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original artwork by LiJoy
original artwork by LiJoy

Well, today was finally the day!  Piero was named “Ambassador of Naro in the World”, truly an honor and a credit to his character and to his work with Il Volo.  The ceremony was held at Chiesa di San Francesco in Naro, and Il Volo as a group was recognized as well.

There is so much that could be said, but in true Ilvolovers’ fashion, it has been covered more eloquently than I need to try to repeat.  All of the groups have been hard at work all day, basically, bringing out all the pictures and news that can be found.  Thank you so much, because a lot of my work was made easier by all of you! 

Congratulations, Piero!

Shutting up now,      😉

~~ Kelly


Entire Ceremony ~~ LiJoy

by Gabriele Tarranova

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Translation of Italian article from “Ideafolle Naro” by Athina (original Italian text included)

Big celebration in Naro
Large number of visitors expected in Naro on Sunday, December 28th for the celebration – NARO in VOLO.-
Protagonists the three tenors of IL VOLO, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, now acclaimed worldwide.
Guests of the community of Naro, the young celebrities will visit the monuments of the radiant Baroque City, sharing with guests and fans street food and tasting typical local products.
The celebration will take place in the historic center, at Piazza Garibaldi and surroundings.
In the afternoon, the baroque church of San Francesco, (Unesco world heritage), will be the magnificent setting of the main event of the day:
The Mayor, Dr. Lillo Cremona, will tribute to IL VOLO the deserved recognition for the success and talent of the trio and he will appoint Piero Barone, born citizen and resident of Naro, as

(Original text in Italian):
Grande festa a Naro
Grande affluenza di pubblico è prevista a Naro per domenica 28 dicembre per la festa -NARO in VOLO.-
Protagonisti i tre tenori del VOLO, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto e Gianluca Ginoble, ormai acclamati in tutto il mondo.
Ospiti della comunità narese, le giovani celebrità visiteranno i monumenti della Fulgentissima Città Barocca, condividendo con gli ospiti e i loro fans cibo di strada e degustando prodotti tipici locali.
La festa si svolgerà nel centro storico, piazza Garibaldi e dintorni.
Nel pomeriggio l’interno della chiesa barocca di San Francesco, (patrimonio dell’Unesco), sarà la splendida cornice all’evento principale della giornata:
il Sindaco, dr Lillo Cremona, tributerà al Volo il meritato riconoscimento al successo e al talento del trio e nominerà Piero Barone, cittadino nato e residente a Naro,


original artwork by LiJoy
original artwork by LiJoy

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Click here –> Giovanni Granaro Facebook Timeline Photos ~~ Athina via LiJoy

And what would the day be without family, friends and randomness? 

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7 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Ambassador of Naro in the World”

  1. A million thanks to you for sharing this magnificent occasion with us!! So happy for Piero and his family. How proud they have to be of this wonderful son who blesses us daily with his magical voice and generous heart. Happy to see such recognition for all three guys too!

  2. How wonderful to see our adorable Piero and his proud family enjoy this beautiful day of recognition an honor. For Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to be recognized for their outstanding talent was delightful to watch. Italy will begin to see what shining stars they truly are.

  3. Thank you Kelly for posting this happy ocassion so quickly –It was such a momentous day and honor for our Piero and his proud family including his brothers Gianluca and Ignazio. I am thrilled for all of them !!! There is so much love radiating from all the superb photos of this occasion especially those with their beloved Nonnos.
    It is beyond description how much love I feel in my heart for these three beautiful young men. They are a blessing and I have to thank their wonderful parents for bringing them into the world,raising them so beautifully and sharing them with all of us. They bring us so much happiness everyday. (Sorry- Can’t help gushing !!!)

  4. I an so proud & happy that these precious young men have been finaly recognized by Italy not only for their enormous talent but that they give of then selves for other causes. I so wish I knew what skit Ignazio was doing that was so hilarious. They are so deserving of every thing they receive.

  5. Congratulations, Piero. You are a fine and talented young man. What a very special honor to be awarded to you from your own home town of Naro. I am looking forward to what the year 2015holds for you, Ignazio, and Gianluca. I love the three of you, and can’t wait for your new CD. PLEASE hurry back to the USA!!

  6. The audio was not the best, but I didn’t care, my Italian is limited to a few words anyway… Just to see Piero be given the honor of being named the Ambassador of Naro in the world was good enough for me… And then to see Gianluca and Ignazio be recognized for their participation in Il Volo was just beautiful… The city of Naro treated all three with love, it just does not get better than that… To see Piero’s Grandfather speak and the love that Piero has for him shown all over his face… That brought me to tears… The love that all three have for each other and the affection that they so readily exhibit for all to see just does my heart good… Is there another group of young men that do what Il Volo does? The are so unique… They are Gods blessings to us as they show caring, kindness, Charisma, and love to the world… We can all take a lesson from these three young men on how to spread love, joy and kindness every day of our life… THEY ARE LOVE

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