Mary, Mary, Mary

Last week Mary Bohling commented on a post. She said, “That’s why we love them.” No Mary. Here are the reasons:

p - being sillyThey take life seriously.

a - oh so tired

They are continually alert to new ventures.

Conde Nast - AAIV (2)They always show how much they love one another.

i - jumpTheir feet are always on the ground.

DSCN0243 hands only 3

This has nothing to do with this article. I just wanted to show you a blow-up of my favorite part of my favorite picture. What can I say?

a - Dancing with the stars

They are truly Manly men!

Conde Nast - AAIV with creditThey are always smiling, always happy

i - aa

They share only their most professional photography with their fans.

p - piero and dadThey do it all on their own without help from anyone.

a - sanremo win

They are always calm and keep their cool.

g - So handsome this march

They’re not so handsome that their pictures are distractinggggggggggggg. 

So you see Mary, for these reasons and a hundred more, we love them.

Did I mention they sing?


47 thoughts on “Mary, Mary, Mary”

  1. So cute. Thanks Marie for starting my day on a very happy note. Love them always.

  2. Excellent Marie you have everything down pat. I love Ignazio more than you do. Remember he’s MINE

      1. Mine too. I have seen most of the photos but I have not seen the picture of Piero with the carrots out of every oraface of his face. This is so funny!!

      1. Mary, I am curious to see the whole picture that includes “the hands”!
        Tuesday maybe for CD.

      2. Oh Marie, this picture is beautiful! Just the two of you – Marie and her groom!! I can’t believe that I’m saying this . . .

  3. Oh! Marie! It’s cloudy here in our little part of Texas, but you’ve brightened my day with your humor! How can I ever thank you?? I love the post, it’s priceless!! Grazie!!

  4. Marie !! Marie !! Marie !! How in the world do you come up with these posts !!!! Your sense of humor can never be surpassed !! Perfect pics and hilarious captions !! Thanks to you my day started out with hearty laughter !!

  5. Oh what a great way to start the day… A big laugh will keep this smile on my face all day… Thank you… I am sure Il Volo would thank you too, if they could see how beautifully you represented them today…

  6. Yes, Marie, you really had the right caption for each picture! I love the picture of Piero being silly, and also the one of him jumping for joy. Okay, I love each and every picture of Piero. Thank you for brightening my day.

  7. Mary, I knew there was something more than the voices. Piero is MINE!! I loved the pic you sent of him being silly. Joanie G

    1. EVERYONE: Marie found and captioned the photos….I had nothing to do with that. She’s the creative genius….I’m only the quote at the beginning which she challenged. We love you, Marie.

      1. Thanks Mary, however, you are partly to blame. It was you saying, “that’s why…” that sparked the “creative genius” .

        Love you back.

    1. Get in line, Joanie G. and prepare for battle. You should be very afraid….Allene is a powerhouse to be feared if you try to take Piero, and I’m her back up, so beware.

      1. I beg to differ, Miss Marie! The Battle of Boschetto is on! Troops commence and . . . . . we are off!! I’ve been “marked” by Ignazio.. Yeah, that fabulous cologne . . . the scent of dimples . . . . the aroma of manly man . . . . . 👨 Oh my!!!!!!! Help, Marie, Help! I have no idea what I’m talking about. I was thinking of Ignazio and BOOM!
        Ciao, Bambina! (I win!)

      2. OK Mary, I thought you would be first in line for Piero, since you have a picture of him with you in a parked car!.. but we all better watch out because Pirate will have all of us in the Piero adoration society at the end of her cutlass.

      3. Lynn, Oh to relive that moment again!! to be in a parked car with Piero, And later he autographed the photo “with love” when I showed it to him at the MOA. It doesn’t get any better than this.

  8. Dear. dear, Marie. I love love, love this!!! The photos are perfect, the captions are perfect also! I read it as soon I got up but had to go out & did not have time to comment! Certainly started this lovely Good Friday with a big smile on my face! If we knew when the guys are comming to the Americas, life would be super good!!!

    1. Marie you and Mary gave me my first good laugh today. I love the silly pictures of the guys. They are young and they are not stuck up. They value their fans. I love them all but I too like Ignazio.

  9. I don’t know how you were able to get past the fact of their distracting faces and fabulous voices to write this but I’m so glad you did! Thanks for the smiles!

    1. I know!! it took a while to get past those faces alone! That’s why I did that awesome one of Gianluca last.

      And did you see the new one I put at the top? Not the one with the guy with the cheetos sticking out of his nose…the other one on the left. I would like to say I put it there for Ruth and Loretta, but that would be a lie. Be still my heart!

      1. Marie, I’d like to see the caption you would write for THAT picture. (and I always thought that Gianluca had the bedroom eyes!)

    2. I did see the new picture you put! I know better than to believe that it was for anyone but yourself. Sorry, not buying it!

  10. Everyone! That’s enough looking now! Don’t make me take Ignazio’s picture down! I’ll do it! I will! BARB… This means YOU! Mary! Stop looking at his eyes! FINAL WARNING!

  11. Marie, when you stop looking at IB, I will do it, too. Actually, I won’t. And you won’t do it either. We are hooked, we are sick, I am kind of old, but we are beautiful and it is fun. 😸 What would we do without those dimples??? 😏👨

  12. Thank you Marie I never thought you would put Ignazio’s picture up for us all to see. Your growing with kindness. Too bad we couldn’t get it larger. Your acceptance that he IS MINE is touching

  13. I am so happy that I found all of you, you make my day so cheerful. I would like to tell you how I found Il Volo because I am very late compared to all of you. October 2014 I was looking for some new Christmas music (I like the religious kind mostly but secular is ok sometimes). This album popped up on Itunes the name was Buon Natale! I listened to my favorite first, O Holy Night, and I was hooked! I have since purchased all the CD’s and 2 DVD’s that I could find. I think they have the most magnificent sound and watching as the are getting older and more proficient with their music has been a joy. I found your web site “Flight Crew” and make it a part of my day because you keep me up to date with our young men. Thank you, all of you for your excellent writing and fabulous stories and memories. I am SO GRATEFUL I found Il Volo and all of you.

  14. Only problem I have yet to see them in concert 😭 was so hoping that would happen this year but maybe not. I will just need more patience. 😔

  15. OMG…I am late to this party. Marie, this is so fun. I love the hands photo the best. And the fact that you blew it up makes it all the more special. You are priceless as are these guys!!!

    1. Welcome to the party Jane. “Priceless” is a nice word for “out of my mind”. Fun here though with you and the other “priceless”.

  16. Marie, you and the other ladies are all crazies. Love all the posts. Gianluca is mine alone ladies. He just makes my heart skip a beat. (bleep,bleep….bleeeeep). So handsome this guy. I am wishing, hoping that the concert in Las Vegas will happen. I’ll be there in a jiffy. Can’t wait to see them again. Magnificent young men. GG is incredibly good looking. You guys got your men, I got dibs on him. Period.

    1. No !! No!! No!! I beg to differ !! Not yours alone !!! Gianluca is “Painfully Beautiful” and SO romantic. I could gaze at his gorgeous face all day long !!! So I’m claiming him for myself !!! So there !! (I might consider sharing him a tiny bit just so you don’t cry !!)

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