You Need Us

Once the glow of Eurovision dims…
you will need us again.

When your countrymen run out of hugs
for their newly declared sons…
you will need us again.

When you tire of your toys
and need a reminder of how wonderful
those first few tours really were for you…
you will need us again.

We saw your faces…
we encouraged your awe and your glow.
To see if it’s still possible…
you will need us again.

We’re here…
we’ll keep waiting.
Cause that’s how much we love you…
and we will need you again.



27 thoughts on “You Need Us”

  1. Marie, I hate to start off my day by tears, but that was very beautiful and brought tears to my eyes and heart. I hope they return soon also. Thank you for such lovely words.

  2. Thank you, Marie, again you have spoken for all of us!!! I am hoping this Il Volo concert in Las Vegas becomes a reality. I also want the US, Canada, & Latin America to be included in this 2015 World Tour!!! What is scheduled after Verona, 9/21, we have no clue as yet! I need an Il Volo fix!!

  3. Oh, Marie, now you’ve said it all! We want them to come back to us. Didn’t we watch over them when they were growing up? Yes, Anne, we need a fix.

  4. Thanks Marie for again reminding me that I am not alone in my feelings. Also needing that Il Volo live in front of me singing fix.

  5. Yes we did Ann. I have a feeling we’ll be watching them a little while longer. Yes, I too need a fix. These withdrawals are killing me. I’m starting to shake and cry.

  6. Well, I guess this is one of those tearful mornings! But then I do have a “hair trigger” when it comes to these guys! Gotta go wash my face and get the lump out of my throat. Love you all.

  7. Marie thanks for expressing the feelings the loyal fans have. They will come back but they are under new contract with Sony/Latin and they are making the decisions. It cost a lot of money to arrange tours and they are going to areas they think there is a demand. I am sure some decisions will be made when their CD comes out in September and maybe they will come for TV appearances.
    I listen to “In Spots’ while paying bills or doing paperwork and they always calm me down. Two days ago this song stood out because we have been expressing our feelings about missing the boys.

    AM I ASKING TO MUCH – by Ink Spots
    Am I asking too much when I ask you to love me?
    Am I asking too much when I ask you to care?
    Am I reaching for stars that are too far above me?
    Are my dreams meant to be only castles in the air?

    Is there no hope at all, no place in your heart for me?
    Can’t you find somewhere in your life a little part for me?
    Can’t you see there may come a day when you’ll want me to love you?
    Am I asking too much when I ask you to love me too?

  8. Dear Marie I know how much we all miss IL Volo this year but I want Il Volo’s popularity to grow don’t you. I know in time IL Volo will be back to the states again and we will be in that wounderful exciting time again. Don;’t be too sad. I know they love America and when the time is right they will be back.

    1. Marie, you always seem to read my mind. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t listen to the Guys. Please keep up the good work. You and the Guys make my day. Thanks again.
      Alice in Florida

  9. We are certainly on the track. From Las Vegas we are pushing just about each week to get a solid date here. But of course, If there is a Vegas concert there will most likely be other USA/Canada concerts. They would not likely do just the one (although we will take what we can get).

    I am like a broken record: Il Volo NEEDS to do a much more extensive tour in North America. They need and I mean NEED to do that usual list of American TV shows to enforce our memory (a lot of us need it) . Like Tonight show, Today show, The View, Dave Letterman or the new one, The Talk (their first show ever here) Jimmy Kimmel, etc. etc,. etc.

    Fingers crossed.

    1. You’re right on the mark Myron. Those are all the main shows they have to be on again. The girls love them on The Talk and they get a lot of viewers.

    2. Does anyone think that perhaps Il Volo are waiting for a USA tour till after their new album is released? Very probable

      1. That’s what I think also. I think they will come in the fall. Or rather, I HOPE they will come in the fall! I really need a good dose of Il Volo right now!
        However, waiting is the only option. Sigh.

  10. Well…I know 3 guys. Everyone, please let them know what Mary just said. Of course, the lyricist will have to be there every time they sing it. I will also need an oxygen tank. Thank You Everyone!

    1. Well done Marie, you expressed everything all of us are feeling… We all are missing them and their live concerts here in North and South America… Yes they are going to need us and I hope it is soon… I think it will not happen until the CD comes out in Sept… And it will be well after the launch date because of the commitments in Italy and Europe …

      I am going to ask for the help from the Fight Crew here…

      You all know that Myron and his committee are trying to get a concert date in Las Vegas… If Myron succeeds in this endeavor you can be sure that there will be more concerts dates in North and South America … So please help the Il Volo to Las Vegas committee achieve that by going to the website and vote… It will help us get Il Volo back in the good ole USA and Canada and Latin America too…
      Thank you in advance for taking the time to vote and/or leave a message…

  11. You very beautifully hit the nail on the head Marie and one thing is for sure —Our hearts are all crying out for an Il Volo Concert & M&G fix !! I know that they would never forget us because they do love all their Ilvolovers as much as we love them. So as hard as it is we just have to sit tight and try to be patient. They will return !!! Hopefully in the late fall. Fingers crossed !!

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