20 Unreleased Songs ~ Sanremo

Below is an article today from our affiliate “All About Il Volo”.  It clears up some of the confusion about Sanremo.  It has some nice, and not so nice, reviews of our Guys.  Thanks Marirussu.

All About Il Volo

Preview of the 20 unreleased songs for Sanremo 2015

or what the press said about…

Sanremo songs previewYesterday took place a preview for the 20 unreleased songs that will be presented on the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana by the 20 big artists, among them Il Volo. The event was held with the presence of Carlo Conti, the artistic director of Sanremo 2015, critics, journalists and people related to the musical scene.

Several media published their ‘first’ impressions in general and in particular about the songs presented. All About Il Volo was publishing the sources and summaries on our Links and News but we decided to do a special article about the theme, waiting for more reviews and testimonials.

Almost all are very pessimist about the possibilities of the new songs. Some pointed that they are more of the same, Sanremo default products. Boring love songs said some media. They stated a lack of originality and real novelty on almost all the songs presented. But some welcomed the song of Mauro Coruzzi (Platinette) and Grazia Di Michelle as a good surprise, something out of sameness including the theme.

About Il Volo the reviews are almost the opposite, with some sources praising the great, magnificent song and another mocking the super mellow bordering on kitsch song.  The reviews are not good or bad at all (more bad than good, let’s say), a little blasé, we can point, although some media published that Il Volo are the probable winner (sometimes in an ironic mod).

As we already said here: all criticism are welcomed, because they will be the scenario where Il Volo will shine more than ever. An opinion is not an offense, instead it was a opportunity to dialogue, to discuss ideas, to know more and to learn more.

The reviews:

. Sanremo 2015: pagelle e voti alle canzoni dei Big Annalisa, Chiara, Dear Jack, Fragola, Moreno, Il Volo, pre-ascolto – by Fabio Traversa on Reality Show (Blogo) – The article brought a summary of several reviews.
About Il Volo:
– Paolo Biamonte-Ansa: In Italy Il Volo has not found the same success that their tour in the world achieved. Grande amore is a pop ‘romance song’ with pressing strings and piping hot uvula not afraid to cross over into kitsch. Rated 5 – A Sanremo vincono amore e tradizione, il giudizio al primo ascolto.
– Andrea Laffranchi-Corriere della Sera: The three guys of Il Volo exaggerate with epic melodrama. – Gino Castaldo-Repubblica: The performance of Il Volo, Grande amore, Rate 2, seems a caricature of a South American soap.
– Marinella Venegoni-La Stampa: Il Volo, the triumph of the long loaf of Bocelli. Melodrama for yankees, a crossing of voices, boldness and kitsch.
– Marco Molendini-Il Messaggero: Il Volo starts with a flavor ‘battistiano’ “I close my eyes and think of her” (but not enough). (reference to Lucio Battisti)
– Paolo Giordano-Il Giornale: A rejoice (triumphant elation?) almost baroque of the Il Volo voices.
– Leonardo Iannacci-Libero: Il Volo, they return to make the “tre tenorini”.
– Stefano Mannucci- Il Tempo: Terrible pastiche ‘brother-tenors’ of Il Volo.
– Marco Mangiarotti-Qn: Il Volo, lyrical explosion but it is Naples in romance shape. The three boys try the long shot. Favorites? vote 6+ – Cantaci d’amore Sanremo. Ecco i brani dei big in gara.
– Federico Vacalebre-Il Mattino: Il Volo: the three tenorini mix neobelcanto and parodies of opera-rock of Queen.
– Renato Tortarolo-Il Secolo XIX: Il Volo: on romances the middle ground are dangerous. The ‘tenorini’ will also be famous but had to be less pop and more classic. A little courage. Insufficient.
– Silvia Truzzi-Il Fatto Quotidiano: Dear Jack, everything is very appealing and nothing out of place, will be liked. As well as Chiara and Il Volo (although the song is of a astonishing banality). 

