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Buonasera ~ Good Evening
                                            Buonasera ~ Good Evening

Ok, since I have been spitefully and jealously picking on Italy (’cause I want to be there), I guess I’ll share these.  I posted that last “Why you shouldn’t go” and quicker than you can say Cannoli, Ann (anncruise) sent me these. Ann was this a scolding? ~Marie


Italia living



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Italian A Day ~ National Italian-American Foundation
In 1896, Italian immigrant Italo Marcioni invented the first ice cream cone in
Hoboken, New Jersey. In 1895, when Marcioni arrived from Italy, he sold ice cream
and ices from his push cart on Wall Street, serving them in glass containers. But, the
containers were a hassle to manage and sometimes would even be taken. Then,
Marcioni had a thought – serve the ice cream in a cup that could be eaten as well and
there would be no worry over containers. Marcioni’s invention caused a spike in ice
cream sales on Wall Street and soon he was operating a chain of carts. To keep up
with the demand for cones, Marcioni took things a step further, adapting the design of
a waffle iron to create a device into which batter could be poured, backed and
produce several ice cream cups. His device was awarded a U.S. patent in 1903.

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15 thoughts on “Italia Living ~~ Ann”

  1. Thanks, Ann. I had to forego my Mediterrean cruise to Italy, etc., this month. After hip replacement, I hope to go. So, this is just what the dr. ordered today!

  2. Hi, I have been to Italy a few times and loved it a lot….I would love to  next time, I go to see Sicily as my heritage is Italian……I have friends that have been to Taormina and they loved it…..Keep posting Ann.   Linda Mara Carlisle,,,,,,,

  3. Loved this page! I like #’s 9 and 10 the most. I want to go LIVE on that street in Italy and have coffee there….AND take life the slow way! There is much to admire about their way of life. Still on my bucket list…hope I make it there someday! 🙂
    Thank you for posting this.

  4. Loved this, Ann! I am sure I will not get to Italy so I really enjoy everything that is posted!! Thank you!! Beautiful country that has given the world our amazing Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!!

  5. Thank you Marie. Another job well done.
    Lois, this is what my doctor really ordered last week! I told him about my knee problem. He said, “just go.”
    Linda, I have been to Taormina several times. My favorite hotel wa “San Domenico Palace” – the hotel and grounds were heaven.
    Mary Jane, it’s on my bucket list too.

  6. Thanks for this informative posting. My long ago trip to Italy will have to do since I doubt I will be making another one due to the misfortune of getting old so fast. If I make a trip it will have to be to my birth country of Lithuania. But I enjoy learning thing about Italy and especially the native traditions.
    NE DI VENERE NE DI MARTE NON SI SPOSA NE SI PARTE (Neither marry nor travel on either Tuesday or Friday)- from my weekend free Italian e-mail lesson.

  7. Thank you Marie for posting this fabulous story on Italy. Ann you have done a lot of research on Italy & now I want to to go, I want to go & I will be reading all this information till a month of Sundays. Gee maybe I hsould move there then I would have time to see everything

  8. Gosh I must not forget to get some Bottego Veneto luggage, just a couple of pieces soon as I win a lottery

  9. I’ve seen the new video Canzone Per Te wow wow sexy & fabulous, amazing & stupendous wish I was the girl waiting for Ignaziop

    1. I am sure you are not alone Loretta! And what about the girl draggin Gian off into the night?! I bet there are lots of females around who share that fantasy! Not to mention the LOOK on Piero’s face…
      If you gals haven’t seen the video go over to youtube and type in Il Volo Canzone Per Te and find it! But take your blood pressure meds first!

  10. I took my meds earlier Penina but I was almost jumping out of the chair watching this vide. Each video is getting better & better

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