Three Polls offered by Eurovision Countries

Looking for a poll? Especially since we can’t vote for the Boys during Eurovision? Thanks to Deanne Smith here are three:

vote - Euro ireland

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 Email from Deanne:
“Marie, this is another poll that is out and I don’t think many know about it because they are 4th in this one (3/21), behind some unknowns. It would be good if you could get it on your site and let more people keep voting (in this one you can keep voting, except you have to sign out then sign in again each time)

vote - Euro ireland.JPG 2

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~Thanks Deanne!

As of this posting, Italy is ahead in both polls!


She found another!  This one from Sweden!  Lots of things to look at here including odds.  Happy Voting Ilvolovers!

Click here ⇓    Marie, this is another site that was shared on my closed site. It is a one only vote, and in this poll Sweden (of all people) is first with 351 votes and Il Volo 2nd with 336 votes.  we need to get in first position in this, but remember there is only 1 vote per person so we need a lot of people to cast one vote, we cannot do multiple votes.

In this poll, you scroll down under all the names of the countries, and on the right hand side you will see “who will win ESC 2015”.  You click on the Il Volo circle and then scroll down and click vote.    Deanne

10 thoughts on “Three Polls offered by Eurovision Countries”

  1. Thanks for the information. We need to vote in all the polls to keep Il Volo in front.
    Will do so if we know which site to go to. The faithful US, Mexico and other non Eurovision countries can make an impact by keeping up our support. I truly believe we gave them the WINGS to FLy.

  2. I had to redo the links. They should be ok now. I never know if it works until it’s published!

    Gina! Love it! “we gave them the WINGS to Fly”.

  3. Thank you Deanne & Marie for the polls. I noticed the other day that Il Volo was 4th in one of the polls now they are first in both. YYEEAAA. We are letting every know they are the most superior singers & performers

  4. I am able to vote multiple times when I alternate between the two choices.
    Fun ! Fun ! I just go back and forth. I hope this is okay.

  5. Will any of the voting we do have any kind of impacf or inluence on the outcome of the Eurovision song contest winner. Since we cannot vote in the actual contest, how can voting in these polls help

    1. Well Mary, I think a lot of the voting just shows support. My thinking is that people, all over the world, may see how overwhelming that support is and then listen to the song. You already know what happens to a person after that!

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