. Sanremo 2015, le canzoni in gara al Festival – on Lettera 43 (Jan 24, 2015 in Italian)

Il Volo: In Italy Il Volo has not found the same success that their tour in the world achieved. Grande amore is a pop ‘romance song’ with pressing strings and piping hot uvula not afraid to cross over into kitsch. Rated 5

. Canzoni di Sanremo 2015 – Tanto amoreTV Blog (Jan 23, 2015 in Italian)

According with TV Blog (Blogo) today took place expected the first listening of the Big songs of the Sanremo Festival. TV Blog was blogging Live and adding their impressions about the songs. They seemed to be not impressed with the songs, saying that their favorite are Di Michele-Coruzzi, Malika, Nina Zilli, Biggio and Mandelli and the other are more or less boring.
About Il Volo they said: “Il volo, Grande amore. Come si può intuire dal titolo, ancora una canzone d’amore. Un paio di applausi in sala stampa.” (Il volo, Grande amore. As you can guess from the title, even a love song. A couple (a few) of applause in the press room.)

. Svelate le canzoni di Sanremo: ecco chi può vincere davvero – on Il Gazzettino (Jan 23, 2015 in Italian)
About the preview of the 20 “Big” songs for Sanremo 2015, Il Gazzettino said that almost all are love songs, but no one can leave you open-mouthed. About Il Volo: “il Volo già destinati ai primi posti con una grande canzone da musical a tre voci sull’amore assoluto” – or Il Volo already designed to the first places with a great song at three voices about the absolute love”.

. Sanremo 2015, l’ascolto in anteprima delle canzoni dei Campioni – on Rockol (Jan 23, 2015 in Italian)

Il Volo, “Grande amore” (Francesco Boccia, Ciro Esposito). Forget the three tenorini, the kids are “normal” singers, trying trying to stand off the air of the “old young” Italian bel canto that took them around the world. The song is super classic, with an opening designed to peel the hands at the Ariston. But the text … “Tell me you are, you are my only great love.” – In summary: Announced winner? Science Fiction: win Sanremo, go to Eurovision, they win and take it to Italy.

. Sanremo, le pagelle dei 20 big tra Soliti Idioti e trottolini amorosi Malika Ayane la migliore, occhio a Britti e Grandi. Atzei e Il Volo i peggiori – on Il Mattino (Jan 23, 2015 in Italian)
Il Volo: “Grande amore” – Francesco Boccia, who had a “Turuturu on the head”, signing for the three tenorini in a crisis of growth a bel canto rock accordance that looks like a parody of Queen, but more melodramatic. Ratec: 3

Other manifestations:


@cuvabeppe Oggi ho ascoltato la canzone STANDING OVATION in gara a #SANREMO2015. E’ quella de @ilvolo . GRANDE AMORE, applausi e tutti in piedi. (Beppe Cuva – radio journalist) – Today I heard the song “standing ovatio” competing at #sanremo2015 It is the Il Volo song Grande Amore, applause and everybody stand up.

@gasparebaglio Quindi secondo il @Corriereit i cantanti di @SanremoRai a rischio eliminazione sono @biancaatzei, @ilvolo, @lfabianofficial e @ninazilli… (Gaspare Bgglio– journalist)


86 thoughts on “20 Unreleased Songs ~ Sanremo”

  1. I have no idea how the songs and artists were paired but the critics seem to fault the artist just because they do not like the song.I feel a resentment by some press and critics that Il Volo was a success outside of Italy. The boys represent the best of Italy and the Country’s music and I wish they would give them credit for their accomplishments. ONE MAD FAN.. Fell better now that I got it of my chest.

    1. Gina, I agree with you. Too bad the critics can’t see their passion when they sing their songs. IL Volo is just not 3 men singing songs but the compassion they have shown, the love that is in their hearts and souls and their spirit for life. They have had to sacrifice and give up many things to do what they love. None of us are perfect but as long as they go on singing and no matter what anyone says they are a bright shining star in our eyes and no one can take that away from us.

  2. They don’t know and love them as we do. They have a right to their opinion however twisted it is. I know the guys will come out on top no matter what those critics think. Joanie G

  3. The critics have their opinions . That is what they do. But to call our sweethearts kids, in a scoffing manner, makes me grouchy! We know the Magnifience of their voices so what is said does not matter!

