We Knew Them When ~~ By Jannette

Il Volo has been together for almost six years… Its been an amazing journey for them… Il Volo’s first Video introduced us to the new singing group that we knew would someday be a sensation after watching this first video…

Their  management built their Career very carefully… Starting with an introduction by
having them participate in the filming of We Are the world Haiti…

Three young teenagers just fourteen and fifteen years old come to the United States
and Sing O Solo Mio on American Idol and BOOM, their career jump started with that
American TV show…

We then saw these three boys in a promo as they toured NYC for the first time… Oh
how charming they were… They came to NYC and stole our hearts forever… Here
their famous line was I hope, everybody hope to go there “Radio City Music Hall, and
have a big concert for the American people…

After American Idol, we saw them tour North and South America stealing hearts along
the way… They made three PBS Concerts,  Il Volo Takes Flight From the Detroit Opera House.

We are love-and-Buon Natale

By this time, they were having sold out concerts everywhere they went, these three
teenage boys were loved by young and old alike… They have touched the hearts of
every generation that has heard their music… Their dreams were coming true… Many
interviews, concerts and TV shows… We just could not get enough of Il Volo and they
delivered… Their big dream came true on their 2013 American tour when they did in
fact play Radio City Music Hall…

Oh there are so many more special moments that they gave to us over the years…
Touring with Barbra Streisand , Nobel Peace concert, Moscow, China….

Il Volo gave us so many wonderful memories… The concerts every year… They shared
their milestones with us … Do you remember how excited you were when you heard
they won the Latin Bill Board awards?

Then another of their dreams came true…They had their first concerts in Italy in the
Summer of 2014… Oh how they shined… How proud we were of them… By this time
they were not boys any more but handsome young men.. They were our young men…
We gave them our hearts… They captured our souls with their beautiful music… Now
it was time for them to steal the hearts of everyone in Italy…

Il Volo has given  themselves to us completely and we have embraced them… We are
an Il Volo family here on the Il Volo Flight Crew, thanks to them sharing so much love
with us… And they even share their family and friends with us…

This year started with Il Volo being promoted in Italy with their own documentary on
RAI 1, and of course Uncle Bruno and Massimo Giletti featuring them on their Italian
TV shows…

Then the big moment came when they went to Sanremo in hopes to have another
dream come true… Winning the hearts of the Italians just like they won our hearts
over the last six years… They won Sanremo, the Italians embraced them… They are
loved at home… We have three joyous young men living the dream… We are so happy
for Il Volo, after all they are our young men…

Il Volo has a heavy schedule from now to the end of Sept… Concerts from Italy to
China and countries in-between.. But wait, we do not see North and South America
on the schedule as yet…  We are concerned… Some of us are even worried… Did they
forget us? Are we going to see them live and in person in 2015? I do not have a
Crystal Ball, I do not read  minds, and I do not know their schedule… But what I do
know is that Il Volo will never forget us… They love the Americas (North and South)
and everyone of their fans here… Remember we are happy for their success and their
dreams coming true… Let the rest of the world feel the love that Il Volo has given us,
they will share their journey with us as they have always done in the past and when
they post the tour dates for North and South America we will make plans with our Il
Volo family to meet at concerts, scramble to purchase our tickets, and will be so
happy and so proud of our guys


25 thoughts on “We Knew Them When ~~ By Jannette”

  1. Thank you Jannette…  There are SO  many many of us who feel the same and agree..  We want their happiness above all.  We are waiting patiently to see them again.

  2. Well said, Jannette! Yes, we’re all kind of going through Il Volo withdrawal right now…we have to remember we did get them here in the US last year for a little while (I got to go to my first IV concert!) and I think that they are itching to get back to South America and Mexico, and of course they have all of those concerts in Italy set up, too. It may be awhile before we see them again, and it’s killing us all not knowing WHEN! Some people have expressed concern that they’ll “forget” about us in the US, but I don’t buy it…they love America and American audiences. They know we loved them first! (Kudos to PBS…that’s how I discovered them!)

