Meet Jana Scooby Doo ~ Lady of Mystery and Intrigue

Todays Chi Magazine cover.  "Il Volo and now we fly to Sanremo".
Todays Chi Magazine cover. “Il Volo and now we fly to Sanremo”.

From your 3rd New Contributing Author:

Hello all Ivolovers out there!

I’d like to introduce myself a bit… I am proud to be from the great state of Michigan! The Motor City Capital of the World! Where Motown was born, and the even prouder city where Il Volo “Took Flight” from the Detroit Opera House way back in 2011!! You know, we really have the best weather in all the nation? Ok, so we aren’t exactly known as the Sunshine State, or have long, sunny beaches like California; but we don’t have to worry about killing floods, hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes, typhoons, sub-zero temps (at least not too often), how many “feet” of snow we will get (except for last year, we did break our snowfall record!), droughts, deadly tornadoes (we have one or two on occasion…), blistering heat, dust storms, or tsunamis; we have 5 beautiful great lakes!

Was it just four short years ago that we were introduced to three of the most amazing voices of the 21st century? Where did you first see them? I first caught them on my local PBS channel, quite by accident, I believe it was early 2013? I have to say, it was love at first sight, or would that be sound?  That rich, deep tone from Piero; the deep baritone and serious looking little Gianluca; and who can forget the cute, little cheeks and big dimples of Ignazio? I caught them again with their “We Are Love” concert on PBS and as soon as they were done singing “Beautiful Day,” I told myself I would be going to see them the next time they came to Detroit. I kept that promise to myself and was fortunate enough to see them at Freedom Hill on June 19, 2014! However, I was not lucky enough to get meet/greet tickets. They were not in my budget at that time! But this year – I’m in it all the way….

In keeping with the “Scooby Doo” theme, what do you find mysterious and intriguing about the guys? (Can’t really call them boys anymore, with Gianluca turning 20! ) Even though we sometimes think we know everything about them, isn’t there still some mystery and intrigue surrounding them?? Like, who really takes all those pictures? How many selfies has Gianluca taken? What mysteries lie in those big, deep, and sometimes sad eyes, of Ignazio? Who is Piero, behind those glasses? What is he hiding? Do all the guys need glasses now? First it was Piero, then Ignazio, and now I’ve seen pics of Gianluca – guess he didn’t want to be left out? I’m betting Ignazio might wear contacts? I wonder what questions they get tired of hearing all the time? And of course, the biggest mystery surrounding them right now – when are they coming to the US?! Well, “we better not pout, we better not cry, because Il Volo IS coming to town!” Let’s hope it’s to a city near you! (and me, and Marie, and….everyone!) If not, we will get there, by car, by train, by bus, or by plane! (is that from a Dr. Seuss book?)

So, I invite you, my Il Volo fans of mystery and intrigue – share with me, your thoughts of the guys, and what you think might be?

Sharing and spreading Il Volo love…

Have an Ivolovely day!! With the guys in your heart, you will always have sunshine on your face!

Jana Scooby Doo

48 thoughts on “Meet Jana Scooby Doo ~ Lady of Mystery and Intrigue”

  1. Our Guys are so cool! Love the Mag cover.

    Love the “intriguing” article under it. I have so many questions! Don’t suppose you’d believe I take all those pictures?

  2. Love your article, Jana Scooby Doo. The boys make me happy put simply. I guess that sums it up. Hoping for Pittsburgh!💕❤️

  3. Thanks for your article. I care about Piero and Gianluca. I love Ignazio.I feel he needs a guardian. All three make my day every time I listen to them sing. My feeling are given as a grandma enjoying the goodness of these young men.

    1. I agree, Ignazio is so jovial and such a comic at the concerts but he does exude a very sensitive side as well. I’m glad you’ve volunteered to be his guardian Gina. I’m upset with Marsala for not recognizing him as a beautiful, talented representative of his region. Btw Marie, very nice action photography.

    2. yes, the more comments and things I read, it almost seems everyone has a special place in their heart for Ignazio – myself included! Althouogh Gianluca seems to get the most likes on things – pictures, etc. on Instagram….? Thanks!