  4. Good thing these critiics aren’t standing in front of me they’d be laying on the floor.. They will eat there words when Il Volo wins. They show there ignorance by still calling them Tenorini

  5. Well. I have to admit I did think some of their songs had a kitschy factor to them. Perhaps elevator music would be a better phrase?* I was worried because I’d like their songs to have a more distinctive flair to them. For me, their vocal quality completely cancels out any “sappiness”. Besides, there were only one or two songs like this.

    I really don’t understand why the folks in Italy don’t love them. Of course, they had some wonderful concerts, but then you see tepid reports pop up again and again. The lyrics may not appeal to some, but when it comes down to vocal ability they can’t be beat. Whenever they are asked about their success around the world and Italy comes up, you can sense the uneasiness. 🙁

    There is one angle I have contemplated recently. Please understand that I do not wish to be rude in the slightest. I know the motto of this site is “be kind, or kindly leave”, but I can’t ignore the fact that Gianluca does have an erratic way of acting in interviews. I wonder if I’m the only person that notices this. Perhaps this effects their image? It doesn’t bother me in the slightest because everybody has their little quirks, but I know some people don’t like things like that. There are times where I actually worry if he is alright. After watching Il Volo interviews for years, I do wonder about this. You can always see the other two notice it. This is just me speculating and nothing more. Again, this isn’t really an issue, but I’m just trying to understand why people would take an irrational dislike to them.

    Then there’s that whole new selfie culture (if you could call it that…), and given Il Volo’s rather classic image, this might rub some of the old guard the wrong way.

    It’s too bad, really. I do hope it gets better for them for them eventually in Italy. True fan that I am, I hope Il Volo rises above teh hatez and soars to even greater heights. 🙂

    If there is any chance the big shots that control where Il Volo visits read this page, please come to Virginia asap. I know the rest of the fans must be serviced but I do have my musical needs, you know. Thank you.

    * Still, that’d be some first class elevator music.

    1. A couple of thoughts: regardless of what a few of these critics say, Il Volo had some superb concerts in Italy this summer – period. Next: the term “elevator music” does not apply. the songs that Il Volo has turned out so far are all very fine compositions with very lyric melody lines and a text that actually says something worth while. I must say that I do not see the problems vis-a-vis Gianluca that you mention.

      1. I did not quite mean bad from a composition point of view. More of a mellow approach, perhaps. Not quite to my fancy, but Il Volo makes it work. They play Sinatra as elevator music around where I live so I certainly didn’t mean it as an insult! 😉

        As for Gianluca it’s something I have noticed over time. Other people have pointed out to me how he looks excessively nervous at times. It’s more of a concern than critique. He allowed to be human, of course. Being more reserved myself I couldn’t imagine what it would be like being in front of so many cameras.

        I have to add it really is beyond my comprehension as to why these critics don’t like Il Volo. I don’t have a degree in music but I do have a functional pair of ears. Il Volo always takes it to the next level. Perhaps they would have a few rivals if this was the 20th century, but for this one there isn’t a group that can compare. Oh, well….

    2. You commented on Gianluca’s behaviour at interviews, but that is exactly what I admire most about him, he is not puffed up, he is genuinely a little shy as he should be at his age. He is a little unusual as most kids in his position would be a little brash, if not totally conceited.
      he has a class that so many lack, I admire him completely.

      1. Perhaps I should have worded it more properly. I am quite shy myself so I certainly wouldn’t begrudge it on someone else.

      2. Jac,
        I totally agree with you. I went to some of their interviews and I noticed Gianluca & Ignazio look nervous and antsy. And they are very young and not fully familiar with the English language. So they look to each other for help and approval. I am sure being in front of millions of people and being constantly interviewed in strange surroundings takes a toll on them I can’t imagine doing what they have done and gone through what they have in the last several years and tried to be elegant & mature about everything as young teenagers. I would of chickened out and got sick from being so nervous at that age. Yes they are comfortable at home in familiar surroundings but when you go out of your comfort zone it’s not that easy. I think they have done a terrific job with the little experience that they came into the business with. My admiration goes to the 3 young men for accomplishing so much in the little time they have been in the business. I Love these young men and would never say anything bad about them. My heart goes out to them

