A Video, A Poll and Two Revelations

The Video:

Thank You, Jeannette.

Il Volo Canzone per te 2015. Video ufficiale from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

The Poll:

Gina, Mary S. and Jana have all emailed me about Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2015 Poll.  According to Jana, “It will be down to the final 15 and you can vote in the semi-final until May 5, then they erase all the votes and I guess you just vote til Eurovision is over, but you can only vote once. I’m sure our guys will be in the final 15. Surely, we have 20,000+ Il Volo fans out there to beat out Lithuania, so Gianluca can win? He is currently #2….It’s about the only thing out there the US fans can participate in. Gian is so the male model type!”

Ya Think?g - top model

 (Sorry Gina, I know you’re from Lithuania, but…)

male model

Click here⇒http://wiwibloggs.com/2015/04/05/eurovision-s-next-top-male-model-2015-vote-now-in-the-semi-final/87053/   Doesn’t work!  Can’t get it to work! See link in comments below!

The Revelations:

Revelation #1
I finally realize what I want out of life. Gianluca, to sit on my mantle just to look at and hug four times a day. And Piero, as my best friend, who comes over every morning for coffee and to chat with Ignazio and I. This is not asking too much.

Revelation #2
I have figured out why people my age sell their homes and move into apartments. There’s less places to look, for whatever you’re looking for, but forgot where you put it. Like the paper I wrote this on yesterday.


83 thoughts on “A Video, A Poll and Two Revelations”

  1. Marie, thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. I do want Gianluca to win. I am sure Ignazio and Piero would not mind. I still think 27 thousand votes for Lithuania is unreal. As I mentioned there are only 3 million in the country and I do not think that Vaidas is that knows in the other countries.
    I have been watching the new video and trying to decide what my opinion is. I love them in anything they are featured in but also want to be honest when I like or dislike. I am getting warmer each time I watch. The boys look so handsome and sing great.

    1. Gina, if you’re getting warmer with each view, just look toward Fort Worth and you’ll see the smoke rising! Love it!!!

      1. Nice to know where our Texas fans are! Maybe someday we can put together a trip to a concert together? Texans do know how to party!

    2. New video is great , no other group can even come close to our boys ( young men ) now. Just love to listen to them any time of the day or night !!
      Oh,by the way ,could not vote either

  2. I’ll have to join the chorus and say I can’t vote either.

    Marie, that’s why I moved into a townhouse. Fewer rooms to lose things in.

    I LOVE the video!

  3. The video is really something great. Maybe better than the Grande Amore video. I voted for Gianluca on the top male model. I typed
    in “Eurovisions next top male model” you have to scroll down to the voting boxes.
    It worked or me. Marie, is four hugs enough?

  4. You can vote for all three of them! I highlighted and copied Marie’s link and then pasted it into a new window and got the site. Then I voted for all three and it accepted my votes.

  5. I will try to vote. Gianluca certainly looks like a Top Model and then some !!! I hope he wins !! I love the video but I wish that they had kept the camera on each one of them a little bit longer.

    1. yeah, I know what you mean – they flit back and forth so quickly your brain barely has time to process it and when it does, it flits back again to something else!

  6. Ok, it’s probably just me, but does anyone else not quite get the Ignazio part of the video? So, he’s sitting there after the party, by the pool, this girl comes out of the water, he kind of acts like he’s ignoring her, then he chases after her? And you see blips of him in the same hallway as Gianluca? How does this girl chasing have anything to do with “Song for You?” Sorry, just not getting this one. I just read the translated lyrics and doesn’t make sense to me. Looks like Gianluca had most of the fun in this one? My vote is for Grande Amore! Nothing can beat the pottery scene! I’ll have to watch Canzone again in slow motion to pick up more of it…but I just don’t get that Ignazio is “feeling it” in this one?

    1. Ok, watched it several more times in slow motion screen shots and am not fond of Ignazio’s part in this video. For one thing, it doesn’t make sense, like how does he get from the pool to the hotel hallway? Then she’s like luring him down the hall and making sure he’s still following. Then she turns around and takes off her wrap, leaving him quite a “sexy showing.” He’s just looking at her and he doesn’t even really go toward her, he’s just standing there. It’s like she’s saying “here I am, come get me!” and he’s like “nah, not interested….” so she puts her wrap back on and walks away, with him still kind of just standing there? Also, kind of bummed that most of the scenes of them in the hallway, you can hardly see Ignazio’s face due to the lighting and then it’s blurry? There are some cute shots of him though if you go by the screen shots…

      1. I think both this video and Grand Amore are too dark and need more lighting. I realize this is supposed to be late at night but you can hardly see their faces.
        Plus the whole thing doesn’t make sense if you follow the words–which basically say everything is over and done with–this looks at though things are starting–not finishing!

      2. Jana! I am so in agreement! You almost have to watch the video in slow motion. Someone shoot the editor! Ah well…at least it’s always a joy to see our guys! If they read the phone book I would buy it!

