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  1. I managed to get 2 votes in & they are under 3200 & a if everyone on these sites started voting they should be ahead really fast.

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  1. OHHH frustration…voted once, but won’t let me vote again!! and I have no idea about cookies…is there any other way? by the time I figure the cookie thing out, it will be April.

  2. So will this happen each week, do IlVolovers need to be organised for next week. We have had practise before and know what we can do when it comes voting for the very best band

  3. Could someone post the information on the Facebooks and fans clubs. I just checked my computer and this is the first time I was aware there is voting. A lot of people seem to push “Warrior”. Now we have to compete with Sweden who seems to be very close to Il Volo with the ‘bookies”.

  4. I think it’s too late for this one. These polls drive me crazy. If you scroll down when finished voting, you will see that you can even vote for your favorite Eurovision POST CARD. Italy is way behind. They will conduct a poll on anything.

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