The Party’s in Vegas!

Hey Crew,

Some really good folks you might know are trying to get Our Boys to Vegas for a concert and fan get-together for us all!  You all know Myron Heaton. You have read and enjoyed his contributions to this site.  He has been a part of this crew from the beginning.  Myron and his Las Vegas group, Including our own Jannette, have developed a website and are running a poll to show the guys how many people are interested.

It would be such a dream to meet as many of you there who could make it !

Our fingers are crossed.  We support this effort completely!

Las Vegas

For a link to the site click here ⇓

16 thoughts on “The Party’s in Vegas!”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing our website with our family here on the Flight Crew… We need all the votes we can get to let the Il Volo Management team know that fans would enjoy a concert and maybe if possible a convention or fan faire here in Las Vegas...A place where we can sit back relax, meet fans that we see on this site or on facebook and twitter but do not know in person… The best part is that we want to have Il Volo attend for a relaxed meeting with the fans… That is our DREAM and with your help WE CAN DO IT… Go to our site and vote, leave us a message if you like… I am sure The Il Volo Management team would like to hear how you feel about Il Volo… If you use facebook, twitter, instagram, email or any other way to connect to Il Volo fans, send them the link and tell them you know we need their help….
    Thank you all

    The Il Volo to Las Vegas Committee..

    1. We have no idea if they will put us on the USA schedule… But Il Volo Management indicated that they would like to know if there was enough fans to fill a concert in Las Vegas… So that is what the voting is for… So that we can show that people do want to see Il Volo in Las Vegas… The comments are all so positive that they add to the support we need to show Il Volo management that there is a want and a need for a concert here… Also it will not be a one concert in the USA… We would be a part of their concert tour… If we get a concert date here in Las Vegas there will be many more throughout the USA… So voting for us will generate enthusiasm for them to return to North and South America…
      So Vote, Vote, Vote,
      Thank you all…

  2. Would love to attend. Might have a little trouble getting there (I live on the east coast) but I would really try. Have seen the guys several times in concert and met them before the concert in New York. What a thrill! Still want to see them more!

  3. Please Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero we miss you. A year is too long to wait to see you again. Looking forward to hear you sing the songs from your new CD’s. In fact you can sing anything you like as long as we can be at a concert to see & hear you. Looking forward to seeing your adorable faces & listening to your fantastic voices at a concert.

    1. That’s telling them Loretta… We hope to have more comments like this on the website for Il Volo Management to see… Loretta, you have been to our website and left your feelings on there about Il Volo… I hope everyone follows in Loretta’s footsteps so we can get the word out to Il Volo management that we would love our guys to do a USA tour again… Tell them how much you love them and miss them… The message will get to the Il Volo Management team if our site is successful in getting the number of votes to have a concert here in Las Vegas … We are working hard to be part of a USA concert Tour… So Please, vote, vote, vote…
      Thank you
      Il Volo to Las Vegas Committee

  4. Thank you, Myron and Jeannette, for your dedication and pro-active efforts!

    I posted below on the site:

    Ever since I discovered IL VOLO, I have traveled great distances to see them in person. Twice I attended a M&G.

    Every moment of the concerts and the Meet & Greets has been joyous, awe-inspiring, soaring with beauty, harmony, love, and fun!

    My whole family joined me in California. I remember my sister saying, Wow! They not only have great voices. They are really fun and so funny! She definitely was enjoying the delightful spirit of Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca in person. Definitely a not-to-be-missed experience with IL VOLO!

    M.E. Heaton, who writes Music Notes for is a music professional, is very knowledgeable about IL VOLO, about outstanding music, available venues in Las Vegas including acoustics. He has held and nurtured this fabulous vision for some time.

    And Jeannette, another member of IL VOLO Las Vegas, also now writes for
    You will feel her loving heart and great respect for IL VOLO!

    With the phenomenal IL VOLO in concert and willing organizers like these good people and their friends at IL VOLO Las Vegas, how can such an event be anything less than a time of our lives?!

    I am so hoping this idea’s time has come!

    Love and gratitude,

  5. Marie, WOW ! I am overwhelmed at the wonderful write up. Thank you. Yes, we are planning a concert and fanfaire which will include our own meet and greet (which we will run ourselves) and Barbara has already given a positive sign about that meet and greet. Caesar’s or some hotel has to be the sponsor but we will contract the boys ourselves for the meet and greet . Maybe a far-fetched dream but we want to see it become an annual event. If Andrea Bocelli can come here every year at the same time to the MGM so can Il Volo.

  6. I re-read the part I wrote above and need to make it more clear:
    We are working with local places like Caesar’s Palace, Venetian, The Palms, MGM, Wynn and others plus the Smith Center to see which venue is going to sponsor the concert (or concerts – there might be two or three if the demand is there). That is their business. Our business – the Il Volo to Las Vegas Committee – is to help promote that concert but mostly to produce and organize our own Il Volo Fan Faire with various events for two days including the concert day. Part of this Fan Faire would be our own version of a meet and greet. We would actually contract the boys and run it in our way – more relaxed and less stressful for everyone. They guys would sing three songs, they would take a few questions, then they would sit down at a table and our people would come by and either get autographs or photos and just simply talk and really meet and greet them. Without the cattle-herding concepts of the past. For our promotion work we would get a block of concert tickets down front and center at discount.

    This is the way it was done two years ago in Chicago at Barnes and Noble bookstore and then the concert that followed.

    In our email communications, Barbara has already given tentative approval for our plan – HOORAY ! – so it all depends on getting the concert scheduled in one of those places above.

    1. Myron, A meet and greet as you described it would be heavenly. After the disappointments of the past we would so appreciate a relaxed atmosphere with some real contact with our guys. Please make it happen. Flight Crew is so fortunate to have you working for us. Thanks and Bravo.

    2. Thank you, Myron, for what sounds utterly heavenly!

      What a treat! I saw that you are getting some support from Barbara Vitali. Wow!
      Do you suppose that, without established elaborate plans for USA tour, they will really get behind your concert and Fan Faire (love that name!)? Hope so!

      Your persistence and creativity are impressive, Myron. And with Jeannette’s warm contributions, you folks are a dynamic duo.

      This year’s Sabian Symbol (starting April 18th) is The Music of the Spheres! Here’s to perfect timing for an out-of-this-world celebration!

      Grazie mille!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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