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I’m sorry I’ve been MIA lately, but I’ve had a family situation that I’ve been caught up in.  But I’m back, and since I’m catching up myself, I’ll take you along for the ride.  I know you won’t mind…


Piero Celebrated in Naro

All About Il Volo
All About Il Volo


On March 13, Piero was celebrated in Naro — and why shouldn’t he be?  He is such a credit to his home!  And isn’t that picture the sweetest thing? 

Click here —> Great Party to Piero Barone

Click here —> corresponding gallery

By teleradiocanicatti


Interview with Luca Bianchi

Haha!  They keep telling us that they are brothers….I’m not sure why it always tickles me to see it. 

By: All About Il Volo

Click here —> Read Translation Here


Betting Against Il Volo in Eurovision?

Who would dare?  Did they not hear, “Grande Amore?”  If at any point #ILVOLOVERS are called upon to show our devotion, I think we’ll be annoyedespecially motivated, no?

Click here —> Eurovision Odds


LoveBut they absolutely got it right with “Eurovision 2015: Top 9 Beautiful Boys”.  My faith in the world is restored!   

By: Аліна Макарець



I Better Take Notes…notes

There’s a lot of stuff going on!  No wonder I’m having a hard time keeping up!  I’m not sure that I like cutting the second verse of “Grande Amore”…though I understand it….

Click here —> All About Il Volo News and Links; March 17


Enough Said…

All About Il Volo
All About Il Volo


You know I heart him…but how could I not seeing these pics?  Reason number 572 why the guys of Il Volo are so incredible!

Click here —> Gianluca at Dimensione Volontario Gallery


Ignazio Boschetto; Famous Alumnus…

Original credit given by All About Il Volo
Original credit given by All About Il Volo

Who says you can’t go home?  Ignazio can, and they love him!  No surprise there!  I can easily imagine how much Ignazio loved being among the students and how much inspiration he was able to provide.  Love him! 

Click here —> Ignazio Recognized at Liceo Pascasino

Click here —> Liceo Pascasino Gallery


Original credit given by All About Il Volo
Original credit given by All About Il Volo

And Speaking of Ignazio…

Finding love and appreciation in a place as “far away” as your childhood home has to feel especially heartwarming.

Click here —> Honor in Molinella

Click here —> Gallery


Well, I think I’m caught up till about today.  My heart is full and proud!  Thank you, AAIV, for your help!


14 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Running to Catch Up”

    1. Thank you, Joan. I’ve missed you guys also, and can’t wait to catch up on the posts here.
      Unfortunately, it was not a happy break. My father lost his brother, only 4 months after losing his oldest sister.

  1. Good to hear from you again. I clicked on Eurovision Odds and there was a
    place to vote and I voted for Italy. Is that the only place we can vote at this
    time? My condolences to your family during this time of grief of the passing
    of your loved ones. Thank you for your good updates. Welcome back.

  2. My sympathies to your family during this rough time.
    I love your updates and yes, those guys do act like brothers, aren’t they just the cutest ever?
    Also, did you see this on ATIV? “The international album (yet unamed) will include five biggest hits in the history of music, one of them in Spanish, Grande Amore, and other unpublished and will be released roughly in the period concert of September 21 in the arena di Verona.” Of course that is a rough translation but YAY, new music from the guys.

  3. Glad your back Kelly. My condolences for the passing your relatives.

    Thak you for the pictures & information about Ignazio & the guys

    I was just reading about the recognition Ignazio has been getting from his school & where he was born & also from Marsala & I am ecstaticly happy for him. My feeliongs exactly WOWOWEE

  4. Gale can you please give me the link to voting from Eurovision I’m having trouble finding where to vote & don’t see a list of the 7 contestants. Thanks

  5. Loretta, I opened the email from Il Volo Glight Crew – Share the Love From Kelly.
    Scroll down to Eurovision Odds Song Contest 2015, click on that, Scroll down on right side to”Who will win ESC 2015. If that doesn’t work try “Voting and Points”
    at top left. I just accidentally found it, but was glad to vote. I was only able to
    vote once. I’m going to try tomorrow again. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Gale I’l try that . I think we are allowed to vote every hour at least that is how I read it or mayber I’m wrong because put 2 votes in one after the other the other day, shear luck I’m sure

  6. The voting rules are set as far as judges and the countries that can vote but in the popular voting can we in US vote? If so hope we get direction when May comes.
    I wonder on what back ground effects the people in the know are working on. Sometimes the dramatic effects help the performance. It did in last year’s competition.
    Thanks for providing us with the news and pictures of our boys.

  7. Kelly I am so sorry about the loses in your family.
    My heart goes out to all of you.
    Thank you for this catch up. We love having you back. It’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with our guys !!! They are now constantly on the move gaining more and more recognition and fans everyday !!!
    In my heart I believe they will win the EuroVision competition and then watch their careers explode even more and then,believe me,catch up will become even more challenging !!!
    We’ll all be able to say “we knew them when” !! And nobody deserves it more then our three amazing, talented, lovable guys !!

  8. I tried voting today Sunday but could not pull it up anymore. Also, some
    of you wanted to hear “Grande Amore” as they sung it for the competition.
    I typed in All About Il Volo sing Grand Amore which brings up youtube.
    Find the blonde girl with the red dress and click on her. Enjoy.

  9. It is so nice to have you back, and such a great post filled with all that Il Volo had going on … They have so much happening in their lives now it’s hard to keep up… Great job Kelly…

    One quick comment on Eurovision song contest… I know the rules are followed very carefully… Grande Amore is such a beautiful song that we all feel it should not be touched… But rules are rules and we have to keep in mind that on the EP and on the Video we get the full version… So I am happy that we get to enjoy all that Il Volo put into Grande Amore…

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