  4. Hi Jana — Your article is great !! I have always wondered what goes on in their minds when they are confronted by their adoring fans. Sometimes their fans are serious and give advise, sometimes silly( that’s ME !! ). Some are young and some of us are older(I refuse to say old !!! They make us all feel so young !!! ). We all know that they love their fans but they also have brilliant minds that are working all the time. It shows in their beautiful expressive eyes. So what in the world are they thinking ?????? Wouldn’t we love to know !!!

    1. Joanie – I love how your mind works! I’d love to be able to read their minds, too! I take it you’ve been to a meet/greet? Technically, I think most of their fans ARE older than they are! lol! Yes, I wish I were MUCH younger, also…. but, maybe we don’t want to know what they are thinking? They could be better actors than we know? Let’s hope not…. 🙂 Let’s keep thinking they are the sweet guys we have all come to know and love! And that they love all their fans – both young and old-er!

  5. Hi Jana – I’m also from Detroit. I was at the Freedom Hill concert. It was wonderful, better than the one at Meadowbrook. I record one of Piero’s solos and use it for my ring tone on my cell phone. I DVR’d the PBS concerts, so I watch the “boys” quite often, even the Christmas special. Glad to know another Detroit is crazy about IL VOLO.

      1. Yes, it would have been fun. But having found this site after the concert, I think I did see a few of you “flying” around there!? I got my tx from PBS and was hoping for better seats. But we had like the 2nd to last row of the VIP section. I did have a pretty good seat though – my friend and I were had the two end seats to the “right” on the “left side of the main aisle? if that makes any sense? To be clearer, when Ignazio sang “Maria” and started coming up that main aisle, he stopped about 20 feet in front of me!! Darn, sure wish he would have come up a little further!! I tried to get a picture, but it wasn’t a clear shot…. Hey, there’s always this year!!

    1. Great! Another Detroiter! Maybe we can find some more fans from the area and meet up one day? Yeah, last year was the first for me. I think their version of “This Time” they did was the best I’d ever heard! Wow, how do you do the ring tone thing? Would love to do that…can you do it with any mp3, or does it have to be from something you recorded on your phone?. Actually bought the DVDs of the concerts, except for the Christmas one. I was able to download a few of their videos from the Freedom Hill concert from YouTube and then make them into mp4s? and then load them on my mp3. I’m not really the most tech-y person, but learn pretty quickly! My other IV fan friend also loves Piero! Thanks again!

    2. ATTENTION ALL DETROIT IL VOLOVERS: The Il Volo Detroit Fan Club is planning a birthday celebration for Gianluca on Wed, Feb 11 at Antonio’s in Dearborn Heights. They are asking you to go to their facebook page and post if you are interested in attending. There are currently about 8-10 that will be going. They are trying to get a headcount to make a reservation, so please go to their site if you are interested. More details are posted there. Antonio’s Restaurant sponsored Il Volo’s afterglow after their Freedom Hill concert last summer…

  6. Thanks, Jana, for a wonderful article. I’ve got my hopes on a Minneapolis concert this year. And the mystery to me is, when are they going to the festival in China? I thought it was the 26th of January, but we haven’t heard a word.

    1. Hi Allene and thanks for liking my article! Don’t know if you’ve heard or seen it yet, but I can solve ONE mystery for you! I have downloaded Instagram on my smart phone and they have probably tweeted, as well as uploaded to Instagram that they are leaving. probably left by now to China today! The actual Chinese new year is celebrated next week Monday and Tuesday. Where I work, we have operations in China and one of our guys there is on “holiday” for the celebration! Let’s hope they stay well and don’t get sick! Especially before the San Remo competition…

  7. Hi Jana loved your article I was wondering while watching the guys this year iwhen they do come back to the US will they wear tuxes like this past year or dress like they did in 2013 each one choosing what they wanted. I think I liked 2013 where they chose what they wanted but we’ll see either way they look gorgeous and sound amazing.

