From the Horse’s Mouth!

Now we know for certain so… U.S.A. and Canada and Latin America may commence jumping up and down!


If you haven’t heard it by now, here, in Gianluca’s own words, are concert plans which include us!! Wait for it at 2:38!

The Guys must have had the go-ahead to announce this, Piero mentioned a U.S./Latin America Tour.

Now we know for certain they are coming in Oct/Nov. Shall we guess/hope what cities they will be heading toward?


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  1. Mine! Please mine! I’ll will also take Las Vegas, please. Ok, anywhere!! Thank You Sony, Thank You Management, Thank You Guys!!!

  2. OMG!!! What a great message to read on this Saturday morning! I will save my Delta credit to go wherever they will be singing! I hope it won’t be in December as I’ll be in Rome and Sardinia. But they should be home for Christmas right? Thank you, Marie, for sharing this!!!!

  3. Happiness is – hearing and seeing Gianluca giving the news we were all so hoping to hear! May our Las Vegas dream become reality.

  4. Now, Marie, “Fromj the horses mouth” indeed. Is that referring to Piero, Gianluca, or you? None of the above remotely resemble horses. I would say for Piero: a warm fuzzy puppy, for Gianluca: a sweet baby lamb, and for you: a loving mother hen watching over all of her chicks.

    But whoever it came from, it’s music to our ears. Thank you, thank you.

  5. From that sweet mouth to our ears!! And yes , Gina, we can locate then in number of places in Texas!!! Just give time to get there!! Seriously, I’m delighted that they are coming stateside ! At least some of us “il Volo starved” fans will get to see and hear them!! Boohoo if it’s not those of in the south!! Whoopee!!

  6. Gianluca said he liked Los angeles so I hope they will choose it for a tour. However, I would really like Los Vegas. It’s easier to get to from my place. Huray Huray!! Joanie G

  7. The City of Angels would be an excellent choice since they have the voices of angels. No wonder Gianluca loves Los Angeles. I fly to California once or twice a year to visit my daughter in Riverside, which is exactly 58.9 miles from LA (about a 1 hour drive).

  8. My comment is awaiting moderation, probably because I could not spell my own last name! Here is my comment again: The City of Angels would be an excellent choice since they have the voices of angels. No wonder Gianluca loves Los Angeles. I fly to California once or twice a year to visit my daughter in Riverside, which is exactly 58.9 miles miles from LA (about a 1 hour drive. I would also be able to see them if they have a concert in Miami, FL or Vienna, VA (Wolf Trap). Another good place would be Naples, FL (get it, NAPLES?). That is where I am now. I sent a letter to the Naples Philharmonic Theatre last year asking them to invite Il Volo to perform there.

  9. Music to my ears from that sweetheart Gianluca! He is their press agent always, giving us information. Always “my little genius.”

  10. I am still happy dancing!!! Sorry Mary, I’m not home to catch the moderation (it’s random). I’m staying a few days with my sister who had surgery yesterday. Will catch up on email in a day or so. Fortunately, it’s the sister who is in love with Piero and would happy dance too if surgery wasn’t on her feet.

  11. Happy dancing…husband thinks I’ve really lost it now…this news is music to our ears!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I knew in my heart the guys would be coming back to the US.and now yu have confirmed it. Now I can really start to dream and make plans again. Live the news.


  13. It crossed my ‘evil’ mind that maybe they are coming only to promote the new CD by going on different TV shows. It will be October or November and probably to cold to have the outdoor shows. Los Angeles, Miami and New York have most of the TV programs. Just thinking out loud. We always must have HOPE.

  14. From what I’ve been reading on All Things Il Volo and the Pittsburgh Face Book page, this is a CD promotional tour, not a concert tour…but we’ll take it anyway! <3

  15. It crossed my evil mind that maybe they might just do a promotion tour of going on different TV programs. They are coming late in the year so a lot of the outdoor locations for concerts will be closed . NY, LA and Miami have all the TV shows.
    Just a thought and hope I am wrong..

    1. This is music to my ears and to cheer me up today. Had to put our cat of 14 years to sleep. She had been very sick and wouldn’t eat or drink anything. It was a very hard thing to do. This is the 2nd time for me doing this.

      1. So sorry about your loss. We have two cats and as pesky as they can be I would be heartbroken. Isabella and Pixie give us a lot of laughs and joy.

  16. Please make it Detroit. They can’t skip us. But will need to be an indoor theater. So much better outdoors. Oh cripes, can’t believe I’, being so picky. Just get here please please.

  17. I hate to ask this question but this tour for the new CD are they going to be in concerts or just going from city to city to go in stores to promote the CD. I will line up with everyone else at a store & buy a couple of CD’s. I am just thinking of what they did in Italy at 10 different stores to promote their recent CD. Gianluca did say they were going to promote the CD so was wondering if that includes concerts.

    1. I am wondering the same thing. Although I think he said Canada. Have they ever been here just for a signing? I don’t think so, although there is always a first time.

  18. You know what if they are coming to promote the new cd and they are coming to signing sessions I’ll be sure to get to one of them for sure. That will make me happy.

  19. We have waited soooo long for a concert. Surely they wouldn’t do that to us. I’ll stand in line at a signing with every one else. BUT, I want to hear them sing, darn it.

    1. If I heard right, Gianluca did not say anything about doing concerts in the USA. He only said that they would be promoting their new album. To me this means on TV and at bookstores. I have a feeling that the USA concerts will take place next spring, but not any sooner. Hopefully I’m wrong and it will be in the near future.

  20. I heard they are going to tape their next PBS special in Italy at one of the concerts this summer, so they will probably be visiting the stations to promote the special and maybe some signings.

  21. Marie, nowhere in Gianluca’s words did I hear “US /Latin American concert tour I heard him say that they were coming back to US, Canada and Latin America to promote their new album. that is very different from concerts!

  22. Well, I doubt they will head for little ole crazy Portlandia But I would happily travel to Las Vegas or Vancouver BC. Seattle even. Las Vegas would be awesome!

    1. I heard the word “tour” not signing or promoting. I’m holding out for concerts and won’t believe anything else until I hear it “from one of the horse’s mouths” differently!!

      1. Gianluca said they were coming back to promote their new cd. He didn’t mentioned any concerts.

  23. Yes, I wasn’t sure about that either, but you could take it either way? Even though they didn’t specifically say “concert” tour, don’t artists usually do a concert to promote their CDs? Maybe Gian just mispoke and he really means concerts? But everyone is correct, I think if they come within a 200 mile radius of any of our towns, we will be there waiting, and camping out, like it was a Black Friday special sale!! 🙂 And with all of our “connections” we will be sure to watch or tape every show they will be on and the BEST part will be? It will ALL BE IN ENGLISH!! 🙂 I also recall watching a few of their signings from years past and they do do a little singing. Just to hear their pure, clear, voices, without all the orchestras, will be pure joy! It will be worth taking a day off of work!

  24. I don’t care what they will be doing, just come back to the US! Btw, have I told you I miss you and love you lately…Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio.

  25. Elaine, You came to mind just the other day, and I realized I hadn’t seen anything from you for a long time; in fact, ever since we sent all of our biththday greetings to you to forward to Ignazio on his birthday a year ago. That was so very nice of you by the way. Hope to see more from you! Blessings, Kitty

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