      1. Thank you! I voted!!! Gianluca is second and I don’t understand. The guy from Lithuana is GROSS! Sorry, he is gross! Gianluca is SO handsome and he should he on top!!! Flight Crew members and Ilvolovers – VOTE!!! This would be a travesty!!!!!!!! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m not sure I “get” this video either. One thing I do like about it (besides watching IL VOLO perform) is that the video is sexy without being blatant about it, like a lot of pop music videos are these days. (OMG, I must be old!). Gianluca is definitely having the most fun in this one! I’m not sure if I am just imagining this, but Piero’s girl who comes out of the elevator looks different from the one who got in the other elevator. Please look closely & let me know if I have totally lost it. Of course, I KNOW I have totally lost it over IL VOLO. No matter what they sing or where they sing it, I love it!
    I’ve been voting for all 3 of our guys on that eurovision site above. If you can find a way to delete your cookies & browsing history, it will let you vote more than once. I’ve been trying to keep Piero ahead of the guy from Sweden. But Gianluca would really make the best model. He can wear the same suit as Piero & Ignazio, & it will just look better on him–I can’t explain it. And at least he doesn’t have to take his clothes off to get the most votes, like the other guy.
    Thanks for posting the new video & your revelations, Marie. You can always make me laugh.

    1. I almost hate to mention this, but it is only a vide and doesn’t have to make sense or be perfect. I still love all they do.

  8. I noticed Piero’s girls are two different girls also. One has rather straight
    hair and the one in the elevator definitely has very curly hair. I agree with
    you Lynn that Gianluca really makes the best model. He always looks
    so spiffy in his clothes. Yes, this video shows Gianluca having the most
    fun. However, there is some twinkle in Piero’s eyes when he’s looking
    at his girl(s) and a big smile. They are all such great guys.

  9. Oh, thank you for sharing the video here! I tried it on Youtube, and it said it wasn’t available in my country. My expression probably looked liked the real life version of “>:(“! Hopefully nobody saw that.

    As for the video… I enjoy anything with Il Volo, but I was still a little mystified. I feel like it might of been a better idea for a photo shoot. Very stylistic and pretty, but it doesn’t “flow” very well, if that makes any sense (not that I’m an expert or anything…) so it seemed a little off to me.

    I liked Gianluca’s segment the best. It’s probably more on the superficial side though, because I love that setting!

    Perhaps it’s not so much the fault of the video, it’s just that I’m having trouble putting the lyrics and video together. Nevertheless, anything new with Il Volo is great news! 🙂

  10. The video is fabulous! Marie I know exactly what you mean about losing things. But worse is when you rush to get something stop in the middle of the room with NO IDEA what you were looking for! ☺️

  11. I agree with you Jana I think in this video there is too much focus on Gianluca & Piero & not enough of Ignazio. When the girl throws off her top he is about 6 feet away from her. I also had to stop the video num erous times to get what was going on or was trying to find out what he was supposed to be dfoing. I am going to write Sony or find out who makes these videos & update them on their imagination. They flit from one guy to another & don’t focus on one so you can get a sense of what they are supposed to be doing. They did the same in Grande Amore. Lets all write them & give them suggestions

    1. Why Loretta! I am so surprised you didn’t think there was enough Ignazio in the video. LOL! Is there enough of him in any video? Hey, at least this time he didn’t kiss the girl. YAY! It was the outfit. I think he likes my robe and slippers better.

      Here’s that Male Model link again: http://wiwibloggs.com/2015/04/05/eurovision-s-next-top-male-model-2015-vote-now-in-the-semi-final/87053/

      For some reason it refuses to link in my post. Gremlins I guess.

  12. Wow. Interesting to see the difference in opinion on this one. It seems like it’s one side or the other; not a whole lot in between. 😊

  13. After a night’s sleep this is my unprofessional opinion. This is Gianluca’s video. Grande Amore gave Piero and Ignazio some “acting” parts and Gianluca hung from the ceiling. Maybe they try to give each a fair share.
    Gianluca is a born ladies man, Peiro is serious and down to earth, Ignazio may be a clown in public but I believe he is a very private person and feels very deeply in his relationships. He is a ‘brooding’ sensual young man that most ladies past the
    ‘teenybopper’ age appreciate. Ladies have you noticed the scene where Ignazio is coming down the hallway, the young lady looks back and he touches his bow tie as if to take it off. There is a message there.
    Time for this old lady to go and volunteer at the Food Bank.

  14. You’re right, Kelly. I love this! We are all so enamored with our Guys that we seldom disagree on anything. I find this all refreshing. I also applaud the finesse in which it is done here. Bravo ladies!

    Gina, I need to go with you!

  15. I love anything about our guys. Definitely, Gianluca is having the best time. Love when the girl pulls him by his tie. His smile is incredible. I don’t like that not enough time on each guy to really know what is happening or what is about to happen. They need to redo this video and focus on each of the guys a little longer. Other than that, it was great. Tryo to vote but not yet successful. Will keep trying.

  16. Yep not enough time on each guy got to find out who to write to. I don’t want this flitting back & forth & not focusing on each to know what is going on. They need us to tell them how to do a video. I want more of Ignazio. I missed that about him touching his bow tie. I have to go back & see that for sure. That girl wasn’t as cute as the girl he had before or the girl he took a picture with the model from the last video. I have to take a picture with him that will knock peoples socks off.