    1. Lucky Lady – thanks!! I have to say I guess I’m a bit “old school” and love to see a guy in a tux and all dressed up! I think it brings a nice cohesiveness to the group. They can always change it up with the different ties, or the vest with Ignazio? Frankly, they could wear anything, and you are right, it wouldn’t matter because they would sound amazing anyway! 🙂 I was surprised how formal Ignazio stayed for the Detroit concert last year? I don’t think he even took off his jacket?

  8. Thanks Jana for your report! You are spot on about your weather…I’ve never known so much about your state. It’s so interesting hearing from Ilvolovers all over the world!! Loved your questions…maybe it’s just as well that we don’t know alll!! In case you are interested, I’m in Texas, and we have all those types of weather you described.LOL! Keep up the good work….Dot!

    1. Hi Dot! Thank you! Yes, I think Michigan often gets underrated! Growing up, they always told us that the Great Lakes help to keep our weather in check? Don’t really know, but guess i have to believe them? lol! Yes, if we knew “all” what would there be left to ponder? I have cousins that live in Texas, but I always forget where! It’s one of the big cities, like Dallas, Austin, or somewhere? 🙂 Never been to TX! One thing about following IV is how many things I’ve learned in the process and meeting people from all over is exciting – it’s like having instant pen pals!

  9. Hi Jana, Enjoyed your article, it is so good to hear what you think of our beautiful guys, I just love them so much, I hope they have a great time in China, they are just so special and I am so happy to be able to visit this site, it’s good to share with others who feel the same way as I do, I also saw them in June last year in Toronto and I hope I’ll be able to see them again.

    1. Annie – thank you! So, you are from Toronto? Want to get there one day… only been to Niagara Falls… 🙂 Oh, and if you remember Boblo Island? lol! I truly do love them all and their uniqueness, but as I may have mentioned before, Ignazio is my favorite (sorry, Marie!) Yes, just hope they stay well in China and do not get sick. Yes, we can’t all be crazy!? I do have a friend who has a background in psych and soc. I should ask her? lol!

  10. Well I got my answer. Our Guys are on their way to China today or whatever. I will be nervous until I hear they have landed safely. Be safe Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio! We love you!!

    I got my answer.

  11. Hi Jana, loved the article. I find myself asking questions in my head all of the time. Like, why does Piero where his watch on his right wrist, most people that are left handed do that, but I have never seen Piero write left handed. Or I wonder if the three were alter boys when they were younger, or why did Piero and Ignazio switch their microphones soooooo much when they were first starting out. Just food for thought.

    By the way for everyone following the flight to China, IL VOLO is 2 hrs 48 min from landing.

    1. Hi Karen! thanks!! Funny, I noticed his watch as well and figured he must be left-handed? So, he’s not? Don’t recall if I’ve ever noticed him writing anything? Maybe he’s ambidextrous? Never noticed so much about Piero switching hands, but certainly noticed on Ignazio!! Yes, I do wonder why they switch so often and why do they sometimes put the mics in the stands and sing from there and then they take them out and move around? Piero may have stablized a bit, but I swear ignazio still does it… maybe for fun, we should count how many times he does it in a song? And how many times does Ignazio play with his ear piece thing? I wonder if they are that uncomfortable? I know the little earbuds bother my ears!

      Thanks for the China update!

      1. I thought Piero was left handed also. But I have noticed him signing autographs with his right hand, but yet when I saw his autograph a few days ago on the menu from a restaurant in San Remo that it looked like it was done by a left hander. It seems as tho Ignazio uses both ear pieces when he is singing, but when he is not and the others are he only uses one.

  12. Jana do you or the other ladies know if the boys will be involved in the “EXPO MILAN 2015” ( Universal Exposition)? It will be from May 1 to October 31 in Milan, Italy. Expecting millions of tourists. Maybe the reason for their summer tour.
    Also I wonder about the new pictures of Ignazio looking so serious and pensive. I have not seen any names of the photographers. They are lovely but unusual for Ignazio.

    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t know anything about the Milan Expo – sounds nice though? If they are there in the summer, when are they coming here?? Oh dear – hope they come back to the US at some time? I was actually wondering if Gianluca had maybe taken a few of Ignazio and then they just posted them. I think Gian has a real talent for photography! They seemed more like his “style”….?

