Il VOLO SANREMO ~~ Jeannette

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Thanks to Jeannette, here is an excellent way to spend an hour or 10 or…  If you somehow didn’t love Gianluca before, wait until the end of this first one. I just need to hug that Boy! ~Marie

All seven songs from the album.. Six are actual videos, and the song Romantica does not have a video but it has audio from the CD.

This album has gone platinum only two months and is still making record sales… I hope you enjoy the videos and Romantica which is in audio…

1. Il Volo a Sanremo 11/02/15 Grande Amore

Il Volo a Sanremo 11/02/15 Grande amore. L’emozione di Gianluca from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

2. Il Volo Ancora.Sanremo 12/02/15

Il Volo canta la cover Ancora.Sanremo 12/02/15 from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

3. Il Volo Vacanze Romane. 2015 – Porta a porta

Il Volo canta Vacanze romane.2015-Porta a porta from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

4. Il Volo Canzone per te.2015-Porta a porta

Il Volo canta Canzone per te.2015-porta a porta from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

5. Il volo Piove.2015 – Porta a porta

Il volo canta Piove.2015-Porta a porta from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

6. Il Volo Romantica

7. Il Volo L’immensità.2015 Porta a porta

Il Volo canta L’immensità.2015 Porta a porta from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

Jeannette initially sent all of this to a couple of friends who don’t know Il Volo like we do. I left the rest in, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see the Video one more time. Ha!
Thank You Jeannette and what lucky friends you have. ~Marie

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Il Volo won the Sanremo music festival with the song GrandeAmore ..

They made a music Video of Grande Amore, The video has received over 21 million hits.
Video of Grande Amore…

Piero-Playing the scene from the movie Back to the future from 1980’s
Ignazio playing the scene from the movie Ghost from the 1980’s
Gianluca playing the scent from the movie Spiderman… Recent.

English and Italian lyrics to the song Romantica
You are romantic
Loving you is like being revived
In simplicity
In reality
Of another time

You are romantic
Friend of the clouds
That search a bit of sun up there
As you do

You are music
That inspires the soul
You are my corner
of Paradise down here

And I, next to you
Am returned to life
I will tell you,
Will trust you,
With my dreams
Because you are romantic

You are music
That inspires the soul
You are my corner
Of Paradise down here

And I, next to you
Am returned to life
I will tell you,
Will trust you
With my dreams
Because you are romantic


Tu sei romantica,
amarti e’ un po’ rivivere,
nella semplicità,
nella irrealtà
di un’altra età.

Tu sei romantica,
amica delle nuvole,
che cercano lassù
un po’ di sol
come fai tu.
Tu sei la musica
che ispira l’anima
sei tu il mio angolo
di Paradiso quaggiù.

Ed io che accanto a te
son ritornato a vivere,
a te racconterò,
i sogni miei
perché romantica
tu sei.

Tu sei la musica
che ispira l’anima
sei tu il mio angolo
di Paradiso quaggiù.

Ed io che accanto a te
son ritornato a vivere,
a te racconterò,
i sogni miei
perché romantica
tu sei.


29 thoughts on “Il VOLO SANREMO ~~ Jeannette”

  1. Jeannette,

    Not to be picky, but our dear Gianluca is Spiderman (not Batman). Do you know if/when we will be able to access their videos on YouTube? I so wish to share them with my students.

    Jill. 🙂

      1. Thank you Marie… That is what is called a BIG MISTAKE… Thanks for catching us Jill… Thats what happens when one does not read what they write… Gianluca, please forgive me… I knew you were Spiderman, but I must have had bats in the belfry when I was writing this…

  2. Crew, I hope you enlarged these videos (the little flower thing before the word “VIMEO”). They fill the screen beautifully.

    Also, you may revisit these videos anytime by going to the “ARCHIVES – April 2015” (on the left in gray).

    Could there be anything more genuine than Gianluca at the end of Grande Amore? The next time I hug him I’m not letting go!

  3. Oh, Jeanette, This is golden!! To be able to watch those fabulous faces while listening to the songs is just the frosting on the cake. Their expressions so mirror the words, Ignazio is especially adorable when the words are sexy, as so many of them are. And Piero using good technique with his lips for pronouncing and projecting, as signers are taught to do. The close-ups are priceless. Thank you so much for this. It is priceless.

  4. Marie, you did a great job putting this all together… Thank you very much… I felt that these videos were a treasure for us who love Il Volo and the songs on the Sanremo CD now come to life with these videos…

      1. You are very welcome, that is how I felt when I ran across them… They had to be shared so we can enjoy them at any time we need an Il Volo fix… You know they are more addicting than drugs, and much more euphoric.

