From Your New Contributing Authors ~ “The New Girls”!

My arm hurts. It must be from patting myself on the back for finding these wonderful women.

From Jeannette:

I feel very honored to be able to share my thoughts and feelings about Il Volo… As many of you know Il Volo is my favorite subject and I seem to go on and on about them when talking with family, friends and even strangers… Being able to post a story now and then will take the pressure off of the people around me who give me that plastic smile and roll their eyes at me… I know what they are thinking!!! There is something really wrong with Jeannette, I think we need to call the men in white coats to come get her… Here everyone feels as I do… The day is not filled with sunshine unless we hear a tidbit about Il Volo, watch a video or play their songs over and over …So thank you all for giving me the opportunity to share my love of Il Volo with all of you…



Sometimes Sugar, Sometimes Salt ~ From Kitty:

This title may seem strange, but I’ve chosen to use it because to me, it encompasses all aspects of this journey we call “LIFE”. The sweet things make us feel all warm, fuzzy, and content; but the salty, well, too much of this can be not only distasteful, but down right damaging. That being said, recently we’ve heard some uncharacteristic thoughts of disappointment from someone we love dearly. Unexpected; totally, but at the same time, honest, vulnerable and open. My initial reaction, of course, was one of empathy, but then I felt honored that he apparently felt close enough to us, the ILVOLOVERS, to be able to voice his understandable feelings of hurt. Despite what we see and love on stage, he is no different than anyone else. He is human, and as such not immune to these experiences. “LIFE”, in my opinion, is evaluating and putting into perspective, all the many boosts and/or bumps out there before us. We know they will be there, and we have to choose whether they go into the keepsake drawer or the trash. Is this something I will charish, or something I will hold on to that is neither uplifting or beneficial for how I want my life to be defined? Once that decision is made, smile and go on. For me, I have become aware that the salty (unpleasant occurances) that we may encounter begin to loose their bitterness when infused with just a bit of sugar, (sweetness, and love). “Just a spoonful ” says Julie. So, Ignazio, once again I offer you love from MY heart, and from the hearts of so many, many, unseen IL VOLOVERS around the world.


No matter, His whys or His reasons,I - growing up
He’s brought you so quickly to fame,
Which has to say that it’s urgent,
And for us, it’s not hard to explain.So…

No matter, the song you’ll be choosing,
No matter, the beat or refrain,
With your smile,you’ll bring light to the darkness,
And place joy into hearts filled with pain.

No matter,the size of your venue,
You’ll never hold back what you feel,
Fore the passion you hold for the music,
Is not only strong, it is real.

No matter, the place or the language,
The message you’ll always proclaim,
Is that music can cross any border,
Where a piece of your heart will remain.

So, no matter how far you will travel,
Be it cars, or buses or planes, please,
Know that our prayers will stay with you,
Till you’re back with your loved ones again.

This is a slightly altered version of a poem that I sent to Ignazio on his Birthday in Oct. Don’t think he would mind sharing it here. I’ve added a verse, and changed the tense, but otherwise it’s the same. Seems appropriate as another reminder for him, especially in view of his earlier comments. I wanted him to remember that he is always special and deeply loved here, and that that same love, placed firmly in his heart, will never need dusting!



Tomorrow – Jana’s Inaugural Post!

18 thoughts on “From Your New Contributing Authors ~ “The New Girls”!”

  1. This was lovely. So glad there are so many of you with talents to write and express our feelings for us. I have been saying “IL VOLO” to everyone I can find and last Friday my son, daughter and I were in the hospital waiting room waiting for my husband’s surgery to be over. There was a volunteer directing the traffic and at one moment another lady waiting. My daughter had her fancy new tablet and she went on youtube and brought up one of Il Volo’s vidoes and I proceeded to educated the two stangers (older ladies) about our boys and that they should check them out. Everyone seemed to have a smile when it was over so again they brought joy when it was most needed.

  2. So happy “the new girls” will be posting their wonderful thoughts for us here. Makes this site all the more special!! Just as we see the guys getting better and better each year…so does this site!! This site is definitely my happy place to come to each and every day!

  3. So happy for each if our wonderful, talented ladies. I need help, did I somehow miss something Ignazio posted? Could someone please enlighten me as to what happened. I would appreciate it. I love this site. The only one I can really express my love for our guys without getting strange looks.

  4. The more the merrier !!! Thank you for becoming contributors and enhancing this already awesome sight with your beautiful words and insights. This site keeps getting better and better and so does the love within our Flight Crew family.

  5. Oh ladies, you do have such a wonderful way with words. You say the things we all feel, wether it is trying to send emotional love and support to these gorgeous young men, or understanding how much happiness they bring to our lives.

  6. KittyKam your post & poem has started me crying & I can’t seem to stop.That says exactly how he was feeling & how I have been busting me butt to find someone in Marsala or some other politician in other parts of Italy to help him be recognized in the city he loves & promotes.. My heart was breaking for him.
    What he has come back & said what he has learned from this experience that family is first & foremost he is trying to heal & I am still praying for him always that he will heal as well as the opther boys but I really have a special soft spot for Ignazio. I want him to be recognized as the other 2 have been.
    Thank you for your heartfelt words I look forward to more of your posts.
    Yes Jeannette I know what you mean about the plastic smiles & scoffing. I don;’t get that with my family so much anymore but the ladies at church think I am nuts. Thank you for your post as well.

  7. PRESE and BLWALTHER, I’m sorry the you were confused about my references to Ignazio. A little while back, Piero became Ambassador for Naro in the World, Naro being his home town. He, of course, was honored with a big event in the town, where it was made official. Gianluca, and Ignazio were not only there, but were recognized as well.

    Gianluca, also was recognized with a special event in Abruzzo (Montepagano).

    Marsala, Ignazio’s home town, has never followed suit. It greatly affected him, understandibly, and he was very hurt. That became apparent in his posts, although always scarce, but also in any photos posted. That radiant smile was not there. He finally came out and revealed how hurt he felt, and we don’t blame him at all for his feelings. He does now say, that he has learned from this experience, and is trying to put it behind him.

    I hope now, my thoughts should be easier to understand. I hope that Ignazio will understand, again, how much he is loved.

  8. Oh Kitty! He was so heartbroken. That’s why we want him/them to move here for all the love and acknowledgement their little hearts can hold.

    He is young and strong. This will pass. It is a another learning experience. I hope he doesn’t have too many of that kind.

    Your lovely poem was touching. I hope he reads it. He needs to know how deeply we all love and support him.

  9. KittyKam that was so beautifully put. You have captured our love for Ignazio. Keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing more from you <3

  10. I do understand & was not confused by what you were saying & writing & I also understand what he was referring to when he was expressing his feelings & I have felt extremely sad & hurt for him. I wanted to get someone in Italy by writing them to explain how hurt he is & why Marsala doesn’t recognize him as the other boys had been recognized in their cities. I did get a response from one politician but have no way of knowing if anyone in Marsala was contacted. They have been going through a change of Mayor or President so don’t know if that is finished yet. But what I am understanding from another source a mayor hasn’t been voted in yet. Regardless I even was trying to contact the Minister of Culture but don’t know how to contact anyone in their office or who to contact.
    There is someone else I am going to contact so hopefully they can put a fire cracker under Marsala. I can’t sit back & do nothing if there is a possibility I can reach the right ear.

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