  13. Oh, I feel you. I saw them in concert once but I didn’t get to the meet and greet. Back then I wasn’t fully immersed into the insanity that is Il Volo, so I didn’t feel to need to spend so much on meeting some singers. Now I have a small fund ready, so when Il Volo decides to hit the states I am ready to roll, lol!

    Yes, I have noticed that Gianluca has more followers too. I suppose he has a “look” that young people (i.e., people that have Twitter) like. Still, I don’t think it means there is an imbalance in popularity. I do hope Ignazio doesn’t feel too bad about this aspect.

    I do prefer them in tuxedos myself! White tie – even better! I’ve always liked things like that, I think it gives a nice polished look. I think they might use more youthful styling at times to appeal (perhaps it seems less “rigid”?) to younger people and their own sense of style. I guess I’m just old fashioned! 🙂

    1. Gianluca communicates more often on Twitter and actually talks to fans. That is the reason for the seeming imbalance. But each has a large following both individually and collectively.

      1. Yes, that’s probably why. I believe he had a “ask Gianluca” thing going on for a while. The fans loved that, me included!

    2. I think maybe they should come out in their tuxes or dressier clothes and then have a costume change in the middle and come out in their casual clothes – that probably cost as much as the tuxes! Lol!

    3. Funny, I have a fund now also!! At the moment I have about $800 and am expecting about $1000 for a tax refund, which of course is going toward it. Not sure if I will have to travel to see them, so hope a few thousand will cover travel costs, and any other associated expenses on my journey! A little out of each paycheck…

  14. It sounds like a terribly long flight to China. Our Guys will have jet lag for sure. I pray they have plenty of time to rest up before they have to sing. My heart belongs to Piero, but I have plenty of love left over for Gianluca and Ignazio. I love to see them in tuxes, too. How handsome they look! But ordinary clothes once in a while is okay, too.

  15. I think I answered some of my questions and came up with more. I wondered about the new pictures of the boys especially Ignazio. I believe it must have been the photographer for CHI magazine. Just saw that your can pre order the “Sanremo Grande Amore” CD on Amazon in Europe. $10.00 EUR. Could not find it on the US Amazon.
    Could their trip be connected with Etihad Airways and Alitalia.? They have started some new services to China. ENOUGH WONDERING FOR ONE MORNING.

  16. I read this about the magazine “CHI”, thought you might like to see it.
    CHI is a woman’s weekly magazine featuring stories ,interviews, exclusive photographs and prestigious anticipations on the lives of the protagonists from the worlds of television, politics and sport, in a tone that avoids scandal and gossip (my note: this was the magazine that spied on Kate Middleton in France and took those topless photo’s and published them)
    It also pays a great deal of attention to the quality of photography and exclusive stories.
    CHI is one of the ground breaking editorial formulas of recent years and has a constant growing circulation. From it’s launch, CHI established it’s position thanks to an original formula which, together with personalities in their “natural surroundings” has consistently given space also to fashion and beauty.

    anyone going to Italy who can pick up copies for us?

    1. Wow, that is really interesting! I know I saw on Instagram today that the ivoloversmx have uploaded the whole interview of them and have it translated, along with all the pictures. Very nicely done, I might add! Unfortunately, it is, of course, all in Spanish!! They get pictures on there sometimes that i’ve never seen anywhere else…

  17. ATTENTION ALL DETROIT IL VOLOVERS: The Il Volo Detroit Fan Club is planning a birthday celebration for Gianluca on Wed, Feb 11 at Antonio’s in Dearborn Heights. They are asking you to go to their facebook page and post if you are interested in attending. There are currently about 8-10 that will be going. They are trying to get a headcount to make a reservation, so please go to their site if you are interested. More details are posted there. Antonio’s Restaurant sponsored Il Volo’s afterglow after their Freedom Hill concert last summer…

  18. Thanks for introducing yourself to all of us… Great post my friend… I am sorry that I am so late posting to your intro … I was in Ca. with my family and somehow I forgot to drop in on the flight crew family for the last week or two… Jana, you are a great addition to the Flight Crew Family and I look forward to reading more of your enjoyable posts…

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