Dare I?? ~~ Mary Bohling

Warning! 3 tissue alert! ~Marie

Allene, MARY and Jane (maryjane) the others you know.
 Allene, MARY and Jane (maryjane) the others you know.
Milwaukee Meet & Greet, 6/21/14,

Dare I hope for another Meet and Greet in my lifetime?
I’m grateful for the three that I’ve been given, though there are some regrets.
Dare I hope to have another chance to get it right this time?
Yes, looking into their faces was blissfully sweet,
And actually touching them was unbearably tender,But what happened to my resolve to live these moments to the fullest?
Why did I let that “person in charge” rush me through before I…..
…..got to look deeply into their eyes…..was bold enough to kiss cheeks…..said something coherent instead of babbling…
….could imprint that precious time firmly enough into my consciousness that it would come back in my memory again and again?
Instead, when it was over, it was as though it hadn’t happened at all….just a blur and “Did it really happen?” And, “Why didn’t I?” And “Will I ever have another chance?”

Sadly, the truth is that there could never be enough.
Dare I ask for more time to look closely at those dear faces…
to feel that they were looking at me as a real person, and knew that I loved them?
Or is it enough to know that they really do care about their fans.
And even if it isn’t me, personally, I know that it’s true for all of us collectively.

Dare I hope for another chance to live it again, or
Should I just be thankful to have had it at all?
And there are the photographs that prove that it really happened.
There they are—proof that I really stood next to them, had my arms around them, and even, in one case, gave one quick peck on the cheek before being rushed on.

So if I never get to another Meet and Greet, perhaps I’ll just have to be content with holding my memories close to my heart, and—Dare I say it: loving our dear Il Volo guys passionately from afar.


15 thoughts on “Dare I?? ~~ Mary Bohling”

  1. Mary, you made me cry! The last thing I posted of yours made me cry too. Stop it! Really Mary it’s beautiful and so heartfelt. You just spoke for plenty of us who feel exactly the same way. 6 Concerts, 5 Meet & Greets. Not content. Not enough.

    Betcha didn’t know I still had your M&G picture, huh? Just look at Jane’s dreamy, happy face and it’s obvious you don’t want to ever pull yourself away from that arm! Allene must be thinking, “Oh My God, Gianluca’s touching me!” Those Guys are all so handsome, but look at the face on the guy far right. Am I the only one seeing this?

    1. Mary, Marie is right on with her comment. My M&G was just once and like you, was rushed but was able to hug each one (Gian, very tightly) and pinch their cheeks. Ignazio was so sweet. He said to me and my sister, ” hey I remember you guys. You were in the front row waiving at us”. Wow!! He actually spoke to us. Piero said “hello there”. Not much but enough. I would love to see them again, preferably in Las Vegas. That would be awesome. I, like you Mary, hold dear the memories of even the smallest of thing during that whirlwind meeting with them. Their handsome faces, their touch, their heavenly scents and voices and their gorgeous smiles. And if I am not fortune enough to meet them one more time, then the one time will have to hold me forever.

  2. Mary,
    At least you can get to cherish the moments you had with them and actually got to meet them in person & a picture to hold and hug. I am hoping I get to finally meet them at a M&G but they are more popular then ever. So I see my chances of seeing these young men slimmer and slimmer 🙁

  3. You made me cry too Mary !! We absolutely go into brain fog when we are face to face with them and you expressed that trance like state so well. I am praying for a do over. Another chance to REMEMBER seeing their beautiful faces,looking into their gorgeous eyes and actually feeling the gentle touch of their hugs and check kisses. I will keep dreaming about that moment. If you wish hard enough dreams do come true !!

  4. How beautifully put, Mary. What a special night it was. No Marie, I see what you see. 🙂 We all hope to have the chance again and again. Some things in life are just priceless…like moments like this!

  5. I think what I was doing in that picture was glaring at the person who was coming to chase us away from our guys How dare they give you just a second to touch and hug our beloved boys. Yes, Mary, next time we will hold our ground and refuse to move! Yeah, right. Please, please, please. let there be a next time!! Yes, Mary, we dare look forward to our next meeting!

