If you love something, set it free…

If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, it was meant to be. We’ve all heard this quote, or variations thereof, many times and it means different things to different people.

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I’ve been following the announcements of Il Volo’s various concerts around Italy and a really sad and scary thought came to mind – Il Volo may not be coming to the US at all this year? I know we are all hoping it is not so and maybe they’ll squeeze North and South America into October & November, but what if they don’t come back to the US this year, even though they said they would? But, isn’t this what we wanted for them? To finally get recognized in their own country? Il Volo is living their dream right now, being mobbed by Italian fans in every city they travel to.

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So, we can’t be begrudging them their happiness right now. It’s time we set them free to live their lives as Il Volo and not just “our” guys – for they are the “world’s” guys, now! It’s like we were their adoptive parents that nurtured, encouraged, and watched them grow into the men they are today. But even though we gave them all of our love, it just wasn’t enough. There was still something missing in their lives. We all knew what it was – they wanted to find their real parents. In saying this, their real parents are Italy! Now they have found their real parents and we are feeling like we have been abandoned; that they don’t care about us anymore and will forget about us with their instant fame and fortune. But it’s not really instant, they have been working hard for over five long years, leaving their real families and friends behind to do what they love. They’ve finally found the love they were missing – love from their homeland, Italy. But don’t worry, they will not forget us. We may not see them as often as we’d like, but they will be back to visit. They just have more people to visit now. And think of this, there are many countries who love them and they have never even been to those countries! We have to learn to share them with the world…

I just finished watching the Porta a Porta show (great, if you haven’t seen it yet!) and they did admit that they were experiencing now the “price” of fame – they have now really lost their privacy! No longer are they invisible walking down the street!

We really are so fortunate today, living in this high-tech world with social media. They are literally at our fingertips whenever we want to see them, be it FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, or the countless videos and interviews that have been uploaded onto You Tube! No, it’s not the same as being there, but it’s pretty close…and of course we have their music everywhere we go, our iPods, at work, in the car, or anywhere else!

In less than three months, they will be competing for Eurovision. As proud parents, we will cheer them on until our voices get hoarse! Of course we want the best for them – we want them to win! Even though their winning may take them away from us even more? Yes! Because they’ve worked hard and they deserve it. And if they don’t win? We’ll be right there to catch them when they fall. Of course, I did just read somewhere recently, can’t really remember though, that the bookies, once again, have Il Volo winning Eurovision! Although by a slim margin, they did win Sanremo and the bookies were right!
a - sanremo win

So, as cliché as this might sound, our guys, the “world’s guys,” are flying high right now. This is what they wanted. As parents, we always want our children to achieve their goals and be happy. We should be happy for them right now, and not feeling sorry for ourselves if they might not come back to the US this year.

…if it comes back to you, it was meant to be. Don’t worry, Il Volovers – they will be back; because it’s meant to be! They may be somewhat out of sight, but never out of mind!



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    1. Jana,
      You must have been reading my mind because I had those thoughts when I saw all of their tour dates in Italy. I was thinking how can they tour Italy and so many other countries that would have to be so tiring after the tours and I wouldn’t want that for them. They wanted to be recognized by their countrymen and they have and will probably not have time for us this year which makes me sad but happy for them and their dreams. <3

  1. Such wisdom, Jana! As parents we see our children grow up and fly away, but we accept that as reality. Our love for them does not stop if we can’t see them as often as we would like, and when we do see them, it’s a gift from above! I, too, have scolded myself for being selfish; wanting to keep them here all the time. Everything you said about their careers is true, and as for me, I will be beyond joy when I can see them in person again! We all will wait…

  2. My Dear Jana,

    I owe you an apology. You submitted this piece over a week ago. I read it, wept and put it aside. Pulled it back up a few days ago. Wept. Put it aside. Today, I read it again. Wept again. Posted it so I wouldn’t have to read it (and weep) again! It’s all your fault, Jana, that I am finding out just how selfish I really am. I am happy for them. I truly am! But, I am not doing well with this, yet. I am not willing to let them go, yet. It is NOT time, yet. Sorry Scoob’. Really well written though!


