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UPDATE:   it seems there’s some scheduling conflicts. Italy has a Meet and Greet with the press scheduled at the same time on May 17th. We’ll have to wait until it’s closer to the date and we find out for certain.

The Flight will perform on May 17 at the Vienna Staatsoper

Good news for fans of Flight . A few days before the ‘ Eurovision Song Contest , Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble will perform in the magnificent setting of the Vienna State Opera , the most famous theater in the Austrian capital that will host the European song contest.

the flight

The performance will take place in the show Pop Meets Opera , a very special matinee scheduled May 17 at 12 am to be attended by big names work as Plácido Domingo andJuan Diego Flórez and the ensemble The Philharmonics  (or musicians of ‘orchestra of the State Opera / Vienna Philharmonic) but also people linked to the world of Eurovision as Conchita Wurst , winner of 2014.


On stage also some singers in the competition in the current festival, which kicks off May 19 to 23. The news today Verdens Gang , the most widely read newspaper in Norway, announcing the presence of the candidates Norwegian  Mørland & Debrah Scarlettalong with those of The Flight to Italy, John Karayannis for Cyprus, Nina Sublatti for Georgia, Molly Sterling for Ireland and Boggie for Hungary.

The online travel guide of the city of Vienna ( ) also announces the procedures for the event:

The event will be televised by the Austrian channel ORF III at 20.15 within the programErlebnis Bühne . But the matinee can be seen streaming worldwide, without time constraints and free of charge, through the portal .

Pop meets Opera  will also be transmitted outdoors in the square in front of the Vienna State Opera, under the ” Oper live am Platz “.


Plus,  WIWIBLOGGS have another poll:

Poll: Who is your favourite automatic qualifier of 2015?
Who most deserves their spot in the final?

another poll

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  1. How cool is this? And in such a beautiful, famous place! I bet the guys are thrilled!

    1. I bet it is particularly thrilling for Piero since he is such a big fan of opera and this is one of the Great Opera houses

  2. It’s noon, not 12 AM!! Does anyone know what the difference in time is from Austria to say, Eastern Daylight Time? Once we know that we can all figure out when it will be on in our time zones.

      1. For God and Il Volo – that’s about the only thing that will get me up on a Sunday at 6am!! 🙂

      2. So that’s 7 AM daylight savings time, right? It better not be 5AM!! And it is a Sunday which is good for those among us who actually work for a living.

  3. Well since that would be Sunday morning for me, I guess I could try it. We pirates have a heckuva time giving up our sleep. If not that, I will pray that Youtube puts it up.

    1. I read it. Let’s hold this date until we know of a change for sure.

      Well Crew it seems there’s some scheduling conflicts. There is a Meet and Greet scheduled at the same time on May 17th. We’ll have to wait until it’s closer to the date and we find out for certain.

  4. I am so excited & happy for our guys as the date draws nearer! That’s a really bad time for me to see this!! We have a family graduation party for two Grandsons on the 16th! One Grandson graduating from USC & the other from Phelan High School! The party is in Corona & that will get me back home late! I plan to go home with another son on the 17th. Will have to see what is on U Tube has! Thanks for all the info. The Opera House is beautiful!! Grande Amore!!!

      1. The link that says Who is your favorite automatic qualifier for 2015? I can’t get it to work. So I entered WIWIBloggs and put that in their search and they said there is no such thing. I am baffled!

  5. I just noticed that the red paragraph says “without time restraints.” Does that mean we can watch it when we want or only when it is on live? I am sure we would all prefer to watch it at a more civilized hour!

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