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See this picture? Here THEY are getting ready for a performance. Not talking. Each with his own private thoughts. Don’t you wonder what THEY’re thinking at a time like this? I do!

Here’s what I think THEY’re thinking:

Gianluca: “I’ve got to remember to contact the Flight Crew for a dressing assistant. I hope I get a volunteer.”

Piero: “My hair feels ok. I can’t really tell without my glasses.”

Ignazio: “I hope Marie’s free after the Meet and Greet.”

So…what do YOU think THEY’re thinking?


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  1. What a great picture. Marie, this made me SMILE, although I hope any one of them is wondering if I’m free after the meet and greet. 🙂

  2. Gian is thinking “I have to look my best.” Ignacio is thinking “should I act silly today” Piero is thinking “wow, my hair looks pretty good growing so long.”

  3. Gian is thinking “The dumb cufflink won’t go in the hole.”
    Piero is thinking “DO I need more gel?”
    Ignazio is thinking “What am I forgetting??”

  4. OMG!! So funny!!!! 🎼🎤🎵
    And yes, Marie, Ignazio is waiting for you! 👨
    There are TWO dimples, so I will share . . .

  5. Gianluca: “I’m so sophisticated with these cuffs…”
    Piero: “Gelled to perfection!”
    Ignazio: “I have to do my best for this concert.”

    That’s what I came up with, aha! 🙂

  6. Gianluca: “I would have more space if this darn strap is not in the way!:
    Ignazio: “This formal concert is going to cramp my style!”
    Piero: “I am sure my tuft is highter then Gianluca’s!”.

      1. Ineke!! first time I’ve known you to lie! Best behavior indeed! You would grab him and run back to your beach in South Africa!

  7. Love all the suggestions!! I can’t think of any to add to this!! So enjoy all that is posted here!! Have a happy Sat everyone!! GRANDE AMORE!!i.

  8. Gianluca: “I really like to wear cuff links to complete my dapper appearance, but these are impossible.” Ignazio: “I wish this concert were over, because Marie is waiting for me, and she gets upset when I’m late.” Piero: “Mary wants me to let my hair relax au natural, but I don’t know….”

  9. This is so much fun Marie !!! Gianluca- I have to be perfect tonight !! Ignazio- I’m worried that the audience will not enjoy my crazy antics tonight !! Piero- I used to love my spiky hair !!

  10. I am just thinking that if He really did put out a call for a dresser amongst Flight Crew, Gianluca would be flooded with applications and there would be no one left on the site to write blogs or even run the site.

      1. I would be first in line Myron! Sorry Kelly. lol
        But don’t you think that if the new PBS special is here in the fall that they will then tour the US and Canada as before? I think it is a lot easier on them than in Italy with the crowds. When we had our M&G they were behind the table and no one touched them. They should do the same in Italy, just walk in front of the table. After all, it is free there! Could you mention this to Barbara?

  11. Ok, I have given this some thought…

    Piero: “Oh no, is that a gray hair?”
    Ignazio: “My phone – where is it? Will it fit in the pocket of these tight pants?”
    Gianluca: Thinking, practicing his solo… “wise men say….only fools rush in…”

    Ok, there you go! Have a great Sunday and vote Eurovision poll!!

      1. If you get email on a device like a phone in addition to your computer you can vote on the phone, an ipad, an ipod or even one of the kindles that gets email.

      1. Haven’t you ever noticed the gray in Ignazio’s hair? I know they must dye it to cover it up, but it shows up “nicely” in that picture of him in the desert… I like it – no wonder all the mature ladies are after him! Lol!

  12. I did notice that (It’s on my desktop). Thought it was done that way or the light was hitting it odd. You think he really has gray hair? I probably caused it. He has to worry about me.

    1. Marie, I also thought it was the way the light is hitting his hair. We’ll have to check it out next time!

  13. Really?… No thoughts at all. They’re in the ZONE! Can you feel it?

    Still loved the cute piece, Marie, and the great suggestions from everyone!

    Love ya,
    ~ Jeanine

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