    P.S. It will be December 31st 2015 around mid-night, before I believe they’re not coming here this year! Besides, remember…Piero told me he would see me this year. He wouldn’t lie!

    1. Marie,
      Now you’re making me cry. This is not fair! I wish I could go to Italy to see them at one of their concerts. Heavy Sigh.:-(

    2. Marie – it’s ok, I forgive you! Ok, I will leave you Ignazio, on one condition – that you let me borrow him once in a while? Piero really told you that?

  3. “Keep the faith, The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you’re about to give up hope.” When their new big CD comes out I am sure they will be back. In one post they said they were working on the Latin and American CD. Some of us in the States never had the chance to see them but had great joy following them from concert to concert. Sony records will definitely have them back but it might be next year. Just following all their concerts this years should keep all of us busy. They definitely need our prayers and support to get thru the adjustment from “who are they”? to “here they come”.

  4. Jana, this is another of those memorable articles! Yes, you are so right, and Iove your quote. if we love them, we will set them free to be all that they were meant to be, and not cage them in. we are really so lucky that we can see them every moment if we want on the internet and see all that they are doing in the present, and listen to their wonderful music as often as we want. we always complained that we wanted the world to appreciate them as we do, well now they are getting that.their dreams are coming true, but so are ours. they are still our boys, they always will be, except “Our Boy” have reached the stage of maturity when we must let them fly on their own. may God always take care of you and may His face always shine upon you Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

    1. Thank you, Deanne. Yes, even though they are “guys” they are still boys to me as well!! Sometimes it is hard to accept that children do grow up, but oddly, the mind seems to always remember the exact moment you met someone and that moment in time will be forever engraved in our memory – we met them as boys, so boys, they will stay, even when they are 30!

  5. Please don’t say they aren’t “Our Boys” anymore. They will always be my boys as if I was their parent and I’m sure everyone feels the same way. I cry when I listen to the new cd. It is so beautiful and diffferent from the others. Their voices just soar! They are so experienced, grown up and better than ever and still the sweetest. I couldn’t love them more.

    1. Ann – yes, as I told Deanne above, they will always be my boys, as well. Personally, I’ve never had any children, so I just “adopt” them. Lol! A good friend, that is my age, has 4 children and I think of them as mine! Yes, they are growing into the most perfect and beautiful examples of human beings, there are!

      1. I never had any children either and I adopted them as soon as I saw them sing “O Solo Mio” on American Idol! I tell everyone they are “my Boys” and they don’t understand. lol. Thank goodness for you wonderful “Girls”! You also will always be girls to me. lol

  6. Sorry Jana, but I’m with Marie. I’m not ready to let them go. I guess that’s being selfish, but I just can’t help it. They have been my boys for so long, that it will be a wrench to let them go.

  7. Jana, you made me cry and I hadn’t even seen the other comments?! I know you are right,, but, like Marie, I have not yet accepted this. Very heartfelt and beautifully written. Here’s hoping the Guys return to us in 2015.

  8. I’ve been thinking the same thing Barb that with the tour dates covering most of the summer into September how are they going to have time to get to the States & CANADA. And I was wishing I had enough money to get to Italy.
    Your right Deanne & Jana we have to let them soar to the stars as my wish has always been for them. And now that is happening I am trying to be happy for them without being selfish because I may not see them this year. Its tough to think about & tough to realize they may not make it here this year. So I’ll do what the rest of you ladies are doing keep on listening to their CD;s & watching for pictures & videos of what they are doing at their concerts in Italy & wait for the next CD in the fall & keep on praying that they win Eurovision & they keep on knocking Italy off their feet. And if I hear of anyone criticizing them in Italy I will write to Italy again & tell them to send our Sweethearts back to the States & Canada where they are appreciated & loved unconditionally.
    Thanks Jana your post was heartfelt & well written & a wakeup call.

    Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero my prayers are always with you & that you are happy at how successful your careers are & that your wishes have been answered. We just may see someday that your name is written in the sky. God bless you & keep you safe.

