Il Volo Professional ~~ The Critics Have Spoken; What Say You?


When it comes to Grande Amore and whether or not Il Volo is Italy’s best chance for Eurovision victory, the critics and detractors have had their say.  

I have been thinking long and hard about my response and while I have a not so politically correct one, I decided that there could be no better way than to let IlVolovers do the talking.  Which we have done.  Eloquently.  Over and over again.  Here are a few that stood out to me when I posed the question on Twitter and something more recent from Gary Istok, from ATIV.  Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca?  I hope you’re reading!  😀


That’s what YOU say!  With the comments throughout this board, I think that IlVolovers far outweigh the critics, and dare I say, Il Volo has the most loyal and fiercely passionate fan base going into Eurovision!


~~ Kelly

15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ The Critics Have Spoken; What Say You?”

  1. Thank you Kelly for these good posts. It is amazing to me how I can
    have these same lovely thoughts without ever having the privilege of
    attending a concert. I want to go to a concert as the saying goes
    “so bad I can taste it.” But oh how I love all the Il Volo sites and
    youtubes. They are marvelous. Thanks to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.
    The beauty of your voices, your music, your love for your fans and your
    your families absolutely pops out to me from my laptop. And your
    good looks, can’t be matched. I love to see your expressions on your
    HANDSOME faces as you harmonize and interpret your songs.
    What else can I say I love, love, love your music. Who knows, it
    is quite possible that I will get to attend a LIVE concert in my future.
    I can dream, can’t I ?

  2. It is so great to read that others feel exactly the same way about Il Volo as I do. There cannot be another three young men on the planet that can capture so many of us like our Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio have done. They are indeed “three voices, one soul!” Thank you, Kelly, for that wonderful post.

  3. The critics don’t know anything about music or singers otherwise they would have been on the Il Volo bandwagon praising their talent & recognizing winners from the beginning.
    Il Volo your fan base is solid we LOV E YOU not only because of your excellent voices but you are beautiful handsome young men who show your fans respect, love & appreciation. As I have always said you can do no wrong.
    Ignazio your sense of humour is refreshing & hilarious as well as your perfect voice is so beautiful, Gianluca you can croon like no other I have ever heard, Piero ypur voice is outstanding & I will be one of the first to go to your first operatic concert.
    I am not giving you any pressure sweethearts but I know in my heart you will win Eurovision with no problem.

  4. Kelly your post is top notch. That was a good idea of letting people write how they feel.

  5. Marie I put this on the wrong page so I am typing it here I can’t leave you out.
    You are special & I look forward to your poems because they are from your heart & you hit on Il Volo mania with true love.. Thank you for giving us the pleasure of your talent & your beautiful poems & insights.

  6. Found and haven’t stopped listening to Il Volo …since a few years back from the PBS DTW ; ..the music speaks for it self to all the many generations – truly enjoying their style throughout the world and who are buying their music. Not every type of music is for everyone…and it seems some critics are not open minded to experience the freshness…. and see what the real public want and enjoy…..and appreciate what a treasure they are for Italy.
    I am among many with absolutely no Italian heritage..who LOVE LOVE Il Volo. I made the journey in June 2014 from CLE to see the Nashville concert with a very good friend and included the M&G… was truly a magic and special evening that we are still talking about the memories to this day . It’s so nice to share this same love with many others.; We are waiting for news for Il Volo’s next visit back to the US …; Vegas ???

  7. We have nothing to worry ladies. An Italian Hypnotist/Mentalist has predicted that Il Volo will win. He did this on one of the shows. We know they are the best so hope the judges and Eurovision fans do.
    Nek was the ‘runner up’ at Sanremo and he supposedly felt he was the winner since he thought his songs would have more play. I checked his Facebook and listened to some of his songs and he sounds like all the other supposedly new Italy singers. He is 43 and did have some success with songs he wrote. It seems the public there like songs about life and its struggles. When Il Volo hugged him after the Sanremo winner was called was out of joy and friendship but I guess it was not reciprocated. So glad our boys are generous with their success.

  8. Beautiful, Kelly!

    IL VOLO, U R MY Vision, and I trust you will be riding high at EuroVision!

    Grazie, IL VOLO, per la magnificenza di voi!

    En-Joying every moment of Sanremo Grande Amore!

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. On Eurovision 2015 News WIWIBLOG they are voting again. Il Volo is 5th at the moment. Not sure it is important but nice to have them be number 1.

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