    3. Gianluca does have an erratic way of acting in interviews. What are you saying? That Italy does not like them because of it? I think you don´t know that when Gianluca won the competition in Italy was with 65% (and only Italy voted) of the total votes at the final episode, so I think maybe is not his fault, and these pseudo singers like Justin Bieber, One direction, Miley Cyrus (that have a very bad behavior) are famous there and they fill a football stadium in their concerts?
      My conclusion is that you really do not like him. (period)

      1. I only mentioned it because I say some people dicussing it rather unkindly in italian comment sections. I was simply brainstorming as to why people would have any sort of unconstructive reason for not liking Il Volo. I don’t have a problem of any kind with the members of Il Volo, and I admire them for raising the standards in music once again.

      2. Josie, I agree with you. I think she should look up the definition of “erratic.” It does apply to our Gianluca.

    4. Regarding your comment about Gianluca, we must remember that these guys are teenagers until just recently. They take selfies like many artists. I think interviews showing them acting like normal teens just makes us love them more. The critics in Italy will be put in their place when IL VOLO takes home the blue ribbon. Yes, they do need criticism now and again to keep them on their toes. It’s needed in order for them to strive for better quality. However, no one can take away their great passion for the fans who adore them back. They truly are such wonderful, handsome (they take ones breath away in person, especially Gianluca) talented young men. It’s OK, we have enough love for them.

      1. I have no problem with criticisms when when it comes to Il Volo (well, maybe) but these almost seem unconstructive. Ah, well. I have to admit I do like their selfies more than the average ones you see because they have an artistic look to them. The handsome aspect is nice as well but that has nothing to do with the vocal chords. Fortunately for them they have both! 🙂

  6. After reading all those comments, I have a hard time understanding why people think IL VOLO is rated to be the winner of the festival. These comments make them sound like hack second raters of no original thought or sound. THE FLIGHT CREW KNOWS THIS IS JUST NOT SO.
    Now having said that, I have to say if they go into this festival thinking they are rated #1 that could be a disaster for them. Better they go in thinking of how much harder they have to bring their top performance to really prove to one and all that they have so much more to offer to Italy and the world
    The thing is, while I can’t even begin to imagine how anyone, group or soloist, could even come close to their magnificence; it is obvious that Italy is just going to continue to be the hardest audience for them to win over.
    Time for this pirate to commence to praying.

  7. Il Volo should act their age and they do. I believe they sing for people of all ages, not just the old guard. I appreciate the selfies, I love to know what they’re doing. They are young men, they aren’t from the generation that most of us who are Flight Crew fans are. Our generation is more like Placido and Pavarotti who sing traditional songs. The Il Volo interviews that I have seen are genuine, sincere and respectful. BTW, I can NOT understand The Italian public, it seems that sometimes they go out of their way to say awful things about this group. I’ve been to Italy twice in the last 2 years and I’ve only met a couple of people who haven even heard of Il Volo let alone be fans. Maybe they cater to the Americas tastes and that’s why we like them so much. Hmm, I just don’t understand it. But after all is said and done I’m very glad Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero stay true to themselves.

    1. I agree completely. I didn’t really want to bring up the interview aspect, it’s just that I wonder if people see the humorous side of his actions. I’ve read a couple comments indicating this online. Some people don’t pick up on subtle self deprecating humor very well, unfortunately, so they might think he’s less than humble. I hope Italy catches on one of these days…

    2. gerri, sometimes it seems that what those people want is Bieber singing “baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby – – over and over” – Now there is intellectual heft for you . If America and also don’t forget South America where they are even more huge – if America is better for them then maybe they should use L.A. as their home base of operations after all – just like they wanted two years ago. They know we love them here.

      1. Oh Myron, I agree with you. When I was in Italy I noticed a lot of the popular music sounded very Latin, kind of the Mexican oom pa pa. Even the videos of Piero in dance clubs seem to play this type of music. It doesn’t sound refined at all. Il Volo does have a refined sound. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Italy doesn’t appreciate them as much as we do. That Justin B. OMG!!!!

