Bits and Pieces

I am so fortunate! You folks send me all kinds of fun things. Here are a few:
penina - ignazio

Penina took this picture.  It was the first sign raised just for Ignazio. “We were so excited to see, finally, some recognition.”


  Look What Mary Strickler found in Naples………Florida!

mary sign 1“I took a picture with my iPhone this morning while walking my labrador Addy and wanted to share it with you. It is a photo of a new cross street sign which leads to another entrance into our neighborhood. It was opened to the residents at about the same time my husband and I went to, of all places Sicily, last year.”


Also from Mary, this Youtube video I had never seen before. The making of “Cosi.” It’s just too cute.


Now here is “Something Else Italian” from Ann.
Ann sends me many things I share with you and use in my own writing. She always makes me smile! You’ll smile too. Here are just 6 of them!

 3 other guys who did an OK job with the song.

ann sei 3

What do you wish for? Toss your coin in ” Fountain of Trevi” and return to Rome!!!!!!


National Italian-American Foundation (NIAF)
National Italian-American Foundation (NIAF)

Darned Italians have stolen all the blue water and hidden it in Venice!


ann sei 2


Italian-American Page
Italian-American Page

s - Ann & NIAFThanks Penina, Mary and Ann for sending me great stuff.


15 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Marie, How appropriate..Bits and Pieces! My friends think of me as being a bit eccentric and my passion for Italy is just a sign of my eccentricity.My great sorrow in life is that to my knowledge there isn’t a drop of Italian in me. So your post this morning just fed my passion and made me go out with a smile to face Monday,

    Plus that video, what a gem, so good to see them when they were just kids!
    ( heehee)

  2. Loved this, Marie!! A big thanks to Pennina, Mary, & Ann! The video is great! This is when we could still say they were adorable!!! They were working hard to get it right but they had some fun along the way!!! Happy Monday to all! Grande Amore!!!

  3. Anne, “still adorable?” when did they stop being adorable? I guess I missed that.
    They are still “my boys” and still “adorable!”–but that’s just me…. I know you must agree that they are still adorable, but just command a more adult adjective, like: sophisticated, charasmatic (wish I could spell that) or how about just plain “hunky”? (I think Marie used that one.)

  4. I love the “Three Tenors” video of “O Sole’ Mio”, just for the fact Pavarotti was chewing gum while he sang…I think he would have been fun to hang out with!

  5. Glad to know you collect things Italian. I will dig in my trunk and see if I brought something back 40 + years ago from our trip to Italy. We were stationed in Germany and made a trip to the beach and a side trip to Venice. I wonder if even the boys parents were married then. Time goes too fast.

  6. I had completely forgotten how very much I loved the “Three Tenors” . But now my Grande Amore is for two tenors and a baritone named Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio.
    Thank you so very much Pennina, Mary and Ann. And,yes, our boys were adorable back then. And still are!!

  7. Your welcome, Girls!!! They were and always will be adorable and everything gorgeous. Pavarotti would have loved them. I miss him. He had the same pesonality and chewed gum like our guys. Of course I agree Hunky & Adorable!

  8. Love it all, Marie, Penina, Mary, and Anne!

    One of my favs… but being Italian makes it worth the trip! 😉

    Always grateful for IL VOLO smiles, IL VOLO Love, IL VOLO Happy Dancing…
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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