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Good idea from Gina:

Every six months I rearrange my living room in order to clean under the furniture and while doing this unexciting task and listening to the boys I thought you might have a “Meet & Greet” for our group. Line up a picture of the boys and everyone that wishes to share some of their life can pretend as if they are talking to one of the boys and telling him her/his story. Everyone tell us much as they are comfortable with. JUST AN IDEA.
If you wish to post my e-mail as a starter it is OK. I am sure not everyone is as nuts as I am. Gina

Sure they are Gina. Tell it to one of the Guys.

aaaaaGianluca stop making faces. Ignazio quit frowning. Piero, put the phone down and listen!  Behave Guys .  Here’s your chance to…

Meet & Greet Gina

Since I am becoming an e-mail pest I want to introduce myself. Jana said she was a history buff so I thought I’d share some of mine. I keep mentioning Lithuania and Europe. I was 9 when we left Lithuania and lived in Salzburg till the end of the war. After the war all displaced persons where scooped up and put in the DP camps. I went to a Lithuanian school and we did folk dancing and other activities. Later when we came to the States most of the emigrants seemed to congregate in large cities and had their own churches, social clubs, social activities and sport activities. We traveled to other cities and met the other Lithuanians and had concerts and athletic competitions. I was 25 before I left Cleveland and completely immersed into the American life. Before we lived a “double life” of going to American schools or work and then spending the rest of the time in our own circle. In a moment of insanity I joined the Marine Corp after my first marriage went south. I was not made to be a Marine. I made it thru Officer’s Training by shear will and support of one of the officers who kept telling me not to quit. After my tour I transferred into the US Army. Marine Corps in early 60’s did not have many opportunities for women. Shorty after I was stationed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, I met my husband, married, adopted two children (babies) and had a surprise pregnancy. In 1966 women could not have dependents under 18 or be pregnant and stay in. I had to resign my commission. A few year later things changed and today women have children and stay in. My son and youngest daughter are eight months apart. My husband retired in 1979 and we came to his home Texas. Now old age has arrived and as I said Il Volo and their travels brought me back to so many memories. I have some small and faded memories of Vienna and wish I could be there during Eurovision to see the boys.

Gina Italy my picturesPictures-
The dancing was the DP Camp in Schwabisch Gmund in 1949 (now a US Army Base). The one with people standing at a RR Station is in Ludwigsburg, Germany 1950 (I am the one with the grey jacket and dorky socks and shoes). Before you could emigrate you had to go to a central camp and pass a physical etc. There was a big business in selling healthy lungs. You could not go if you had TB. We took a train to the ship we sailed on the Gen. Sturgis. The Lady Marine trying to look efficient.

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  1. I was looking into Ignazio’s eyes while telling my story. Marie you are great to put up with all of us and our ideas. I am sure your e-mail account is huge. Hope we get to meet some more of our group. Leaving to my ‘economy gym”. I volunteer four mornings at a Food Bank to get my exercise stocking the shelves.

    1. Gina, thank you, but had I known you were looking into Ignazio’s eyes I wouldn’t have published your story! It would have been more like bon voyage back to Lithuania! Just kidding, of course! (Probably)
      Plus you are double dipping… getting exercise and getting closer to God for doing good deeds. Very smart!

      P.S. I do receive Lots of email. Sometimes a hundred in a day! Everyone, please be patient if I don’t answer yours promptly.

  2. Thank you for the share Gina, it was wonderful to read about your life and how you share it with the boys and ourselves. I am going to try this the next time I have boring jobs I know I can speak frankly to Ignazio and tell him what’s on my mind. Happy Tuesday!. Linda

  3. Welcome , Gina! Loved your could probably write a book! I am in Texas, too! I have been an il Volovers since 2011! Have never seen them in person! Hey, you can look at Ignazio’s e yes all you want too..I’ll take whichever ever one is available! My children and Grandchildren humor me on this! I volunteer, also! Have been a member of our Hospital Auxiliary for 40 years!! Keep up the good work AND keep loving il Volo!, THEY KEEP US YOUNG, or make us wish we were!!

  4. Thank you, Gina for sharing your lovely story!! You are living such an interesting life! If you want to look into Ignazio’s eyes & pour your heart out, I say go for it!!! Our guys are all such good listeners!!! Love the photos you included. Grande Amore to all!!!

  5. Dot and Anne, who are you both to tell Gina to continue looking.. there? What is this..stab Marie in the heart day? I blame you both for making me put Gina’s lovely pictures on my dart board.

  6. Gina I loved your story. Posting our lives for all to see will really bring us all together more. We all have stories about our feelings about the boys and how it has affected our lives. I hope I can get the courage to write mine also. Joanie G

  7. Gina, your story was so interesting. Altho I love Austria because of all the classical music (and beauty) I found Lithuania fascinating. But I was only there as a tourist and I’m sure living there was MUCH different.

  8. Marie, you know one can’t help loving Ignazio!! On the other hand, I can’t help loving Gianluca!! I just want to hug him every time I see him!! I can’t help loving Piero with his beautiful eyes & gracious manner!! I want to hug him too!!! I feel so blessed that these beautiful young men are so much a part of my life now!! But Dot & I will caution Gina to stay away from the Court Jester as he unavailable due to Marie’s charm & wit!!!

  9. Thank you, Gina, for sharing your story. You have had a very interesting history in your lifetime. All of us, it seems, have been affected in some way or another by our boys. I doubt very much if Piero, Ignazio. and Gianluca, have any
    idea how much peace, happiness and love they have brought into our lives.

  10. Please don’t let me be the only one baring my soul. Just like faith brought us to find the boys and their music one event in my life changed everything in mine.. If it had not been for WWII who knows who I would be today.
    Hope all of you ladies share some of your stories and I am sure Marie will put you into print. it would be nice to put a ‘face’ to each name. I am basically a coward but age is making me more daring. Thanks for your comments.
    Ignazio has big arms so he can handle more then one of us.

  11. Gina, I enjoyed reading your story so much. just look at what three Italian “men” have made us do??? and by the way, what’s up with every second person on this site looking into Ignazio’s eyes?? time to stop that right? there are four other eyes longing to be looked into!!

    1. I would be afraid to look into any of their eyes too long. I’m sure I would melt. I would try it though. With any two of the six eyes.

  12. Hey Deanne! I love them all dearly and would be proud to be close enough to look into any of their eyes again, even for a moment. dare you say I don’t stand a chance! “He’s” going to call me any moment!

    1. 👨🏻📞☎️ Whoops, wrong number! He called me in Minneapolis. Sorry, Marie!

  13. Gina ,’
    Your story was beautifully written, so interesting and the pictures just brought your story to life… Thank you so much… I hope we get a few more stories from other to enjoy… It certainly helps us get to know each other.. Thank you Marie as well for putting the Idea out there for us to send you our Il Volo story…

  14. OK, I wonder how many of you have thought of what you would like heaven to be like (when/if you get there????) I have: Heaven for me would be to have Ignazio singing to me for all eternity. that would be bliss!!

      1. I’m thinking in lyrics again…”in the morning, in the evening..ain’t we got fun”? I just got my chuckle for the day by reading all our comments! Where else but with the Flight Crew?? Seriously, Marie, don’t you think those big, puppy eyes are big enough for more than one gazer! Just asking!!…Dot…..

    1. Sorry, I need to have him dancing in a thong and a bow tie! Get my drift???? Marie???? Are you with me???? 👨🏻💥😏

  15. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing, Gina! Loved hearing your story. You might not have been built to be a marine, but I’m not built to be in the military period, so I bow to your fortitude!

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