  8. I do wish I had access to these performances so as to judge myself. I have no idea who these judges are and what their qualifications are. Too many times in the USA music critics just get assigned to write reviews because they have a way with words. Too often they have not music or singing training at the university level i.e. – a master’s degree or a doctorate.

    But I do wish I could hear what these people are hearing.

  9. I do also wish that for you Myron & I also wish you could be part of their team musically & buffer for the critics to explain to them what they are hearing & seeing. To be part of their team would would help them in their performances & also promotion & touring, in my opinion.
    I am sorry Random I don’t see any erratic actions of Gianluca just the opposite. He wants everything to be explained in an understanding way which I think he does very well. Of course we all see things differently

    1. Yes, that’s the beauty of it! I just felt like I had to get that off my chest. It’s not really a complaint, I’m just a little surprised that I’ve never seen anybody mention it. There are moments where he suddenly seems very sad in interviews (judging by facial expressions). So, I thought I’d mention it. Perhaps I read too much into body language! 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment. I’m not sure I’m professional enough for such a mighty task! 😉

    2. I agree with you Loretta about Gianluca. He us a perfectionist and does not want to be misunderstood when they are being interviewed. Piero and Ignacio are very playful where Gianluca is very serious. His comments on Twitter are our info as to what’s happening with them. IL VOLO is the most talked about artist on Twitter. Can Italy be annoyed that our guys are so successful around the world? Just saying.

  10. From the moment it was announced who will participate a in this year’s San Remo the music critics and press had a very negative attitude. They seem to want the San Remo Music event to change and abandon their past traditions. They did not like the list of the 20 artists selected and now they do not like the songs. Wish some one with guts would ask them straight out “what exactly would make you happy”. From the article it seems that the songs are already prejudged and now it will be up to the fans to do their job by voting. Hope someone will give us clear instruction and the sight to vote during the competition.

    1. I was just thinking of that. Perhaps they no problem with Il Volo and they just dislike the Sanremo festival in general? That’s still a bad reason, even though it would make more sense… Either that or they just don’t like being critics. I really don’t know why anybody would want to tarnish the reputation of Il Volo, and I am no blinded fan. Good music equals good reviews, right? Simple things are not so simple, apparently.

      1. *Have, excuse me. It seems Il Volo makes me so excited I can’t proof read…

  11. I’m looking forward to hearing the guys sing a brand new song….a song that they will be the first to put forth with their emotions coloring it. Some people don’t like hearing groups/singers ” cover” older songs…even beautiful ones. (Glad to say, I’m not one of those people!) I wonder if the critics think of Il Volo as a “cover group” as their songs have been hits in the past, been around for many years, etc. It’s a special gift to sing a song people have listened to hundreds of times before and have them feel some of the emotion they felt when they first listened to it. Critics often hear music but aren’t really listening…there’s a difference.

    1. As am I! I love it when they bring new life to songs but it’s always nice to hear a song that is unique to Il Volo. Even as a “cover group” they are excellent.

    2. To be honest 90% of the singers today use “covers” on their albums. The trick is the arrangement of that song to make it special to our guys.

  12. The solution is The Boys move here. They will get all the praise and love they would ever need and all the hugs they could ever want.

    Why do I always have to be the one to come up with the right answer?

      1. Prese when are we leavmg, don’t forget I’ll accompany them to Canada we have loads of people here who can’t get enough of them & will treat them like kings & the critics better beware of what they say.

  13. I agree Marie & divide their time between Brantford & US then I can be in heaven permantently. I’ll even work fopr them free of charge, anything they want me to do.

  14. randomilvolofan I let for you the last Gianluca twitter:
    @gianginoble11 “I can fall, I can hurt myself, I can break; but that will not disappear my strength and desire to accomplish my goals and to be happy”

    1. It’s a very nice saying. I apologize if anybody misunderstood my comment as it was not meant to cause distress. It states in the article that “An opinion is not an offense, instead it was a opportunity to dialogue, to discuss ideas, to know more and to learn more.” What I said had nothing to do with him personally, I was discussing different things I observed that were related to Il Volo. I am not sure if there is anything else I can say. I said many times that it was not meant to have that effect. It is fine to disagree and share opinions. Once again, I have no problem with Il Volo, please understand this. This site is well known having a wonderful group of fans and I greatly appreciate reading it.

