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  1. Watching the funny little video leads you to some old time Il Volo performances and it sure brings back some great memories. The boys are a wonder. From the beginning they were put in some unusual stages, small, with stairs, no stairs, yachts, slab in the middle of a park ‘lake’ and they just sing and smile. I love the “old days” when they beamed and smiled and so happy just to be on stage and have an audience that loved them.

      • I get nostalgic for those times too Gina. I guess it’s onward and upward for men who were once our precious babies. Our Boys (hard for me to ever say men) are now on to the double platinum

          world! Did you know?

  2. This is truly one of their best videos yet. Having so much fun which just comes naturally to them. What you see is what you get…three genuine guys who are such naturals in front of a camera. Does not matter if they are singing, being interviewed or promoting an upcoming event…they are who they are at all times which is one of their greatest attributes. Just when you think you could not love them anymore than you already do…YOU DO! 🙂

  3. I am so sorry to be such a pest, but the one I want has videos of the boys singing(live) 5 songs L’immensita, Romantica and 3 others. It was so special and I kick my self for losing it. Thank you for ALL your efforts and it’s ok if it is not available. Jacque

      1. YES! YES! YES! THIS IS THE ONE! i CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH, YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY! My family thinks I am nuts over them, can’t help it, they are awesome. And I am 87, not some star struck kid. Jacque

      2. Thank you Jeannette I wanted the videos also now I have them.You ae so thoughtful

      3. Those videos are great but I wish there were videos of the live performances at San Remo–all three of them. Ancora was spectacular.

  4. Marie, thanks for posting this fun video of our guys … I just think it is Il Volo at their natural best… They love to cut up and joke around on stage and that is what makes their concerts so complete along with their beautiful voices… So to see them in this video being just who they are, fun loving young men just make me love them more, if that is at all possible… Thanks again Marie for always delivering the best of Il Volo to us.

    1. You’re welcome Jeannette. This may be my favorite video! They have such fancy about them. I love to see them having such fun! They needed that. They seem to be a little tired lately. Should be, the gad-a-bouts! Don’t quote me on the “tired”. I’m always looking for that. They could rest here, at my house. I would stroke their brows and sing them lullabies.

      1. Marie, even you do not have three hands to stroke their brows with. You need help! And I think I know where you can get some. Free.

  5. I love this video they seem to be having a blast I love to see them smile. I don’t even care if they win Eurovison they will always be number one to me.

    1. I don’t care either Lucky.

      Penina, the thought of stroking all three brows made me shudder. I think I can handle it. I’m glad you know where I can get help though, just in case.

  6. QUESTION-the second video of “Canzone per Te” was supposed to be released to everyone but It just faded. It might have been released to all markets but I have not seen it. It was not the big success as the other two but before Eurovision everything should be out there to help promote the boys.

  7. Someone once said “it is what it is” and aren’t we delighted, entranced, mesmerized, giddy, and VERY happy that Il Volo is what it is?? Please do not even try to correct my English!, IT IS WHAT IT IS!! Thanks for the referrals on the videos. I had lost some too!! …dot….

    1. Marie, you are soooo right. The guys can do anything. I love this video. It is full of fun. I laughed so hard it made me forget about my dentist appoiintment.
      Alice in Florida

    2. The videos that I wanted and found with all you people’s help are 7, not 5 as I remembered and Romantica and Gianluca are my favorites, but they are all great. Hope they do put out a dvd with these on it. Jacque

  8. Peninahonig, You said in the post above that you would like all the videos from Sanremo… Here they are in order by date…

    Feb 11…… Grande Amore

    Feb 12…… Ancora

    Feb 13…… Grande Amore

    Feb 14…… Grande Amore

    1. Does anyone have the video of Romantica- I have theone that is music only. Thank you, Jacque

  9. peninahonig May 11, 2015 at 9:45 pm
    Those videos are great but I wish there were videos of the live performances at San Remo–all three of them. Ancora was spectacular.

    Here you go, these are the videos for Feb 11-14

    Feb 11…… Grande Amore

    Feb 12…… Ancora

    Feb 13…… Grande Amore

    Feb 14…… Grande Amore

    1. Thank you so much Jeanette–I was unable to watch these videos until now–I needed QUIET! NO DISTRACTIONS! Now I am trying to download them to my computer to keep. Thanks again! Mille grazias!

  10. Here’s my post from another site about this video, lol, only because I’m too tired right now to write anything else about it!!!

    “””The ease and fluidity with which these three fellas work with each other is a seamless undertaking that is a true pleasure to watch no matter the circumstance or venue. Either seriously performing or in the hi-jinks of humor, the camaraderie and fraternity shared by all three of them warms my spirit with pure goodness. Grande Amore in its most human of terms!”””

    And, I love’em, too. And,…every time they produce something, it’s dignified. All three of the boys were “raised right” by loving parents that obviously created home environments built upon common respect, decency, and moral integrity. Somewhere along the way those tried-and-true properties for rearing children will also create the standards for personal accountability and individual responsibility, both of which are clearly visible in the actions and behaviors of these three “stand-up” young men!!! Well,…I guess I wasn’t tooooo tired after all to extol on the hallmarks of worthiness I see in this gifted trio.

    Did I mention that I love’em, too? Godspeed, Il Volo.

    1. This is so well penned Jim and paints a complete picture in my mind of what Il Volo is to us… THEY ARE LOVE…
      They give it, they share it, and they inject it into every song, every interview, and every time they meet a fan… For every fan they are our GRANDE AMORE…

      1. Thank you, Jeannette. Il Volo, and their message (and/or mission, depending on your perspective, lol) certainly represent an unbridled and unmitigated concept of LOVE that transcends all human boundaries. One would only have to review their audiences across the world venues in which they’ve performed to appreciate that fact. Good things come in threes, with The Trinity being the most divine geometry of them all. I can’t help but conclude that these “three” boys were brought together by a Mathematician that knew the formula for their success in the world today, when they were still in diapers!

      2. I also think they must be a gift from God, and hope that all the fame and glory does not harm them in any way. I will continue too pray for them. Jacque

  11. I certainly agree with you Jim in everything you said. I have always said these 3 young men are Angels from heaven & have been put on this earth to calm our fears to show us what integrity is by showing us how to communicate with each other, to sooth our souls & enhance our hearing with their fabulous voices & their not hard to look at either. Do I love them AB-SO-LUTE-LY

    1. AB-SO-LUTE-LY AMEN, Loretta!!! And, yes ma’am, they’re handsome kids all right. But, from the windows of my heart, I see them as beautiful beacons of Truth and Light, illuminating where Peace resides inside each and every one of us,……with an earring and a couple of tattoos to boot. I love these sweet creatures with all my heart, just like you.

    1. here are the 10 winners of the first, semi-finalists who competed today:

      1. Thank you for the info, I really hope they win, but as one of their followers said “They are winners anyway” Jacque

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