  5. Its friday morning and I am supposed to be getting ready for work, as usual before I leave I check my email and see if there is some news from the Flight Crew…then I spend the next 20 minutes ( give or take) watching videos of IL Volo.
    What a way to start your day!
    Thank you. Now I must grab my eyepatch and cutlass and scoot to work before they notice I’m not there! Oh what I do for love! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the videos! As much as I love hearing them, watching & hearing is far better! Now, about hugging Gianluca…let’s just line up (stand him at the head of the line) and take turns hugging him till he shouts “no more amore!” Marie I know you have people who can make this happen! Yes, it will be a long line…so??? Texas is a big state so if we need more room, we’re available! Oh, while you’re at it, just put the other 2 in that line!!

    1. Ladies, I’m in line. As I have said before, Gianluca is my personal FAV. I love all three. I have only hugged him once and squeezed their cheeks once and I am so ready for #2. I have seen all these videos only by accident but not together. So thank you ladies for compiling them. They are the worlds best singers. Great job.

  7. Thanks you so very much, Jeanette. I have been wising I could see their beloved faces when they sang the songs on the EP. Now I can whenever I want. What a great start to my Friday morning!

  8. Thanks, Jeannette! You have made my day! I have been able to find the Forta, Forta, Forta & what they sing on Uncle Bruno’s show!!! Just wonderful to have this all together! I am also glad I am not the only one with Bats in the Belfry. I love to see their faces as they sing!!! The passion of their heart & soul!!! Now about hugging our beautiful Gianluca, I have always wanted to hug him any time I see him! I believe he just triggers that response in each of us!!! Of course I am happy to hug Ignazio & Piero too!!! Grande Amore to all this lovely Friday!!!

  9. If all else fails
    Il volo live performances
    Of,sanremo and their new songs
    The video – when they sing after
    Their victory/ “Vince” is delightful
    Are also,available, – DAILYMOTION –
    As of April 23, western Canada time

  10. Thank you for this Jeannette so great to see them all at once instead of searching all over the place. Though come to think of it that’s fun too because then I just click on every Il Volo video I find!! 😃

  11. This is wonderful. Now i can finally watch them sing the complete new cd. Thank you so much. Please, I have to be first in line to hug Gianluca! Then of course, Ignacio and Piero. This is a treasure.

  12. LOVED,LOVED,LOVED the whole thing. Thank you soooo much for bringing it to us, and I agree, it is so much nicer to see them in the videos. i hope there will be many more like this as dvds don’t come out often enough for me.

  13. Watching their beautiful faces is like looking at a priceless piece of art…then hearing their voices makes you just soar to the heavens. Thank you Jeannette for compiling this amazing work of pure joy!

  14. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT….this brings back all the feelings I had when I was watching the Sanremo contest unfold. Marie, thanks for sharing these beautiful videos and voices of our young men. I did enlarge the screens and you can see their feelings in their eyes as they are singing.

  15. A million thanks for these priceless videos !! I never saw these videos with all those close ups of their gorgeous faces. I just wanted to jump into the screen and hug them to bits !!! Now I too know where to come for my daily Gianluca. Ignazio and Piero fix !!!

  16. Thank you all for the wonderful posts, I am so glad that you are enjoying the videos… Our guys have to be seen as well as heard…They are to beautiful to miss… It was my pleasure to put them all together for all to enjoy.

  17. Jeanette, thank you for this beautiful piece. I love this special version of Vacanze Romane , their beautiful voices with just the piano for accompaniment, one of my favorite songs in this CD.
    Thanks again for taking the time to do this so you can share this with us. I just love reading these comments about how we all share this love for these guys and their music.

  18. I’ve been waiting for several days to listen and watch the videos. I wanted to be sure I had time to give the guys all of my attention. That was SO worth the wait. I loved, loved, loved all of the songs. It’s funny how, after listening to the cd an obsence amount of times, I did miss Ignazio’s “growl” in “L’immensita and I actually much preferred this version of “Vacanze Romane” to the one of the cd.

    I have educated my 17 year old Italian exchange student on Il Volo. He had never heard of them in Italy. He now knows their names, can (usually) identify their voices and he even downloaded a few of their songs on his iPod! How lucky a girl would I be to hear them when I travel to Italy over Christmas, though I would suppose (and yes, hope) they will be spending the holiday with their families.

    Thank you for sharing this, Jeanette. I saved it so I can listen and watch over and over again. Do you know how we can order the book that is available?

    Jill 🙂

    1. It absolutely boggles my mind that anyone could live in Italy and not know Il Volo!!! Now, to comfort myself, I shall go watch those videos again. Yessssssssss….

  19. Thank you so much Jeannette for sharing the live videos. I have played
    them several times and can’t get enough. I agree with Barb that seeing
    the feeling and emotion in their eyes is just priceless. I love the expressions
    on their faces. How I wish I could go to a concert.. . . . Maybe someday
    they will come close to Oklahoma.

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