  15. randomilvolofan, I also cringe at the unfavorable remarks made by the so called “critics”, but then if they weren’t critical, they would not be referred to as such. I certainly don’t know what their background is to qualify them to judge, however the invitation was extended to serve the festival in this way so……., that’s that. In reading between the lines of commentary regarding this event though, I’ve gotten the feeling that perhaps this is not their first time at the rodeo, and their just plain bored with the whole process. They pretty much seem to be saying, at least from my point of view, that all the songs, again, are love songs delivered in the same melodramatic way you would expect, even from the newcomer. IL VOLO, it seems to them, somewhat falls into that same catagory, regarding their song, but with a little different twist. They do admit that Il Volo’s voices do exceed the expectations, and that they will probably win the competition and go to Eurovision. Wow, so much enthusiasm is almost more than we can take! Thank goodness, there are other opinions, from other sources, to be heard before the outcome of this event is concluded, and we will see what we will see. In the meantime, we reluctantly need to adopt Gianluca’s post, and not put to much emphasis on what critics may say, or the press might print. Okay Gian, we will try. As always, as Ilvolovers, we are here to support and pray for you to receive all that you are deserving of, and more.

    Also, randomilvolofan, I too notice, from time to time, that Gianluca seems to become momentarily detached during an interview. Keeping in mind his perfectionist personality, he can be easily distracted by what may be occuring behind the scenes, or he begins thinking about something that was asked by the interviewer. It behooves them to be cognizant of the direction the interviewer is going at all times, so that their responses are both relevant and appropriate. I think that many times, their is a direct correlation between spontaneity, and tiredness. Gian seems to be affected the most by lack of sleep, jet lag, and the mountainous amount of responsibilities put before all of them. I wouldn’t want to have to do what they do everyday, for us.

    1. Thank you for your reply. Perhaps I should have known better before posting something like that with such a close knit group of fans! I’ll be sure to tread more carefully in the future! 😉

      1. Perhaps if you had not used the word “erractic” in describing Gianluca. If you look up the word, it certainly does not describe our sweet Gianluca.

    2. I have watched almost all of their interviews from the beginning of the group, and I also have noticed that all of them at some point were distracted, silent, tired, bored, sleepy, jet lag and so on….

  16. randomilvolofan, you’re fine, and you’re very welcome to express your thoughts and concerns, ask questions, express your views, and also express the feelings you have for not only the guys, but for what they bring to the hearts of those who have been so affected by the beauty of their music, so inspired by their obvious passion for it, that they have found reason to once again begin to enjoy what life has to offer. Il Volo is very thankful for the gifts they’ve been given, not just to entertain, but to make a difference.

    As for this site being a close knit group, you are right; but the goal here is not to exclude, but to include everyone who admires and appreciates everything that Il Volo stands for, and sacrifices much to provide. We offer an invitation for you to join us; to share the closeness, and the freedom to express our devotion, concern, unsolicited advice, and sometimes downright outrageous suggestions in our pursuit of total support for these exceptionally fine youg men.

    I feel sure, that I am speaking on behalf of each of us here, welcome aboard the flight crew.

    1. Thank you! I believe I was introduced a few months back but I got a little sloppy with commenting. I check up on this site all the time, it’s just that you ladies always word it perfectly so I don’t feel the need to comment. I’ll try to comment at least every other week from now on. It’s nice to find a group of people for a relatively obscure interest (at least around where I live) so thank you for the welcome.

    2. We are all family here. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion which is why we have this site. There is no problem Random fan. I love reading all the comments about our guys. They have had such hectic schedules from day one. The practically grew up and lived on airplanes. Poor babies.

  17. Josie, like you I have also watched almost all of their interviews, and have noticed that when Gianluca puts his head downwards or sideways, he is actually concentrating on what Ignazio or Piero are saying. He is always the one that is immediately assisting the other two with the correct English, Italian or Spanish word needed if they are stuck for the correct word to continue their conversation. To me Gianluca is a serious young man who has a sincere feeling of responsibility to his fans.

