Lucky To Live With Passion

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I first saw them standing there on the stage that lucky night. They just looked so beautiful standing there. And when they began to sing I wanted everything to stop. I wanted nothing to change… ever again. If they could just keep standing there so beautiful so…

That is beginning to be a long time ago now.

I have been lucky enough to attended 6 concerts. All heart stopping. But ah, that first fall concert of 2013. I wrote this poem then. Those of you who have been around a while might remember it. It’s when our Boys were Boys. If you’ve been to a concert you know the feeling. If you haven’t, well.. here’s some idea.


Concerts come and concerts go.

Some even cost a lot of dough.

Some are weak and some are strong

Some are great and some just wrong.

But the very best one by far,

for this one night … a shining star.

On September 5th I heard them sing

with an orchestra and all they bring.

They stood there, all three, handsome and young.

Pride in their eyes, music on their tongue.

When they began I started to weep.

I’d had visions of this in my sleep.

I sniffed alot and looked around.

All were moved by that wondrous sound.

It came from Ignazio’s heart and Piero’s soul.

Beautiful Gianluca had a goal.

He wanted to prove he loved us back

by giving us what we all lack.

Italian words, at an Italian pace,

In an English song so full of grace.

We all stared in disbelief.

Time moved quickly, the show seemed brief.

There was never a trio who

could mesmerize like these guys do.

It really happened, this quest we shared.

How could any of us have been prepared.

To hear what we heard, to see what we saw,

Impossibly without a flaw.

They won my heart, oh, a while ago.

And on this night I loved them so.

Those Angles sang to us…they sang to me!

My body shook, I knew all could see.

The passion I have for those three guys

Took no one there by surprise.

Mothers, Daughters, Fathers too

All had a look as if they knew.

These lads will grow up to be men.

We hear them now, we’ll hear them then.

But on this night, oh, this night of joy!

I saw heaven there and not a boy.


41 thoughts on “Lucky To Live With Passion”

  1. Marie this poem is so beautiful. There are tears in my eyes. It hits home. I think we all cry a little more these days because we love and miss Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero so much. We are all waiting for their return so we can breath the air they breath and feel our hearts beating out of our chests when all of a sudden they appear on the stage caressing us with their handsome faces and powerful voices. I have been fortunate enough to attend three concerts (2012,13,14), one memorable M&G and the Sabado Gigante Show taping in Miami. Every time I see them it’s like the first time !!! Thrilling !!! They will come back to us. We just have to be patient rejoicing in their success at home and cheering them on at the next great event in their lives — the Eurovision contest !!

  2. Marie,
    Such a beautiful poem. This covers everything I felt, amazingly heard and saw. I feel even stronger about them today as before. Every time I listen to their songs or see them in concert (June 2014), I feel this peace and love within in me and i give this back to others i encounter through my day. It has changed my life in some ways for the better. I would love to be able to see them again. thank you for such a beautiful heartfelt poem.

  3. Beautifully put Marie. Thank you. I saw them in Concord, Ca at the Sleep Train Pavilion on 8/27/13. Did the M&G and everyday from that day on, I start my day at 4am turn on my tablet, put my ear pods in place, large steaming first cup of coffee, hop back into bed, turn the volume to loud, and just let the most magnificent voices wash over my body and mind. This goes on until the battery of my tablet runs out. That’s how my day starts everyday. When I travel, I take the tablet wherever I go. I love their new songs. I can’t stop listening to them. I guess we all have been BEWITCHED by these 3 beautiful, talented youngmen. What a way to go.

    1. I take my tablet everywhere I go too Prese. Even on the plane I listened until the battery faded. Besides…You never know when you’re going to have the opportunity to introduce some other lucky person to the best music of their life.,

  4. Bewitched, bothered, and bewilldered, my song for the day! I have never (and may never) seen them in concertbut am an avid ( my kids may say, rabid) fan! I must rely on reports from lucky concert goers for insights! Keep up the good work! I love reading all your comments, poem, etc.. dot in Texas!!

  5. MARIE you have a fantastic talent of expressing your feelings and sharing with us. THANK YOU.
    I am not one to express myself openly but do so by some “quote, poem or song”. When you make it to my age you have gone thru so may stages of life that gave you happiness, pain, disappointment and plain old age. I am grateful to these three young men of reawakening my love for music, interest in learning new things and giving an opportunity to share these feelings with other people that thing the same.
    I found this poem and it is a little dramatic but it touches the basics of how some feel.
    By Amanda Marie
    I had closed the door upon my heart
    and wouldn’t let anyone in
    I had trusted and loved only to be hurt
    but that would never happen again
    I locked the door and
    tossed the key as
    hard and as far as I could
    My heart was closed for good

    Then you came into my life and
    made me change my mind
    just when I thought that
    tiny key was impossible to find
    that is when you held out your hand
    and proved me wrong
    inside your palm was the
    Key to my Heart
    You had it all along

    1. Gina,
      Such a beautiful poem. Don’t be so hard on yourself. There is love out in the world and these 3 beautiful men have brought it out in you and others as well. There is just something special about all three men individually that when they come together as one they exude so much LOVE.

