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  1. I needed to feed my mouse more cheese. Marie, you guys are always on top of the situation. Great work as always.

  2. Yeah, I read it much as Peninahonig did, in short…Americans need not vote.
    Which I have to admit, much to my chagrin, that it makes sense. This is a party for those countries who participate, all other countries are spectators.

  3. Thanks for that then that is why I haven’t been able to find the list of 7 performers anymore like I did a few days ago where I voted for Il volo & the VOTE prompt was on the bottom of the list. RATS

  4. Then I’ll use my powerful helper prayer that Il Volo wins by a landslide. God always answers my prayers

  5. Thanks all! I read it & still hadn’t a clue! So we can’t vote. Bummer!!! Will go with you, Loretta & pray!!! What is to be will be!! We know there is no one who can compare to Il Volo!!!

  6. According to this article:
    All jury members are music professionals. They are being asked to judge:

    vocal capacity
    the performance on stage
    the composition and originality of the song
    the overall impression by the act

    Well for crying out loud, the jury would have to be deaf and blind not to see that IL VOLO beats the competition by a landslide. Or maybe not like Italians.

    I think Mr Smooth, Mr.Dimples and Mr Thunderbarone fit it all. THEY ARE THE BEST OF ALL THE REST.

  7. There are Il Volo Fan Clubs in most participating countries so the good people that know how to contact them might ask them to get the word out.
    I read many comments and it seems that politics, countries in each area sticking together and social ‘conscience” enters into voting. There was some controversy regarding last year’s winner.
    Now we need to work on Sweden. Anyone here from New Orleans?.Need a little doll with some powers.
    The articles seem to think the song Sweden has selected has the right ‘hip-hop’ beat that supposedly the Eurovision voters like.If you took away the little graphic people there would not be much of a song.
    Also already there is a rumor that two other song writers are saying the “Hero” was taken from their songs “Lovers on the Sun” and “The Night”.
    If the boys go out like they did the first time in Sanremo they will wow the audience. They say that dramatic backgrounds are important. Hope Italy is working on that.
    There will be a week of many events before the actual competition and one of them is on May 17 at the Vienna Opera house,. Placido Domingo and Conchita Wurst participating in”Building Bridges” between different musical genres and cultures. There will be other performers from the Eurovision group.
    Maybe Il Volo might do something with Placido Domingo.?
    This depletes my Eurovision knowledge.

    1. Gina, thank you for sharing that knowledge!

      About the dramatic background…Italy must be king! Remember the backgrounds during TLUC? Or the backgrounds at the concerts? Yep, Italy must be king.

  8. I thought I saw on the Ejurovision page where voters were commenting, some of them were questioning Sweden in question marks saying did they really expect to win with THAT song. It would e interesting to hear the song they are singing.
    Right Gina maybe we should tweet then to go out forcefully like they did at Sanremo to show them how to sing so they can win hands down Naaa we don’t need to they know what to do.

    1. Loretta, I went over to Youtube and entered “Eurovision 2015 Sweden” Beleive me, while the guy is nice on the eyes the song is not all that. I also thought it strange that he sang it in English! In fact, quite a few songs are done in English by various countries. I thought it was odd. So why this guy should be a front runner is beyond me. Its a okay song but hardly great stuff.

      1. Pirate I haven\t heard the song because I am not interested. (I wonder why?) I am only stating what I read so from that I didn’t think it sounded very good and if someone was saying he didn’t like it & as well I also saw a couple of other people mention how they didn’t like Sweden’s song. I was wondering how Sweden got to be first place.
        Yes I heard a couple of the beginning of songs at Sanremeo done in English so I thought they were from the States or Canada or is the States & Canada not allowed to participate in Santremo. It’s all so confusing. What I don’t understand these concerts are solely for the Latin countries?

  9. folks, we CAN vote in all the polls out now. where we cannot vote is in the actual completion of Eurovision. and countries cannot vote for themselves, the other countries have to vote for them, so in other word, when the competition starts, Italians cannot vote for Italy, and Spaniards cannot vote for Spain

  10. Regarding singing in English. Eurovision went thru several rules of singing in native language and then allowing English. Many countries sing in English because they believe it is understood better by other countries and might attract more votes. If we pray for anything it is that the judges and public voting have the
    honesty to vote for the best. And we know it is Il Volo.
    I wish that some critics in Italy stop being ashamed of their heritage. Some are saying that Il Volo was the wrong group to send to Eurovision because they sing in the ‘old’ Italian style. Everyone in the world loves the “old” Italian except for some Italians. I have not heard any new modern Italian songs that would be a winner in Eurovision. My age is showing because these days a beautiful melody is “old” and screaming and mumbling is in. As my kids tell me “chill out” mom and so I will retire for the night.

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