    1. Ineke, I agree with you, and also he is the most active in social networks and he comments about his days, how he is feeling: cheerful and happy, upset, in pain … And about lacking of sleep, I read some time ago his father saying on facebook that he stays awake until 2:00 or 3:00 am and he sleeps all morning like a hibernating bear, so I think he is a night-bird, but he sleeps well . Ignazio only recently have began to talk about his feelings, I remember the last trip to USA, he said: “I hate jet lag” and Piero seems to me he wears a shield, because he always behaves the same way in interviews. They have different personalities what makes them so special in our eyes and ears of course.

  18. Enjoyed all the comments and expressions of feelings for our boys. Gianluca is Gianluca. He walks and talks a certain way but that is who he is. I think he over analyzes everything because he wants it to be perfect. Piero and Ignazio mentioned this in several of their interviews. Each of us is born with our own distinct personalities and sometimes our own actions are misunderstood by others.
    I think that we all should feel free to talk (kindly) about our likes or dislikes of Il Volo.
    Constructive critique is good and helpful. All of us experienced moments where people misunderstood us. It hurts but we learn. I believe that Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio would appreciate and want to know how the public sees them and if necessary make some changes. We do it with our friends and families and the boys are our “musical” family addition.

    1. We know that USA/Canada loves Il Volo and perhaps better than Italy but once in a while we also get a “snarky” review like the one in Seattle a couple years ago or the one in Concorde. Hey, we can always balance the ones from Miami and New York which were great ! But I think the most important thing is really that we already know what we have and it is great. You don’t need a critic – even me – to tell you that.

      I have a feeling that some people in this group are going to kidnap the guys and keep them as “guests” here in the country that loves them. Oh , they will be let out to do concerts once in a while. But it has to be a place with a beach like L.A. and near some Italian restaurants !

  19. Myron we have a beach here called Sunnyside which have rides & a large swimming pool if they don’t want to swim in the lake. I will look after them as if they were my own grandsons & they can show me the real Italian restaurants that they were taken to when they first came here. There is an Italian community here they must visit when they come here. They can divide their time between LA & Toronto.

      1. None of your lakes can begin to compete with the Pacific Ocean especially near LA ( as much as it pains me to say that but my part of the pacific , while far more beautiful, is also far far more cold.. I predict they will show the wisdom to chose LA!!!

        Especially Piero since he seems to enjoy living in the water, Cancer sign that he is.

      2. And I have Lake Ontario–although I have to say I prefer to travel 4 hours to Lake Huron! Now THERE is a place with unbelievable beaches!

      3. Marie, what part of Lake Erie? I’m near Buffalo. Nobody here knows our guys. I’d love to know there is someone near me who shares my adoration!

      4. Hi Jill
        We may not be in the USA but we are fairly close to you. There are several of us on this site from Toronto and Loretta is in Brantford Ontario.

  20. I agree with you KittyKam on reading everything again the critics opinions seem tired & bored with the whole Sanremo program because the same things happen every year & the same songs seem to be sung every year. But my opinion if the critics are that bored & fed up why not just go do something else & get fresh people who will look at things & people with fresh eyes.

  21. Wow, that was a lot of comments to read. Where do I start. I agree that the critics have a job to do and I feel the critics need to take into consideration that the performers did not pick the songs they would sing and base their criticism on how well the performers sing the songs they were given. I wonder if there was this much negative reviews at past San Remo festivals. Maybe the group that decides the songs to be sung need to get together and maybe get public input.

    IL VOLO just spent the last 6 months doing concerts and television shows in Italy to get their name and music out there. (Which I believe was one of their goals) So I think that the Italians are much more familiar with them now than they were a year ago.

