They are coming back! Aren’t they?

Ciao tutti!

I just wanted to take a little break from the Italian lessons to take some time to reflect on today –IlVolover’s Day!  Yes, just six short years ago, they met and sang O Sole Mio and truly the rest, as they say, is history!  I’m sure that six years ago, the guys could never have dreamed back then, of what they have achieved already in a relatively short time?  Imagine if they would have said no to the American contract?  How empty our lives would be right now and we would have never met each other, or the rest of the other ilvolovely fans around the world?

Jana 2015-04-25 13.53.30

I take them with me each day on my walks.  I’m up to about 2.5 miles now and they are truly my inspiration that keeps me going for the almost one hour trek.  There are days when I come home from work and am pretty exhausted after a long day, but I know they are there waiting for me and the feeling I get when I put them in my ears is invigorating!

They fill my heart and soul with their voices and reminds me that there is still hope for the world.  The theme for Eurovision is Building Bridges and I can’t think of another artist that truly just lives that theme every time they sing and share their joy with the rest of us.  They should win just by their living example alone!  Oh yeah, and they sing pretty good, too!  Lol!

Jana 2015-04-25 13.53.30

Yes, they fill my heart, however, I made this special picture frame with their name on it and, unfortunately, it will remain empty until I can fill it with me and the guys!  I made this frame last fall with a group of close friends.  One asked what picture I was going to put in it.  “I don’t have it yet…,” I replied.

Springtime in Michigan is very special, as well as for other states that have to battle the ice, cold, and snow of harsh winters.  The smell of spring was in the air today as I went for my walk.  The sight of tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths, greeted my eyes and nose with a wonderful hope that it was going to get warmer and warmer each day and the blossoms on the trees lent promises of leaves that were to be there soon!

With that same promise of warmth and spring, we must keep that eternal flame of hope that they will be back to visit us this year!!  I keep remembering the anonymous Ilvolover that rewrote the song of Il Volo is Coming to Town and the ending words of “can’t wait to see their smiles, can’t wait to feel their touch!”  You could say that those who have not seen them in person don’t know what they are missing and you would think, no, that is not true, they DO know what they are missing!  But for those of us that HAVE seen them in person – we KNOW what we are missing (and why our hearts ache) and as much as you say you think you know,  you really don’t… With that first note they sing, just like Gianluca as Spiderman, they spin their web and envelope you with their magic net that keeps you hypnotically stunned until their final notes are sung!  (will we ever run out of adjectives, similes, or metaphors to describe them?)

Jana 2015-04-25 13.53.30

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but not sure our hearts could grow any fonder of the guys if we tried?  However, if they don’t come back until next year, our hearts are pretty much going to explode until we can see them again!  Let’s also hope that all of us Ilvolovers are still of this earth and don’t become Ivoloangels watching from above!

In the song, “American Pie” by Don McLean, he says it was “the day the music died…” – a remembrance of that fatal crash on Feb 3, 1959… that killed Buddy HollyRitchie Valens and  J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson. How ironic is it that 50 years, 2 months, and 22 days later, the music was once again “reborn” with the 3 voices of Il Volo on April 25, 2009?

So, my friends, my heart and soul are filled daily with their most precious gift, but the frame around my heart will remain forever empty until I can fill it with a picture of me and the guys!

So, guys, if you are reading this, in the words of the lyrics sung by your own countrywoman, Sophia Loren…from the song “Bing! Bang! Bong!” (and movie Houseboat) please hurry back “presto, presto, do your very besto!”  Grazie, grazie!

Ciao, for now…


30 thoughts on “They are coming back! Aren’t they?”

  1. Jana, I hope I live long enough to see them in person again. Your letter is spot on. Joanie G

    1. Joan – they will give you something to live for. The power of love and the willingness to fight and overcome unsurmountable odds is often miraculous and mystifies even the greatest of doctors!

    1. Lucky – thank you! Hope your heart gets back together for when they really come back, so it can melt all over again! Lol!

  2. Thanks Jana! Hope springs eternal, etc….could we make it Texas “this time”???? Sign me Dot in Texas!!

    1. Hey, I’m all for TX! Never been there – have a few branches of relatives there though on my mom’s side….somehow the guys need to get there!

  3. That was beautiful Jana. As I was reading It started to make me cry. I did get to see them in NJPAC last year but I left my glasses on the seat of my car and couldn’t see them. I was sooooooo upset when I realized it. I still had hope to see them since I purchased tickets to the meet & Greet. Some of the women with their daughters were talking about how long it takes to see them.
    I stayed about 1 1/2 hours and had to leave because we had a 4 hours drive to my daughters house and 1 hour for me to drive home. My daughter and I left and I saw their tour bus for IL Volo and cried like a baby in the parking lot & half way home because I couldn’t meet them.
    I acted like a teenager and thought what is wrong with me??? I know why now that I wasn’t losing my mind when I found this web-site. My family thinks I am crazy but I know where to come to feel “normal”.
    I hope the beautiful young men come back to the USA this year and I really get to truly meet them face to face.

