Flashback Friday

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen these BABIES!

Think this Baby will grow up to be an opera singer?

Il Volo

Think this Baby will grow up to be the most handsome man in the world? (my opinion)

Il Volo

Think this Baby will grow up and croon the daylights out of us?

Il Volo

Think they will grow up and become famous?

You’ve come a long way Bambini!

28 thoughts on “Flashback Friday”

  1. I am so glad they have grown up to be famous. They brighten my every day. Piero so serious playing the piano, so cute. Ignazio (yes he is the most handsome man in the world) performing in the school play with confidence and stage presence at such a young age. And Gianluca, singing with that lovely deep voice with all his heart. How could they not be famous? The thing most unbelievable to me is that they miraculously met and sang together making such beautiful music. Now if we could just get a promise of a concert here in the USA.

  2. We have been with them from the start. Who would have known that they would come so far so fast. Happy first day of spring. Happy vernal equinox. Happy birthday to me . I turn 86 today. I never thought I would live so long. I hope I can stay around to see our babies gain even more fame and fortune. Joanie G

  3. Again, Marie, thank you so much for this delightful reminder of the past!!! They were so adorable! How could you not LOVE them from the first notes that your ears heard?! Let me say they still belong to US! We loved & recognized the amazing talent in the beginning!!! Our magnificent Piero will sing opera!! His beautiful eyes & smile will be looking at us!! Mr Love & Romance will always thrill us with his special baritone & sensitivity!! Our one in 10 million drop dead handsome Ignazio will continue to share his Love of life & humor with us all!!! These babies have changed the world with their beautiful GRANDE AMORE!!! WE ARE LOVE!!!

  4. I have seen a couple of these and WOW have these bambinos grown up to be endearing young men to us. Thanks for sharing these flash backs with us. God Bless Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and their families for this awesome gift.

  5. Happy Birthday, Joan, and many returns of the day. Yes, we have been with them from the start, and watched them grow into fine young men. These babies have certainly changed my world. I thank God every day for Piero, ignazio, and Gianluca.

    1. When that little boy at the piano starts to sing, it blows me off my chair, and Ignazio so cute bouncing while singing–and he still does. Gianluca with the angelic face, so precious and he still has that angelic look. How amazing that they could mature into the handsome ,talented men that they are today and still retain the sweet appeal that we see in their early years. Guess that’s one reason why we love them so much.

  6. I’m new here. Like everyone on this site, I am crazy, gah-gah, over Il Volo!! Their voices make my heart soar.
    I just discovered another 9 yr old phenom. Do a search for Amira Willighagen – O Mio Babbino Caro – Andre Rieu – Maastricht . You won’t believe your ears.

  7. And welcome Simone! You have found the best place in the world to love and share your joy of these three incredible young men in your life!! 🙂

    1. Actually, although I’m new in contributing to your site, I have been a daily follower for almost one year. I’ m addicted. Thank you for all your excellent work.

    2. YES Marie, not only do they share their wonderful voices & music but they are spreading love all over the world. I agree with you Ignazio has grown into the best looking Italian I have met in a long time. Of course the others are not so bad themselves. I love them all.

  8. Ignazio has always had my heart from the first time I saw & heard him sing. Althoug I love those 3 fantastic young men he is my special sweetheart. Keep singing sweethearts no one can compete with your fantastic voices

  9. They were so adorable then, and are still adorable now! I often go to you tube and play those old videos from TLUC, they are so cute you want to hug them all to pieces. And I wouldn’t mind hugging them now to pieces either!

  10. Marie, such a great choice in videos. I’d never seen the Piero one before, but I love that one of Ignazio in that play – and so funny, he looks so short compared to the rest of the kids there? and now he’s the tallest of the 3? Gianluca will always be adorable…

  11. Gianluca and Piero have clearly outlined faces and probably will not change much in years to come. Handsome and lovely young men. BUT Ignazio is like a “Chameleon” and is a young man of many faces. If you look at his pictures there are so many different images of Ignazio. All handsome and full of immense charm.
    One of the latest posting said that they will be singing at United Nations in April. Anyone know where? UN Headquarters are in New York even though they have other agencies in The Hague, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi.
    Just checked Eurovision “bookmakers” and Sweden, Italy and Estonia are ranked 1,2 and 3. In 2014 the favorite did not win so I believe that the live performance will be the deciding factor. Everyone have a nice weekend and joy of listening to the boys. It is raining and gloomy in my part of Texas and a great day for Il Volo.

  12. I love these throwback pictures of they guys but Marie to me Piero is the handsomest man in the world. He just makes my knees go week and I don’t think it’s going to stop

  13. So much fun the throwbacks. Great to see how they have evolved as artists and young men! Continue to conquer Italy and the rest of the world and we will be patiently waiting for your return.😍

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