  9. Excellent article Jana, but it seems you needed to hand out kleenex to go along with it… They will always be our boys but our boys grew up to be men and these young men have made their mark on Italy finally… As we all known with success comes sacrifice… They would love to come here and do many concerts for us, but they have received the recognition that they have been dreaming of for six years, Italy to love them as we do… We have to be happy for them and as Jana put it so perfectly ” If you love them set them free” … They love us so they will be back… We have not been kept away from their successes… They have made sure of that by sending us tweets of dates, times, links , pictures and videos… We are so lucky that they are so kind to us fans… THEY ARE LOVE…

  10. The 1st thing I want to mention is that the entire translation of the last Porta a Porta show is now on All About Il Volo! Don’t miss it!

    2nd – I also saw where they are still working to somehow schedule some Canadian & American concerts and/or appearances this year. We will just have to wait and see what happens. I wouldn’t be surprized though if the meet and greets are a thing of the past. Things are definitely different now, and this may be one of those celebrity changes that I mentioned a few days ago. Safety is now a major issue for them. They have already made mention of the fact that they can no longer go walking down the streets of their hometowns without being mobbed, or even go out with their friends or family. It is things such as this that gives merit to the old saying of “be careful what you wish for”. Having a dream come to fruition, can be challenging, but none the less a dream. Their team, everyone, will also feel the challenge. They will be well managed, and we, of course, will remain right where we have always been; right at their back and wishing them well.

    1. Thank you Jana. Everything you said is true. Our guys have now won the hearts of Italy. This was always their dream. Our dream for them as well. The videos I have seen during their CD signings are somewhat scary. Thousands upon thousands screaming and singing their song.But now, they need body guards to protect them from the very people they love. Price of FAME is mighty high. My niece works in Dubai and she said she heard IL VOL O was there a few weeks ago but she did not see them. She said they love “OUR GUYS” all over the world. She saw pictures where they were relaxing and having fun, as we all did. They performed at the Emirate Palace. Ladies, I’m as sad as you all are right now, but I know they will come back to us soon. They are not the kind of people who forgets their loving fans. Let us watch and love them from afar for now……

  11. Right after reading their summer schedule I had this dull thought of ” what am I going to do for my vacation this year?” I’m still beating myself up for missing them in Vancouver BC and Seattle. *sighhhh*
    I know they will come back to North America again someday. May we all live that long! In the meantime I pray about Eurovision and I pray for their health of body, mind and spirit.
    Then I get to have my fantasies of being 22 again…and meeting Piero in Sciliy. I’m sure one of these days in the midst of a daydream I am going to see a vision of a younger Marie chase down Ignazio too…

    Last thought of a pirate: I just wish I could tell them one thing…and it has to do with that photo of them at the moment IL VOLO was announced as wining Sanremo…”When you win Eurovision…GRAB EACH OTHER FIRST!”

    I just had to share that with you. I love all of you in the Flight Crew, I’d grab all of you first if I ever meet you. Ciao!

    1. Pirate, It’s a wonder that we haven’t run into each other in that fantasy of being 22 and meeting Piero in Sicily. Probably if all the women who are having that fantasy got together it would be quite a crowd….not to mention the horde following Marie and Ignazio.

      1. Oh I am full of all sorts of visions…heeheee… I think I saw Elaine chasing after Gianluca…gosh she is verrrry nimble too!

    2. Pirate – maybe we should all plan a trip to see you?? Maybe we could start some real Il Volo conventions?

      1. Plan a trip to see me….Now wouldn’t THAT be a fun thing.to do!
        I’m also pretty willing to travel to Las Vegas and connect down there. Flights and hotels are cheaper! Plus you don’t have to gamble to have fun. Wonder what Myron would say! An IL VOLO Convention would be just the thing for us lonesome sad fans!

      2. EVen better if we could combine it with a concert! Now wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake!?

      3. I love Las Vegas and I’m not a gambler. The last time i was there i saw Barry Manilow at the Hilton! My gambling consisted of $5 in the Barry Manilow slot machine – ha, ha! Well, you know, planning things like this keeps our mind off things and is something fun to look forward to!