    I agree with those that think IL VOLO needs to move to the US and have their base out in California like they did a few years ago. As for working for free for them, I’m sure we could find a slew of jobs we could all do…We could all be Barb’s assistants. I could be there cook and make all the pasta their heart desires, keeping in mind that Piero is allergic to pork, onions, garlic and is lactose intolerant. I must say, how does one learn to eat Italian food without garlic and onions. I noticed on one of the Home&Family shows when they were making ravioli filled with ricotta cheese that Piero did not eat his.
    Anyway, someone could do their grocery shopping, someone can draw their bubble baths(I know Piero likes those), and someone can tell them bedtime stories. At any rate, I think they would be happy here in the US, but within a matter of months they would be missing their families terribly. Have you ever noticed how most American kids cannot wait to leave home and family, whereas the Italians hate to leave their homes and family. Well I think I got off the beaten path somewhere. Sorry about that. #ILVOLOGRANDEAMORE

    1. I knew he was allergic to pork and lactose intolerant but onions and garlic too? He is an Italian what can he eat????

  22. I will make one comment: “A Prophet is not honoured in His own country” that is from the beginning of time with the greatest Human Being who ever lived. in an interview I watch with Ann Margaret(Elvis’s real love) she said in distress, she could not understand when Elvis was alive how people criticized him, yet as soon as He died, those same people were singing His praises. the fact that the press even take time to criticize them means they are worth criticizing, so good for them! all the other greats have experienced that too.

  23. Come on, Marie. We’ve gotta share!!

    I think, in all my wisdom, that critics are a part of the entertainment world, and anyone who attains, or tries to attain, stardom, has put themselves in the spotlight. There will always be reviews that are unkind. I know I bristle and get my back up if I read anything hurtful about my beloved Il Volo. But I know that Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio are the BEST!!

  24. Karen, I also saw them on Home and Family back then, and noticed the same thing. At that time, I was not aware of Piero’s allergies though. By the way, speaking of the Home and Family show, a couple of days ago I decided to send them a request that they have them on again. I did the same with the Ellen Show. They were sooo young on Ellen, that she would have to be wowed to see, and hear them now. I decided to do this after conversations here seemed to regress back to this same subject once again, as in the past, about the need for further exposure in the US. IF the powers that be don’t do it, I think maybe we should do whatever we can for their benefit. There are a lot more TV shows, and other outlets to pursue, so put your thinking caps on, and perhaps we might be able, somehow, to stir the pot, so the speak. ……………….while I was on the Home and Family site, I discovered a couple of our fellow ILvolovers listed as watchers of the show. I contacted them, and asked if they would do the same regarding the same two shows. I figured multiple requests might get noticed quicker than one. Who knows! Anyway, can’t hurt to try! Late night talk shows, and PBS rerun requests are another possibility. I just like to feel like there are ways to further earn the appreciation that the guys show us. Just keep Il Volo in mind while considering possibilities, there well being is of the utmost concern, agreed?

  25. I nominate myself to read them bedtime stories & tuck them in & bring them water during the night if they are thirsty.
    Agreed Kittykam maybe the States & Canada might respond favouritely although Canada is backward in interviewing. At least I haven’t heard many performers being interviewed on radio & TV. Marsala is a bust for Ignazio being recognized there. Its a rotten shame that no one is taking up the banner for him. Don’t know who else to write to.

  26. I’ve been asked how I contacted the two shows I mentioned in my post above,

    I have Google:

    Type in: Hallmark Home and Family/Facebook
    Click on “MESSAGE” on the header of the page,
    Don’t use the POST section.
    Type in: THE ELLEN Show,
    Select: EMAIL US
    Follow instructions.
    If you prefer to write: Click on the blue “frequently asked questions” found on that same page, and it will go to a mailing address.

    1. Thank you Kitty, I just hadn’t gotten around to thinking that clearly yet. I think writing to the shows certainly cannot hurt

  27. Well, you all had a lot to say on this post. I guess asking you all what you think about the critics is like asking a fire hydrant what it thinks about dogs.

  28. Marie, you are the best! Your quick wit, and tongue in cheek humor always bring welcome levity into our lives. Yesterday, you brought me a smile to start my day, and today, today I’m beside myself. lol

    And yes, we did have a lot to say. Someone was messing with our guys, and you know what happens. I have to say though, when it comes to Il Volo, they are such a surprize that they really don’t know what else to say. So what to do? You simply hide amidst what’s familiar. In this case, criticism!

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