  3. Oh!! The melancholia is seeping out of my pores. What a thrill to watch them grow up again! However, I feel like my Babies have moved out of the house and to a foreign land. Come home you little Chubby Cheeked Cherub! Get back here my shy little baritone. Don’t forget your cross on your way home my adolescent opera singer.

    I know I’m wallowing in it. Just leave me alone! I want my Boys back!

    1. Marie, I understand exactly how you feel…we did watch them grow up and prosper before our eyes. Jannette expressed so perfectly how we feel about our ‘boys’, young men. They will always be boys (like grandsons) to me. ☺
      Marie, were you in Milwaukee last June? I think I recall reading about your wonderful meet up with Piero in the work out room at the Hyatt….how thrilling!!! I was in Milwaukee with Jeanne T, and my son, and we had a wonderful M&G time after the concert. I will always treasure my memories more than I can say. I was able to meet my face book sweet friend, Jeanne, and several others for dinner before the concert. Wish I would have known you at that time. Maybe some day we will meet up at a concert and share a hug. xxoo ♥

      1. Harriett, Yes, I was at that wonderful concert in Milwaukee last June. I also met with other Flight Crew Members for dinner before the concert. Next time, Harriett, we’re going to have to have a much, much bigger table! What fun! Can’t wait for the hug!

  4. What a wonderful, wonderful trip down memory lane, Jannette. And yes, it brought tears to my eyes. We have watched them grow from boys to young men. They have our hearts, and have had it from the very start. Please Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca come back to us.

  5. Wonderful seeing those videos again Jannette. The melancholy has set in & I am reliving how they looked & sounded. Thank you for the reminding us again. I am anxious for the tour dates for my own schedule. Don’t want to miss a thing. That sounds familiar is that a song??

  6. Jeanette your words touched my heart and seeing the videos from way back makes me smile and I like everyone else at the Flight Crew wish they guys would come back this year but I know I will wait until they come hack to us and will welcome them back with all the love and affection I feel for them specially my Piero

  7. thank you for this memory trail, I loved it. My dream now is for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to come to England and I can see their show for real. I have followed them since early 2011 when I saw them on n afternoon chat show (Alan Titchmarsh) and was bowled over , struck by lightening whatever you want to say but my appetite for Il Volo has grown stronger ever since and I cannot wait for them to come to England,

    1. OF COURSE it is an April fool’s joke! Thank God!!
      I stared at my computer screen and then I said NEK, can’t be! another milisecond I realized I’d been had! Such relief! I’m sure you all know what I mean!

  8. YES!!! Of course!! I fell for it too until I realized the date. She did a good job writing that one!

    Believe me…I would not have thought it was funny had it been true!

  9. Thank you Jeanette for the beautiful memories and videos of our sweeties. The only thing I’m going to say is ” We watched you grow–We watched you soar–everyday we love you more and more ” Our hearts hurt from missing you so much !! Please come back to us this year !!!!

  10. Thank you, Jannette for this wonderful article!!! My photo album that my Grandaughter made for me after the Gibson Concert, 2013 has The Boys written across the front!!! They will always be the Boys to me!!! I refer to them now as our guys but in my mind it is The Boys. Such beautiful memories we all have!!! I am rejoicing for all their success & trying to be patient until they return to us! Have a great first day of April!!! GRANDE AMORE!!!

  11. Myron, How is the Los Vegas thing coming? I miss our boys so much also. well said Jeannette. Joanie G

  12. I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments on We Knew Them When… It was a fun walk down memory lane with Il Volo… They have done so much for three young men … I love looking at their baby faces and watching them walk through NYC… And now seeing them in Samremo, how grown up they are… How much they have accomplished … Yes they are handsome young men now, but for most of us, in our hearts they will always be our boys, because we knew them when!!!

    1. I can’t beleive how bad I feel seeing my darlings growing up into gorgeous young men! I don’t remember feeling this way watching my own boys growing up . I wonder what’s wrong with me?

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