    1. Barb – oh I am so sorry you could not see them, literally! I guess you couldn’t go back to the car? And to buy m/g tx and still not be able to see them – yes, I would have cried, also! You know, someone taped the whole NJ concert and I saw it on youtube. I have to say, I think it was really one of their better ones – I’ve watched it a few times.

  4. I did not have the fortune to see the boys in person. They made a few very short appearances in Texas and I was not completely possessed yet so I missed them.
    BUT I do have an imagination and after watching all the videos and listening to all the Italian TV appearances I can see them in my mind.
    As my faithful “Ink Spots” say
    I’ll be seeing you in every lovely summer’s day
    In everything that’s light and gay
    I’ll always think of you that way
    I’ll find you in the morning’ sun
    And when the night is new
    I’ll be looking at the moon
    But I’ll be seeing you
    And then I hear my grandsons yell “Grandma you are crazy”

    1. Gina – that was so cute – the reverie and then “grandma…” Lol! You hear the Ink Spots, and I hear Barry Manilow! He recorded that song on one of his albums.

  5. Well said Jana! and true true true. you spoke for every Il Volover in the world, that I am positive about. they changed the world and now we cannot breathe without them.

    1. Good point Deanne. Thank you so much…I thought I was developing asthma. It’s only the absence of Il Volo that’s making it hard to catch my breath. Good to know.

    2. Deanne – yes, they certainly take our breath away! Don’t know about all of them, but hopefully the majority!

  6. Angel
    Song by Jimi Hendrix
    Angel came down from heaven yesterday
    She stayed with me just long enough to rescue me
    And she told me a story yesterday,
    About the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea
    And then she spread her wings high over me
    She said she’s gonna come back tomorrow
    And I said, “Fly on my sweet angel,
    Fly on through the sky,
    Fly on my sweet angel,
    Tomorrow I’m gonna be by your side”
    Sure enough this morning came unto me
    Silver wings silhouetted against the child’s sunrise
    And my angel she said unto me,
    “Today is the day for you to rise
    Take my hand, you’re gonna be my man,
    You’re gonna rise”
    And then she took high over yonder
    And I said, “Fly on my sweet angel,
    Fly on through the sky,
    Fly on my sweet angel,
    Forever I will be by your side”

    With credits to Jimi Hendrix, I hear this song in my head when I think of our angels. Doesn’t take much to change the “she” to “them” and the “angel” to “angels”. It’s a beautiful song, recently recorded by Alfie Boe and would be wonderful sung by Il Volo. Fly on, indeed, our agels!

    1. Beautiful! I am not familiar with many Hendrix songs… I will have to check out the Alfie version.

  7. A lovely article, as usual! I must admit I jumped a little when I first read “They are coming back!”, lol! 😛

    1. So sorry about that! Yes, I had Marie add a little edit to my title. Didn’t want to give anyone any false hopes! I probably would have thought the same thing.

  8. Lovely anniversary tribute Jana. I know that lonely little frame will be filled soon. COME ON!! They’ll be here! You all know they will! Forget us? They never ever will! Ignore us? Oh, Please! Impossible! They love us! Proof is there with every word Jana and all of us write! Question is not “if”, it’s just “when”. I’m saving for October. Besides, I have a whole bunch more of you to meet!

    1. Yes – October or maybe even early November seems to fit with their busy schedule. They are going to be exhausted after this tour – but at least they won’t have to travel far and it’s mostly all in Italy!

      Marie – thanks for everything – behind and in front of the scenes!

  9. Thank you Jana, well said. I am looking forward to seeing them in the next year or so. They inspire me as well with their music and they are my nite time lullaby. Happy Sunday!

  10. You and me both, randomilvolofan. My heart did a summersault
    when I saw the title “They Are Coming Back”. But then I settled down and read your post, Jana. And it was indeed beautifully done. It is amazing how these young men have such a hold on all our hearts. It IS very hard to be patient, but we must believe that Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca will be back with us sometime this year. Please, please,please.

    1. yes, sorry, didn’t mean to give out any heart attacks…I had Marie edit my title… well, we certainly know how to get everyone’s attention now? Lol! Thank you!! Yes, and presto, presto! At least as presto as October? but if you figure, it’s practically May and we’ve already waited 4 months, so what’s another 5? and hopefully the Italian fans will upload their usuals to youtube for us to enjoy and anticipate!

      If they do come back after September, “US” fans will likely be the first to hear the new songs from their new album – unless they will be singing them during the Italy tour?

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