      4. Jana, I saw Barry Manilow at the Hilton too! When we got to the hotel I won $500 on the slots! That was about 4 years ago. Is that when you went?

      5. I was kind of thinking that, but had bigger expectations – they would be able to make a special appearance at our convention!! Of course we’d have to promise to be “controlled” fans…. Lol!

      6. Ann – no, it was about 10 years ago…had the best seats, 2nd row, first two seats on the end, on the right! I’d seen him about 11 times and knew he always set up his piano on the one side, so he’d be looking right into our eyes! Lol!

  12. Dear Jana loved your article and agree with you the guys might not make it back to the States and or Canada this year and I know it’s kind of a lonely feeling but this is their year to really solidify their place in Italian Music. I”m so happy for their success at home and as long as I can follow their wherever they go I can wait till next year. I just imagine how iamazing the new concerts will be we all know how incredible their voices have been since they were just boys but now oh man they just soar when they sing. Long live IL Volo I’ll be behind them forever.

    1. Thank you – I know, they are the epitome of perfection! i was listening to them as I went to sleep a few nights ago. I was under several blankets, as well as my cat, and when they sang the refrains of a few of the songs, I literally got chills – twice! How does that happen under all those covers? Lol!

  13. Dear Jana, thank you for putting into beautiful words what has been in all our thoughts & in our hearts!!! To me they will always be The BOYS!! Even tho I have changed it to our guys!!! We have been with them from the beginning & no one can take our precious memories from us! I am happy that Italy has given them the recognition they so deserve!!! I am so glad that they continue to share with us their busy lives! We have much to look forward to with Eurovision on the horizon & all the Italian summer concerts! The PBS Special where we will have the pleasure of seeing them perform these new songs!!! I tell myself that I must have patience & we will see them again!!! But they need to see their names that I added to their Il Volo tattoo!!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero enjoy your well deserved fame, we love you & will see you when you return to our part of the world!!! God Bless You & your families!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks – my only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner, but the time must not have been right. I feel I found them when I needed them and the time was right, and I was able to do something about it.

  14. Jana and fellow flight crew, I have been noticing lately a sadness in Piero’s eyes .The look of exhaustion. I couldn’t beleve the mobs at the signings . One video of Piero in the fitness center told it all. We know he likes his workout daily and there were swarms of girls around him. I felt we were losing them also and I think it tells in Piero’s eyes. Let ne know if you agree. I am sad to let them go. I was saving up for a meet and greet this year. I may not live long enough to see them again. Joan guyon

    1. Yes, Joan, I, too have seen the fatigue and sadness in Piero’s eyes. But there have also been photos showing great joy. Fame is a mixed bag, the best and the worst. I fear for the toll it may take on the guys as it has on so many others. But I pray that the values that they have grown up with and the wisdom of those guiding their careers will carry them through.

    2. Come on Joan I don’t know how old you are but you have to have a more positive attitude than that. You have to keep saying you are going to live forever. After all you owe it to the guys to see them again because they are waiting for you as well as the rest of us. You keep thinking positive, I do every day.

  15. All I have to say ( because Jana and all of you have expressed my thoughts so beautifully) is that I am thrilled that their dreams have come true in Italy but I have to admit that I miss them so much that it hurts !!!

      1. yes with one little twist – you can’t vote more than once UNLESS – you are able to block 3rd party cookies and delete your current cookies. it’s real easy to do, I suggest doing a search on google on how to do it if you don’t know how…it’s a tad different if you have google chrome or internet explorer.

      2. I just voted with this link!! Whatever I had before only let me vote one time! I’ll try this again tomorrow! That’s why the guys have so few votes! Others said they could vote only once too! I’m not very IPad savy! Why should I be?? I know how to follow Il Volo, what else do I need to do?!? Thanks!

  16. I managed to get 2 votes in & they are under 3200 & a bit.so if everyone on these sites started voting they should be ahead really fast.

