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Penina - questions for the girls -boys

Hi Everyone,

I am sure we have all watched the video of Grande Amore many, many times. And I am also sure we are full ofPenina - questions for the girls - potter questions about the girls in the video. Not only about the girls, but questions we’d love to ASK those girls! I wish there was a way we could interview them. Or get someone else to interview them! But until that happens, we can pretend we are interviewing them! So get out your microphones everyone, and ask away!
Penina - questions for the girls -futureYou can address any one of the three girls—or ask a question for each of them. I want to know if they knew about Il Volo before they were chosen for this video. And how they were chosen. Did the boys each select their own partner? And if they didn’t know Il Volo before, are they fans now?
Questions, questions—and no one to give us answers!

And there is this one: What’s it like to kiss Gianluca Penina - questions for the girls -spidyupside-down?And how many takes did you do before you got it right? Oh, you kept messing it up on purpose?


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  1. Ignazio’s girl:
    Why did you let that guy ruin your vase?
    Do you know you’re the luckiest girl in the world?
    Where do I send a poison pen letter?
    Was it yummy?

    Piero’s girl:
    Did you get a kiss?
    Was it yummy?

    Gianluca’s girl:
    Upside down?
    Was it yummy?

    1. Piero’s girl is Antongiulia Mollo. She is a model and TV presenter, born in Abruzzo but raised in Verona. She is just 20 years old. On Twitter she said there was no kiss with Piero.

      Hope I’m helping you a bit! 🙂

  2. I hope we get the info about who these girls were. Were they actresses? Where was it filmed and how long did it take to film it? Lucky girls!!!!

    1. Hi!! I can answer some of your questions… The videoclip was filmed at Villa Caroli Zanchi in Stezzano (North Italy) on Jan 15, 2015 and the whole filming process lasted 15 hours…

      1. Our guys had avery busy beginning to 2015. Filming in Jan, Sanremo in Feb. they can come to me to rest anytime before tackling Euro. Oh Yes, please come guys!

  3. Where did they find these girls ? Did they know they where kissing the sexiest men alive ? Did Piero sneak in a kiss ? How I would love to give GG an upside down kiss !!!! Lucky,lucky girls !!!!!

    1. Joanie, I’d like to kiss Gianluca, upside down, lying down (Wow), standing….. in any way possible

      1. Me too, me too. Any of our guys, certainly not BOYS any more. Would love to have been any of the gals but especially GG’s. What did happen to Piero’s kiss?

  4. I know you have questions for the girls but I have one for the director of the video:

    Why didn’t you keep the film shot of Piero kissing the girl?

    We know it has to be out there, Piero is too romantic a man to not have kissed that lovely girl.

    1. Pirate, I thought about that too. However, keeping true to the movie, he couldn’t kiss her yet! Had to happen at the dance. Remember? Now, in real life…who knows?

    2. Pirate my questionis why didn’t we see more of Ignazio lingering on the kiss. I’m fantasizing. I would have put my head on his shoulder & & since my hands were all covered with clay I would have asked for more please.

  5. I don’t know if I really want to know any of these answers from these three lovely girls! I still want to fantasize that I am their one and only (yikes, did I say that?)

      1. Oh I thought I was the only one! See Marie, when we admit these things it all becomes a bit crowded…but there in the recesses of my vivid pirate imagination I know I AM THEIR ONE AND ONLY.

        ESPECIALLY WITH MR THUNDERBARONE (nabs Piero and dashes off with him)

  6. Ignazio is a romantic and if you ladies (including I) can make it to Italy when he is on the beach you might have a chance. In one of his comments he said his perfect evening with someone is “the beach at night with the moon shining”,
    If someone knows Barbara maybe she would know answers about the video.

  7. There should be a video of them just MAKING the video! I would love to see that as well! Lucky, lucky girls. Now if they want to make a video of another one of their heavenly songs, I volunteer to be the grandma sitting next to them who they just HAVE to kiss on the cheek to make the song just perfect! 🙂

  8. If they DO make another video (and I hope they do), Jane, I will be the grandma sitting next to you getting hugs and kisses from the boys – oops, I mean guys. My question is: Just how was Gianluca able to hang down that way? And I love that grin he is wearing! And I am wondering how come Piero didn’t get to kiss his girl?

    1. I admire people that can do such fabulous editing. For as good as it was before I love the redo. I still get chills when they announced the winner is Il Volo

  9. I can’t get this version, Marie. Just an exclamation point in a circle is showing up on my screen. ??

  10. No your not Marie we haven\t been the only ones for sometime but no matter in my heart he is mine. I would love to know how many takes Ignazio’s kiss took I think he is experienced so it wouldn’t have taken too many times unless he or she wanted it to. I thought when I saw her she is a good choice for him permanently unless she it married. At least they were having fun. I sure would like him to nuzzle me. You can tell he knows what he is doing,

      1. I thought you’d get more funny questions too. All you really did was make everyone fantasize and drool. Good job, Penina, thank you sooo much!!!

  11. You ladies are so funny. I just wanted to be a fly on the wall but now, not so much. Much rather be one of the girls. I wonder if they have any clue how many jealous old ladies are out there.
    Barb W

    1. Hey blwalther I resent being called an old lady. I have been slowly maturing to perfection whre when I am finished the elderly aspect will have disappeared. When I am finished I will share my secret.

  12. Gosh Penina she was probably thinking as I was about putting her head on his shoulder for a kiss & he was stopping her from falling over. God he can grab me to stop me from falling any time

  13. Yes & that’s a question I am going to ask him so maybe I can kiss a dimple like Marie did. Ok Marie fess up did his whisters tickle.??

    1. Ok Loretta…truth is… he is young… they were very soft and wonderful.

      Why do you make me write these things? Now I need a cold shower.

      P.S. I’ve kissed BOTH dimples! Yeah…taking that shower now!

      1. “they were very soft and wonderful”
        Oh dang, I think my brain just blew a fuse……..

  14. My goodness, ladies, some of you make me blush!! Oh, my virgin eyes and ears… lol! Love the question (and answer) about the tickling whiskers!

    Here are my questions – in general, to Gian’s and Ignazio’s girls…
    1. did they ask you out for a date? did you say yes?
    2. did you keep on kissing after the director said cut? lol!
    3. did you ignore the memo on the “fake” kiss?
    4. Igna’s girl – could you feel his heart beating against you? Was your heart beating in rhythm with his? Did he blow in your ear? Did you feel his breath on your neck, did it take your breath away? Did you get chills? Was he good with his hands? You were both smiling, did you have a good time? Did he make you laugh?

    And, Marie – loved the video, had to watch it again, so I could ask the questions – just to make sure i didn’t miss anything… lol!

      1. I think #4 was what steamed up my glasses. Gads! I never got this way even for Elvis and I didn’t think anyone could ever be better.

      2. I forgot to add for Igna’s girl – did he whisper something sweet or funny in your ear to make you smile in the video? so sorry, Marie… (you know I’m jealous of your picture!)

  15. Don’t blame you Jana. If it wasn’t me in that picture I’d be jealous too. The back of my head never looked so good!

    No, I still haven’t reread #4. Someday, I’m sure I will be able to read it again.

    1. Yes, Marie, you will be able to read it after our Vegas bash, because hopefully, we’ll ALL have even more secrets to share!

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