  6. Dear Mary, This is just lovely, you expressed perfectly how I felt after the M&G June 21st in Milwaukee. It was just thrilling to attend their concert (my first) and then to actually walk into that large carpeted room and see them waiting to sweetly greet so many adoring fans. It is the same for so many of us. I know I anticipated what I wanted to say to each young man…then wham, words tumbled from my lips, and I’m not really remembering exactly what I said. It is, like so many have said, a brain fog afterwards. I share your hopes for another concert and opportunity to Meet & Greet these darling young men. I will forever hold this date as a very special time that was wonderful simply because I have memories and photos. I know I was there with those dear Il Volo young men. I wish I knew you gals were there too, but we all share so much. Thank you for your perfect description of the evening, Mary. Hugs to All!!!

  7. Very nice Mary, you are so fortunate to have had a chance to hug them and speak with them, I am only hoping that I will get to a concert and a meet and great. Good for all you that have been. I am very jealous!!! Linda

  8. Thank you Mary for sharing your heartfelt thoughts with us! You expressed exactly the feelings we all seem to have!!! Let us all think positive!!! Our beautiful Italian Trio will come to our hemisphere before this year is gone! We all will get to enjoy a Concert & a M&G again!!! We will keep our wits about us & not suffer brain fade or the inability to speak coherently!!! There will be a beautiful photo with our precious guys that we can cherish forever!!!

  9. Thank you Mary, you have written the words that each of us have felt… We go to their concerts and it is amazing but we already knew it would be… We paid the xtras $$$ to see them and talk with them at the meet and greet, then suddenly its your turn, You get so excited you can’t find the words to tell them how much you loved the concert and of course how much you love them… Just about the time you think you can express yourself, there is the Traffic Cop telling you to move on quickly… Oh, we all feel your pain as we read your post… Dare you hope for another chance for a concert and a meet and greet with Il Volo… You sure can!!! Next time you will not lose your words, and that traffic cop better take the time to write you a ticket for being over parked with the boys.. .That will give you more time to say… I LOVE YOU…

  10. I remember when all I wanted was at least to be in the same air space as they were. Jeanine and I spent time dreaming.We had to get some tickets!..then…wow, what if we get seats up really close??? Dare we dream it?
    WE DID! Wowza! Okay, okay…can we get a M&G? Pretty Please???
    SCORE! Standing in line in that dim weird room that was just not photo friendly to stand there and try desperately not to stare with your mouth open like a fish. Ohhh. Closer…closer…oh look Piero is so adorable….All three are even better looking in person. Line moves up…closer… and then suddenly I am walking up into Piero’s warm hug and his lovely Italian accented murmur of ” Oh so sweet” in my ear.
    Then after he released me I found myself looking up at Ignazio who must have been practicing interrogatory questions: “What?” “Which?” “Who” before he tucked me under his arm & Piero slid in next to me…my heart I am sure stopped. Where is Gian? Suddenly there was Gian and his dazzling smile.
    It was over.

    But I will try it again….and so will all of the rest of you. We must. Why?

    Thank you Mary for inspiring me and reminding me to hope.

  11. Gosh Pirate! You got me all excited again! What you just wrote on top of what Jeannette wrote, on top of what Mary had already written, makes me want to walk across the water, tuck them all under my arm and bring them here for us!

    Even my family is on-board. For the past 2 years my family has been irritated with me because I put all travel plans on hold until I know the concert schedule. This year they just waited until I told them a date I was certain there would be no concerts anywhere within a two thousand mile radius. I have two trips planned on the exact dates the Boys are booked for concerts in Italy! So happy my family finally realized that my insanity is a permanent thing!

    Thank you again, Mary for bringing back that rush of love through delicious memories of past meet and greets.

  12. I,m jealous of all of you. I have yet to get to a M.and G. I bet next time the line will be longer. Around the world maybe. Keeping my fingers crossed that we get to do this again. Joanie G

  13. Mary, this was a beautiful tribute. Thank you! It was a wonderful concert and M&G. I will always remember my dimple kiss from Ignazio during Surrender. And, yes, his cologne. I haven’t cleaned my scarf. It is in a ziplock bag so the cologne stays fresh. Oh, what he does to me . . .
    (Sorry, Marie)!!

  14. I know exactly what you mean, Mary. I wish them every success — believe me. But every one makes my hear hurt a little because I wonder if the few minutes I had in Elgin will be all that I ever have. Thanks for sharing with us.

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