  17. I think the two videos were mean’t to transition our guys from Boyhood to Manhood and they are both very beautiful and tasteful and certainly accomplished jut that !!

  18. yeh!! I voted. Thanks for the link. I,m going to relook at the video and think about all the comments from you guys. Joanie G

      1. WOO WOO! I would call my Ignazio my sugar butt (and other mentionables that I couldn’t say on this blog). HEE! 👨🏻😜

  19. Marie, revelation #2 sure sounds familiar. Downsize so there are fewer places to look for something. About right.

  20. Agree with all mentioned above. Didn’t understand it…jumped too quickly from here to there…BUT, I will say it is a testimony to the class of these young men in that most videos made by American pop singers are so trashy. Once again…IL VOLO, pure class all the way. 🙂

    1. That’s the main reason I so admire Il Volo. todays young people are so crude and vulgar, especially Gianluca has so much class and I love that he is a little reserved. His parents should be proud. Jac

    1. Marie, I think we have to let the folks over at AAIV know about this poll. Our guys are so far behind, it is obvious to me that the fan base doesn’t know about it.

      1. If you go into this box on top and the girl and guy are discussing the models, she loves Gianluca and doesn’t say nice things about Ignacio and Piero.

  21. Yay!!! Finally got my vote or rather votes in. Can’t help but wonder why our guys are so far behind. Il Volo voters have always brought our guys from behind to lead the pack. Like you say Penina, maybe our Il Volo friends in Latin and South America haven’t heard about the voting.

    1. There were a lot of questions how Vaidas Baumila from Lithuania had so many voters and indicated if was rigged. Many people came in their defense and said that Lithuanians are very supportive of their artists and athletes and that they advertise for people to vote. Lithuania has a long history of suppression and when they get their freedom back they value it.

  22. I came home and watched the Video again and I wonder if the gentleman who is smoking is Sergio Endrigo? Alson on ATIV Jim Doulgas comments, of and on ,and he brought up the poem “IF” by Kipling. It is a poem about the transitioning of boyhood into manhood. He posted a video of a reading of the poem.
    I hope they make a video about each of the songs on the Sanremo CD. No matter what the video seeing them on screen is better then plain pictures.

  23. there are a lot of comments on this one and I have not read all yet, but I would like to comment on Jana’s words. I kind of agree with you Jana Ignazio took center stage in “Grande Amore” but it looks like they kind of put him in the background in this one and put Gianluca in the forefront. I really miss him in this one. I really don’t understand the part of His girl either, but I know it will eventually be explained more clearly so that we can appreciate this video as it was meant to be.

    1. Gianluca’s part in Grand Amore was mostly showing him with his head covered. Gianluca was delightful in this new video. I’m so glad they gave Piero a good part other than being the nerd as he was in the other video. If you notice Ignazio in the hallway, is loosening his bow tie and looking the woman up and down. There was no doubt where all three of them were going to end up that night, but at least they did it tastefully.

  24. I enjoyed reading all of your takes on the video. I do think they jumped
    around too much. Just about the time you wanted to get a good view,
    it was on to the next view. Too quick to get an idea of what might be
    happening for sure. That said, the “MEN” looked so cool. I also hope
    they make videos of the other songs on the cd. I agree with Jac that
    Gianluca has so much class and has a reserved demeanor. I love
    anything he sings. But I also love the other two “MEN”. They are
    a fantastic talent for the music world. I want to attend a concert so
    bad. But they are either on the east coast or west coast or Canada
    or farther away. It would be good to go with a group, maybe someday.

      1. I don’t know if those were Vanity Fair photos–it didn’t say–but there were some nice photos there, so thanks!

  25. Penina, I am too in the dark to say for sure. I THINK, it will be a true CD/DVD set so it has to have more songs/videos. I believe we are being teased with that latest video. You did see where I wrote “think”?

    1. I just hope they don’t do what Interscope did and keep re-releasing the same thing with one song added. I think I have 4 We Are Love CDs–all slightly different. Actually, now that I think about it, I think this is the CD that is EXACTLY the same as the original San Remo one with the addition of the video on it. If that helps anyone! I have already downloaded the video to my computer AND my ipod so I don’t think there is any reason for me to buy the same CD again. Unless of course it has more songs on it…

      1. I hope there is a way to find out before we have to order it. Never a dull moment!

  26. I don’t remember how I know, but the video will have Sanremo backstage stuff after they won. I’m sure that it will have more stuff, too. Marissu from All About Il Volo has a lot of information. Hope this helps.

    1. All well and good, but we want songs! songs! songs! A full concert on a DVD would be nice too! I sure hope the fans of the Italian concerts post them on youtube.

  27. Regarding the video , the guys are reliving memories of past loves. That is why Piero
    gets on the elevator with a different woman , his current love. I much prefer to see them in person or on a PBS special doing what they do best – sing live. I can only hope at the next meet and greet I will actually be able to think and speak instead of being in an almost catatonic state.

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