  17. They are 2636 just a few people voting
    Thanks Jana my knowledge is zilch when it comesto computers & my computer is precarious as it is so I want to keep my computer active rather than I do something stupd & it crashes. So I am not going to try what you suggested. But there are others on the site that are better & I am sure they will try.

  18. Folks, we have to face the reality that “Our Guys” are now BIG and getting bigger everyday. It’s not going to be things as normal. they are going to have more security and perhaps stop giving so much information like flights, they may not be able to mix with fans as they like, although I feel they may rebel at this one. I am sure they will not worry as much as their parents and their management. Lord help us if (when) they win Eurovision! Europe is going to explode (and so will we). out job is to be the invisible force behind them – praying for them and giving support wherever it is needed(eg. voting polls) and believe it or not this is what they will need more than ever. so, we play a big part in their lives, an important part and one that is absolutely necessary

  19. Hello to all of you that left me comments! First, I never thought I would spur so many comments in so short of a time! Thank you! It was quite fun watching them all come in!

    Second, I’d like to really thank Marie for allowing me to be a contributing author on this site. I can’t tell you what a thrill it is for me to do these writings. I never, in a million years, thought I’d be writing anything – especially something so “public!” Whenever we had a wrting assignment in school, I would just cringe! But after this one college comp class I had, I seemed to change. I still dreaded assigned papers, but they always turned out well. And now, well, it’s hard to shut me up sometimes! Lol!

    Third, even though I truly believe what I wrote, i also agree with many of the comments – I don’t really want to let them go, either! But I do feel it’s the right thing to do… And Kitty, if they do away with the meet/greets, no one will be more disappointed and clearly devastated than me! I would almost rather that they not come back at all, than to be so close to them at a concert, but never to feel their touch. I did say ALMOST!! Besides getting my picture with Ignazio, I actually made each of them something very special and personal that I want to give to them. If I can’t do that, I guess I’ll just have to find a way to mail it to them? But I’d rather see the expressions on their faces, instead.

    Fourth, I concede! Yes, they will always be “the boys”…. Sorry about all the needed Kleenex here! I think we all just feel this love for something we really can’t explain and the emotions are so strong inside of us, that often it is difficult to put into words. (Kind of like Gianluca when he was trying to express what winning Sanremo meant to them) When someone does seem to hit it just right, our emotions are also hit at that moment and the release is our tears – of joy or sometimes, even sadness, but it is that realization that someone else is feeling those same emotions, that I believe creates this unspoken and unseen bond, that we all seem to share.

    And to Joan – as soon as their US tour is announced, we will make sure you are there! Maybe not front row, but you will be there and we’ll both get our hugs!!

    To comment briefly on Deanne’s last comment – yes, we will do whatever it takes to keep our boys moving forward, whether it’s voting in these polls which seem to not really have any value, buying their music – any way we can, or just wishing, hoping, thinking, and praying, planning and dreaming, that they will come back to us – because WE are love, because of THEM! We want them to know that, and you know what? I think they do…

    Thanks for listening, girls….

  20. Jana, this was very magnanimous and beautifully expressed.

    Marie, I couldn’t wait to see what you said. Heartfelt, I know.

    I’m not prepared to miss out on an in-person concert with our guys. Last year in Saratoga I had a phenomenal time being in front, experiencing every nuance. And how sweet to meet so many from our beloved Flight Crew! The badges were wonderful, Marie!

    Did I tell you about the time I responded to someone’s idea for a weekend away that it wasn’t currently in my budget, “but I haven’t been to my mailbox yet”? That night, I discovered a totally unexpected check for $888 (And 8 is my number for abundance!)

    So, now I’ll say, Taormina in August isn’t currently in my budget, “but I haven’t been to my mailbox yet!” 😉

    Here’s hoping! for some magical IL VOLO experience in 2015
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I like how you think Jeanine! I need to remember that a little bit of magic can go a long way. After all Saratoga was pretty magical for two out of state Oregonians. Just look at how it worked for our mother-daughter pair from Guatemala.

  21. This was lovely. I think you captured what we all feel in our hearts. How can we begrudge them the fame and fortune they have worked for? And the “teenage sensation” is no teenage.

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