Beautiful, Karen! Just beautiful. My wish is to sit around the table with all of you too! I guess for now, this will have to do.

    I pop the same quizz with 2 of my sisters. One, Debbie, is spot on every time! She thinks Piero belongs to her. I haven’t had the nerve to tell her differently.

    1. He does belong to me, you all just don’t know it yet. He visits me every night in my own little world. I drool over his thighs, and let his voice cradle me to sleep.

  15. I’m sorry, Marie, but you’ll have to tell your sister Debbie to go to the back of the line. Piero belongs to Mary and me. We fight about it all the time! (Hey, Mary, aren’t you glad I included you?)

    How about a big Il Volo convention where we could all sit around and talk non-stop Il Volo talk? Wouldn’t that be great. But of course, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would also attend! If we are going to dream, let’s dream big!!

    1. Thanks, Allene, for including me in the Piero ownership. We are friendly antagonists and share Piero (but in our hearts we each know that he is really ours). We will have that convention this spring and have out non stop Il Volo conversation like we did before. This time we’ll work harder on getting the real guys to come….the posters are nice, but—-hard to hug.

  16. A couple of years ago I truly thought I was losing my mind… I became obsessed with three young boys from Italy, and at my age? OMG, I am not going to let anyone know that I wake up to their music, search the Internet for information about them, save their pictures and then go to sleep with their DVD playing on the TV…. How can a woman my age just be so enraptured with three young boys in their teens… Like the rest of you, if I mentioned the name Il Volo to my family and friends they gave me a look like they were going to call the men in white coats at any moment to take me away….

    Then like a miracle, I found The Il Volo Flight Crew… Everyone here had the same opinion of these three young boys from Italy… Oh, I am not alone or obsessed, here I am a normal fan of a mature age… Everyone here loves Il Volo and we watched them grow up before our eyes… They have shared their journey with us through facebook and twitter… They have shared their family… We know their parents, siblings, aunts , uncles, cousins and friends. All three are young men now each with their own unique personalities…They have shared so much of themselves with us as well as their love and devotion of music…We love them Yes, but we are not obsessed… Il Volo is a phenomenon that cannot be explained in simple words… The Good Lord has blessed them with more than just beautiful voices… He has given them a gift well beyond their ability to sing… They are able to bring peace love and joy to all their fans around the world, and we are part of that phenomenon because we have become an Il Volo family here on the flight crew thanks to Il Volo… THEY ARE LOVE

    1. Thank you Jeannette–you just expressed everything that I do or has gone through my mind past and present in this one beautifully expressed post !!! My family and friends say I’m in my second adolescence !!! I am and ain’t it GREAT !!

      1. ABSOLUTLY… I have not had a crush on anyone since I was a teen and it was Elvis back then… Fifty + years later here I am totally in love with Teens… Except I’m not one.. .But Il Volo does not know that… We can love them Joanie, we can enjoy their music and we can post our love for them…. Here, everyone is okay with us doing that and our Flight Crew family enjoys our crazy love for our guys… At least no one thinks we are crazy here… Or maybe its because we are ALL CRAZY HERE… Crazy for Il Volo that is…

  17. It’s ok if we are all crazy. Jeannette, I’m just happy you’re here! I’m so happy we are all here! Only the next time you write something like you did above Joanie’s reply, send it to me first. I would like to have featured what you wrote to give everyone the opportunity to read your well written and spot on comment!

    1. Oh, it was just a quick thought… You can do what you like with it… If you want me to send you a copy of it I can… You know I just love our boys, and sometimes I just run off at the fingers… LOL… Its better than running off at the mouth LOL…

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