20 thoughts on “Wearin’ of the Green (red and white)”

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all from someone who is part Irish. I’m a Mick. Way back when, my ancestors came over during the potato famine in Ireland.

    1. Today is my 70th bday. My family celebrated on sat. It was fabulous. They did everything and I was not allowed to do anything but eat, play with my grt. grandsons and grandkids. We are Filipinos so you can imagine the amount of food. I have the most loving family. I had so many lotto scratchers which is my passion, and loads of $$$$. Saving it for my Las Vegas trip in May with my sister. Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone. IL VOLO is also my passion.

  2. Me to. My family were Irish & went to Scotland to live & then came to Canada. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone

  3. I wish Italy had a good national holiday, all I know is that Italian-Americans celebrate Columbus day and that just does not cut it for me. Maybe what we need to do is have a …wait for it….pirate with a idea here…danger,danger….wait for it….


    Whatcha think huh? whatcha think?

    oh and happy St. Paddys day to all of you…I am the Swede in the kitchen cooking the irish corned beef n’cabbage with spuds luncheon today. Arrrgh.

  4. I’m with you Pirate an Il Volo Internation Day sounds good. Hey Pirate your dinner sounds good if you send me some Fed Ex I’ll pay the tab.

    1. First of all Pirate… get excited! Second… quit celebrating with green grog. Third..good idea! Didn’t Elizabeth and a group try that last year? Not the green grog the Il Volo International Day.

  5. sign me up. We had corn beef and cabbage dinner at our Real connections group in Claremont on Sunday. St Pat’s Day is all week around here. Joanie G

  6. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all. Hope all had some green beer, corn beef and cabbage and some soda bread!!! My roots are definitely Irish as well as English & Finnish because I am stubborn as hecht. I am right most of the time. LOL If there is any left overs pirate just FedEx some to me also. I love corn beef and cabbage and my Mom used to make the best. I miss having that and no one in my family likes it so I don’t get any unless I go to the Church dinner.
    IL Volo International Day sounds good to me. <3

  7. Thank you all for your bday wishes. I played IL VOLO music for my grand daughter (22 yrs old) and her boyfriend while they visited yesterday, and they loved all the new songs. Olivia especially liked “Canzone per te”. She, like myself, thought Gianluca is just so handsome. It’s just pass 5:00am now and I have been up for an hour now, listening to the old and new music of our guys on my tablet. After the batter runs down (3) hrs., I recharge it and start again. I have a thing about three certain Italians who makes me smile with their beautiful voices. Wishing everyone a lovely day.

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