  6. Marie and Gina, your poems are so beautiful. These three men are special beyond words which we all know. The impact they have had on the lives of so many is simply astounding. And yet they remain humble and endearing always. What beautiful attributes to possess and at such young ages. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful they are in my life. Thank you ladies for sharing your beautiful words. Music to my heart.

  7. Marie I don’t remember that poem but it was beautiful & bringing tears to my eyes also as well your poem Gina. I can reiterate what everyone else has said because I feel the same just a little different perhaps. I am looking at life differently & am grateful I am still here to experience Il Volo. I feel younger & more tolerant & happy & my heart is full of love rather than feeling irritated with the nonsense of others & very grateful for the relationship I have with the partners of my sons. I have become more determined to keep thinking positive to bring whatever goodness I can into my life & to try ignore the pain I am experiencing from my hip. I am also grateful for the blog to read all the interesting remarks from each of you. I collect Ignazio’s pictures & looking at his pictures each morning & listening to their songs starts my day in a calm & happy mode. This was longer than I intended Amen

    1. I am not a writer like you Marie and Gina. You have a way of putting into words exactly what I feel. I have not yet seen a live concert but I am hoping to see one soon. Gianluca once said that “live music is always better, always”. I beiieve this is true. Keep up the good work. I enjoy all the emails.
      Alice in Florida

    2. Thanks to you Loretta I have many, many, wonderful pictures of the Handsome Dimpled One! Wish they would announce the USA/Canada concert schedule so you can schedule that hip surgery. What a fan! Can’t blame you though. It will feel so much better when you have your arms around Our Boy at a meet and greet!

      1. His arms are the cure all for everything thanks for sharing him with me

    3. Good for you, Loretta! Wish the guys could read this and know what an impact they have had on your life–all of our lives. Marie, I do remember that poem. Loved it then and love it now.

  8. If anyone has a link to the show this morning with Massimo Gilety interviewing the Il Volo guys I would appreciate seeing it.

  9. Marie, beautifully said, as usual! And Gina, the poem you contributed by Amanda is wonderful, too. We all feel the same…our lives are richer in so many ways because we have Il Volo in them. Love to you all!

  10. Love your poem Marie so beautifully written and heartfelt I know exactly how you feel I felt the same way when I saw them for the first time in 2013 too. They are simply magic to me their great personalities, their amazing voices, and how good looking they are. I’m am just so lucky I found them when I did and I’m going to be behind them as long as they want to continue in public.

  11. Marie, your usual self – good good!! there seems to be another poll circulating. this poll says that you can only vote once. Italy is way down in it, with some unknowns at the top. if you type in: poll: who will win Eurovision 2015, then when the page with different sites comes up, click on the one which says :who will win Eurovision 2015 – WIWI Bloggs,com a picture of many contestants will come up, then the countries and their songs. scroll down and you come to the part that has a box for you to vote before each country, then you can scroll down to the vote sign

    1. If you can find a way to delete your browsing history & cookies, you can vote more than once.
      I remember your poem Marie. It was good then and it is great now. I hope that I will be able to see IL VOLO in concert soon, and experience first hand what so many of you already have. Maybe it will be in Las Vegas or maybe closer to home (New Orleans), where I could bring my MOM to see them, too. No other performers thrill my soul like IL VOLO, and Piero’s voice especially turns my insides to quivering jelly! Attending an IL VOLO concert and hopefully meeting them is #1 on my bucket list. God willing, I won’t be kicking that bucket any time soon.

  12. there is a very interesting post, which is not for voting, but is giving a view of all the contestants and what is thought about their songs and what they can do to improve them. the site is: Eurovision obsession because the ESC is more than passion. very interesting

  13. This was such a great post. Really, I mean it. The poetry is so nice.

    Sorry I’ve been a lazy commenter! I’ve been busy with school and such. I have so many great articles to catch up with!

    1. Marie, my previous reply is one of Gianluca’s kind of comments, very compact and direct. I would also like to thank you for sharing this precious poem with us all.
      Still no CD, was told maybe Friday.

      1. Friday??? What a fan you are to pay what you do and wait like you have to for our Boys music to reach you in South Africa. Worth it though, huh?

  14. Marie you are special & I look forward to your poems because they are from your heart & you hit on Il Volo mania with true love. Thank you for giving us the pleasure of your talent & your beautiful poems |& insights.

  15. Marie, I remember reading this poem a few years back. Absolutely beautiful. Our boys are now men, and the love we have for them grows deeper each day. Our lives have been forever changed, because we have been touched by 3 angels. #BeTheLoveShareTheLoveWeAreLove
    Blessings, Diana of IlVoloMiami

      1. Click on the blue site above from Diana and you will see some
        really great looking guys. Those eyes are gorgeous don’t
        you think?

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