Two Things

Quick note: After an email from Jane (maryjane) about multiple voting, for the concert and party, at the “Il Volo to Las Vegas” ( Site, I asked Myron for clarification. Here, in part, was his answer:

“Eventually, everyone that wants to participate in our fan faire will have to register and of course, they will only be able to register once. so right now it does not make sense for them to vote more than once . It is not like the contests where the more votes the better. Here we are trying to find out how many people might be interested in coming so as to judge the size of the venue we contract.”



Detroit Public TV march 24th.JPG 2
Will you look at this?! You know you’ve made it when a publication uses your name to promote another performer. What a huge compliment!

Detroit Public TV march 24th

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  1. I believe many people in Italy are using Il Volo to promote their shows. Works both ways as long as both sides agree. Will go on youtube and listen to ALFIO. In the classical music area it is good to help each other to keep that type of music get more exposure. On one of the Eurovision sites they showed all the T-Shirts that you can get and there are two for Il Volo. I am not a T-shirt person but told my daughter that I might get one and she would have to wear it.

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