Il Volo is a Phenomenon ~~ Jeannette




Il Volo is becoming a phenomenon in the world… I just love them so much, they make my little world of Jeannette so happy… If I start feeling lonely or blue because I am alone, I just put on Il Volo, maybe a CD or one of the DVD’s and they fill my world and I am not alone any longer…
I read everything I can about Il Volo and that fills my day with happiness… I say this but I know I am not alone in doing this… They are a phenomenon because there are thousands or maybe even millions of people just like me where Il Volo has changed their lives for the better…Not only with their beautiful music but with their beautiful selves… They are loving and they are charming, they give themselves to us without reservation… They love their fans as if we were their family… We then become their family… The Il Volo Family is a community of love for each other not only love for Il Volo
Again the word phenomenon has to be used… In all my years on this earth I have never experienced a Phenomenon like this …Il Volo is bringing the world together by not only with their beautiful music, but with love and joy for all … All ages, cultures and countries… From the Americas to China and all points in between people are joining together with caring hearts…thanks to Il Volo, and that my friends is truly a Phenomenon.


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  1. Forget the world! They have conquered us!

    Thank you Jeannette!

    Thank You Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, you have changed my life. Who knew I could be this happy?

  2. Thank you Jeannette !! I too have never in my life been so enraptured as I am with our three phenomenal guys !!! They have wrapped themselves around all of our hearts and make us so very happy everyday !!! I have never been happier !!!! Even my son says “Mom, I have never seen you this happy and if it’s Il Volo putting that smile on your face then way to go ” !!!

    1. Joanie, my family is the same! I think at first they worried about me and were happy when all our Boys reached 18 (lol). Now, they are happy about my Boys and think I’m so very lucky to have something in my life that makes me this JOYOUS.

  3. Thank you, Jeanette for expressing this phenomenon of Il Volo enchantment for us this morning!!! Thank you, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero for sharing not only your Angel voices you have shared your lives & families with us!!! GRANDE AMORE through out the World!!!

  4. Jeanette, Your letter brings tears to my eyes. I must be like Gianluca on that score. I have been obsessed since the first time I saw them. I hope they can stand up to the pressure of fame. I think their families are so strong that they will keep the boys grounded. I agree with you in that I have lived a long time and never before have i felt so attached to three young men. I,m glad we ilvolos have each other to express our love for them. JoanieG

  5. I agree with what everyone has said about our guys. Their music makes me cry or soar. I love seeing their pictures. I still get teased in a fun way & my son-inlaw still calls me stalker. I am putting off an operation until I find out if they are going to be in Canada or the States this year. Am I crazy? YES absolutely crazy for 3 wonderful, handsome young men with voices like Angels & who I love from the bottom of my heart & who I feel have enfolded me in their arms. Am I going to say no don’t do that never in a million years

    1. Jeannette, you are so right. You put into words what I feel too. If I get lonely. I put Il Volo on and it changes my mood. I have their pictures above my computer and I listen to them all the time.

  6. Jeanette, Count me IN as one of huge multitudes of fans who Il Volo “has completely hypnotized” and am forever IN LOVE with these 3 extraordinary, talented and beautiful young men.  Loved your story.  Liz Vines


  7. My 26 year old son (film major and music major) really likes Il Volo and went to the Il Volo / Streisand concert with me 2 years ago. I know that if my dad and mother were still alive they would love this music. My dad would be bothered by foreign languages – my choral group sings all kinds of different languages but he always supported it anyway – but he would love these songs – the melody, the harmony, the pure singing of the guys. So yes, it is family.

    1. My mom and dad love il volo. My kids and grandkids don’t care for them…..except my 6 year old grandson who really enjoys them. You are so lucky your son has taste.

    2. I also always think of how much my father would have loved Il Volo. He was a tenor himself and had a very pleasant voice. In family gatherings before TV took over–before there WAS TV–he was always asked to sing.

    3. The Italian language is so beautiful, and when sung by our guys, it is magical. Doesn’t matter what the words are, the spirit of them comes through with their interpretation and emotion. Sigh!

  8. What beautiful words Jeanette and so true I mean it’s not only their incredible voices it’s how incredibly sensitive to people. they are. They are so open and honest with people I think that’s what I respond to.

  9. Yes, Jeanette , I agree with every word you said, and with all the comments above. I will always feel they are my Italian grandsons. Il Volo came into my life and heart when I first watched the PBS special from Detroit. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio brought love and light into my life when I most needed it. They are truly a phenomenon.


  10. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again…I call them “Beings of Light”. Some people are sent here to the physical world to be healers, and I think everyone will agree that Our Guys fit the bill on that description. They have helped so many of us heal from our earthly sorrows and pains…I thank God for the sad, lonely night I discovered them on PBS. My life has been much better since, and I am grateful!

  11. I want to thank you all for your responses to ” Il Volo is a Phenomenon”
    We all feel the same way about Il Volo… They bring so much to all of us besides good music…Ruth called them healers… That is so true.. Some call them angels, that also is so true… I call them Gods Gift to us… When you hear their music for the first time, and if you let it touch your heart as we here have done, something happens that cannot be explained… No matter how young or how old you are, they become part of your inner being, they touch your soul… I have never known that to happen with anyone I did not know personally… They are a phenomenon.

  12. In looking up the word phenomenon, it means: something that is impressive or extraordinary; a remarkable or exceptional person; prodigy; wonder. Yes, I believe this describes Il Volo perfectly! If only we could convince the non-believers! Great, Jeannette!

  13. Beautiful and right on, Jeannette! Thank you!

    Thanks for sharing the definition, Jana. Well put.

    For me, some day I will elaborate on IL VOLO: The Synergy of Love. It is a be-you-to-full, swirling, majesty of Love and Harmony. I can’t think of it without dancing and smiling. And it’s one heck of a magnificent phenomenon.

    EnJoying all your warm comments,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. The words of the first 3 songs on the new cd are so heartwarming, I would like to have the full translation in English. I think it should be on all their cd’s.

    1. Grande Amore lyrics – Il Volo Italy Eurovision song – ……/79477/

      Feb 15, 2015 … Grande Amore lyrics by Italian Eurovision 2015 group Il Volo, in Italian and English.

      1. Now that I have the words in English, it is not the same. The Italian expression is so much more, but it’s nice to know what some of the words mean. The beauty and passion of the language plus our Boys gorgeous voices are the perfect blend.

  15. Very lovely post Jeanette, they are something special for sure. I think God pulled out all the stops in creating them. We are really just beginning to see all the wonderful things He has planned. What is happening for them now, is only laying the groundwork for their future, a long as they keep their eyes straight ahead.

  16. I agree with everything you said Jeanette ! I to am by myself and if I am having a bad day I turn on Il Volo and I smile and feel much better ! They are so awesome !

  17. Thank you all for your thoughtful responses to my article… Yes, our guys can make any day a day filled with sunshine just by hearing their beautiful voices… Oh but to see them on a DVD, YouTube or better yet, live and in person… You feel your feet leave the floor as they take you to a musical flight to heaven and back again…

  18. Jeanette I am right with you for your beliefs regarding Il Volo. They have had a tremendous impact on my life for the better.

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