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It’s Mother’s Day here in the US, and it’s also Mother’s Day in Italy. Here’s an Italian account of how it’s celebrated in Italy:

Children usually buy presents for their mothers. Flowers are a very popular present on this day, a lunch of flowers, usually roses or plants with flowers. At midday people usually eat all together to celebrate their mother. We usually have a big dinner: stuffed pasta, meat and for dessert a heart shaped cake. There are a lot of them in pastry shops. We love them. After dinner we are free to play or to go out with our friends. On this day, mother is a special guest. Everyone helps her and she doesn’t work for a day, at least! Then she opens her presents and she’s very happy!

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all. I hope you enjoy your special day and all the love it holds for you!

  2. Thank you Marie and i would like to álso extend my mother’s day greetings to all my flight crew sisters. Have a wonderful day with your families as I will. Kids/grandkids/grt. grandkids taking me out to brunch after church. Enjoy your day ladies. Love you all.

  3. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all Flight Crew Moms be it it two or four legged childrens’..
    Mothers are caretakers of all. My mom died 18 years ago and I think about her very often. A big thanks to the boys’ moms for bringing us such precious young men.

  4. Hope you all had a good day. I had lunch with my daughter. She and I are the only ones left so we hang on to each other. The day was pleasant. Joanie G

  5. Happy Mother’s Day everyone Just came home from brunch with my eldest son, wife & my grandson. Go next week to my other son & son-in-law for barbeque. Nice to be taken out to brunch

  6. Much love and many blessings to all of you beautiful Flight Crew ladies on this wonderful Mother’s Day! <3

  7. And I add my very Happy Mother’s Day greetings to all on the Flight Crew. And also to Mrs. Barone, Mrs. Buschetto, and Mrs. Ginoble.

    Is it true that calories don’t count on Mother’s Day?

  8. Happy Mother’s Day to the entire Flight Crew and to ALL the wonderful, supportive mothers out there and most especially to Eleonora, Eleonora, and Caterina who have given their sons to the world; and yet, who always give them a warm and loving home to which to return.

  9. Not a Mother’ day comment but:
    This concludes the OGAE International ESC Poll with the winner from Italy – Il Volo with Grance Amore!

    The final TOP-5 is:
    Italy – 367 points
    Sweden – 338 points
    Estonia – 274 points
    Norway – 243 points
    Slovenia – 228 points

  10. I do wish all of the Flight Crew a very Happy Mother’s Day! I don’t make comments very often but I do read and enjoy the ones from all of you.

  11. My mom always said to me: “No one will ever love you like your mother.” Those words have echoed through the chambers of my heart all day. I could write a book about her, the first and last lines of that book would be that quote, of course. Nothing else written in volume between those two lines could ever equal in weight and measure the loss I felt today. It is the course of life, and the promise of Faith, that all things passed shall be renewed again.

    There is great joy and comfort in that knowledge! I wish all of you Great Ladies of the Flight Crew a Happy Mother’s Day, in every regard!! How wonderful all of you have been to me, in helping me learn about these three boys and all the blessings they bring with them to the world.

    I’ve watched Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero in videos with their families and it is a true pleasure to watch young men genuinely and openly love each and every member of their respective families. You can see in the eyes of their mothers, how much they too, are adored, loved, and treasured beyond description. It is a sweet scene indeed to see that kind of admiration and affection shared between mothers and sons. Godspeed, The Flight, and to all those that love them with pure benevolence and goodness.

  12. Thank you, Marie, and all! Even though I’m only a kitty mommy, it makes me smile, as well as to remember the beautiful gifts which came to me through all the mommas in my life.

    Love and gratitude,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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