From Sanremo to Eurovision with no time to relax in between ~~ Jeannette

Jannette  - From Sanremo..

Il Volo has been so busy since winning Sanremo… They are everywhere, making appearances on TV shows, radio shows, quick trip to New York City, Panama and Abu Dhabi, not to mention this past weekend Germany… Let’s not forget Milan to get fitted for a wardrobe for Eurovision and Bologna to record for the new album, a foot ball game to sing for charity,  if that is not enough, a quick video thrown in to make us smile… I not only need a world globe to see where they are at, but a GPS to keep track of them…

Can you imagine being their age and being to so many countries, seeing so many beautiful places, having so many people love you not only for your singing, but for who you are!They are three of the most put together, respectful, mannerly young men that I have ever seen in the music business…

Every time I see them on Porta a Porta and I see how Bruno Vespa looks at them… Uncle Bruno, with so much love in his eyes for all three young men of Il Volo, you know that what we know of them is true… Bruno’s look of love for these three is as genuine as Il Volo’s love for him…

 We may think that they have excellent manners, and are thoughtful, but to really know Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio all you have to do is listen to the people who are interviewing them… Everyone ends their interview, show or event with the words:

“These three young men of Il Volo are the nicest and most respectful men and it has been a pleasure to have them here”  The accolades go on and on with each place they go to and each interview they give…

How does Il Volo enjoy having fans all over the world? Just listen to their newest way of reaching us on social media called “Periscope“… They greet us fans in  Italian, Spanish and English… They  share their day with all their fans and tell us what is in store in the near future… Gianluca said they will be coming to the Canada, USA and Latin America to promote the new album that will be out in September…  We do not have to buy a fan magazine or hear news in the interviews or TV broadcasts… They come directly to us and share their lives with us…  Can you think of any other person or group that is so connected to their fans as Il Volo? I think not!!!

It’s so nice to know that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio truly love and care for us fans as much as we love and care for them…

We know they are three very different personalities but they share the same love, caring and values for their fans … That is why we know that they will always be our Grande Amore…


jannette - from Sanremo...

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  1. I care so much for these young men because they bring back calm, sanity and pride into my world. So much goes on in each of our lives and this world of ours that sometimes we need something to reaffirm that there are some things wholesome and good.. I pray they stay true to themselves.

  2. Marie, I agree with everything you say here, except for one thing: they are “three of the most put-together, respectful, mannerly young men” ANYWHERE, not just in the music business!!! The more we see of them, the more we love them…

  3. Thank you, Marie, you have said it all!!! These three wonderful young men have enriched all of our lives with their beautiful music!!! They share their lives with us & charm each of us when we meet at M&Gs. I now know much about their beloved Italy & would love to travel there!!! My life has improved with new interests since I first enjoyed Il Volo Takes Flight on PBS!!!

  4. I totally concur Marie. I was just watching Gianluca on periscope. So sweet how he talks in italian, English and Spanish to their fans. He was playing ball with Ernesto and having fun in the sand. He breaks out in a song often. These guys help me get through many tough days. I absolutely love them.

  5. Beautifully said and every word is true Marie. I have to start my day checking on any news about them as if they were family – and they are. Love them so much.

  6. Marie, You always say the thing that is on all our minds. Thanks for starting my day off in a warm and fuzzy way. Joanie G

  7. Marie, just how do you manage to get inside my head and pull out these thoughts of yours that sound remarkably as my own? Because of these three marvelous young men I see more magic, more beauty and FUN than I have in a long long time. I had pretty much given up the modern music scene and retreated to my oldies and then….Il Volo. A brand new chapter unfolded before me.
    Its a grand ride isn’t it?

    1. I hate to tell you this Marie, but our leader of the Flight Crew is not an idiot, she is a fun loving person with a case of early Alzheimer’s. There is a cure for this if you follow my directions carefully. More Il Volo, they relieve stress, they put a smile on your face, and calm the nerves… Oh and a picture of Ignazio will make you feel much younger and clear the mind as well … So there you go, there’s your therapy and instantly no more Alzheimer’s …

      1. Best prescription I’ve ever been given! I promise to follow it to the letter.

        Thank You Jeannette for being so kind after such a blunder.

  8. ThanksMarie for posting Jeannette’s word today. I think we all feel like she does about IL Volo. They are so special and I am so lucky to have found them and your site to keep me informed on everything they do. Love Live IL Volo and the Flgiht Crew.

  9. Do I need a smile?? Then I Iisten & watch a video & I can’t help smiling when I see ignazio’s smile & hear 3 of the most magnificent voices on the planet & when Ignazio takes his turn to sing I am in heaven.
    This is my existence to park myself in front of my computer & keep myself up to date on the lives of Il Volo with the help of you girls, Jeannette, Marie, & Kelly. You work so hard for us I join with everyone else to say thank you for your hard work. Without you as well as Michele & Elaine our blog wouldn’t be the best on the internet. Others have said their piece, here’s mine. Thank you

    1. This is sooo true. Everything you hear about Il Volo is great. This is why everyone loves them. Like you said no other performer has ever treated their fans the way Il Volo does.
      Alice in Florida

  10. JEANNETTE!!! What a wonderful synopsis and testament to the talent and truth of Il Volo. They are certainly the embodiment of Love’s manifest to each and every one of us who hear them sing, dance, walk, or talk. I pray that their pathway in life will always be filled with Peace, so as to cushion their stride while traveling about in celebrity. Trials and temptations will always be near them because of that celebrity, such is the world we live in today. I love these children simply for restoring my hope. Il Volo was designed by an Architect that knew how to build their foundation to weather the storms of life long before they were born. They’re in Good Hands. Godspeed, Il Volo.

  11. Just a bit of good news! I just heard Beautiful Day by Il Volo at the tennis tournament in Rome. They were playing it on the loud speaker between matches. The usually play pop songs by US artists , so this is really great. I’m so excited and happy for them. I wasn’t paying attention, but I started singing along and then it hit me. THAT’S IL VOLO!!!

  12. Yes, we truly live in an amazing time in our world today. We literally have the guys at our fingertips with this new Periscope app! Can you imagine the Beatles or Elvis doing this? The artists used to be so secretive and you’d have to wait for an article in the “teen” magazine for any info on them and write “real letters” to the fan clubs? Now, it’s all instant! They are everywhere! Yes, they truly love their fans and although Ignazio is my favorite one, I have to admit that Gianluca is becoming very endearing. He certainly seems to have the utmost respect and consideration for the American fans. Each time I see him on the Periscope and an American fan is on, he makes sure to speak in English and encourages those around him to do the same. It makes me wonder though, if those poor guys have any secrets left? We seem to know just about everything about them with all the interviews and questions they have answered. And, they have been so busy since winning Sanremo, with only a few days of rest here and there. Maybe this is good to keep them busy – they won’t have time to get nervous. I wonder if they will be nervous? I remember reading in one interview that Ignazio said his legs shake after a performance! Must be all the adrenaline rush! Yes, Grande Amore ragazzi!

    Nice job, Jeannette!!

  13. LADIES & GENTS!!! SAN REMO GRANDE AMORE NEW EDITION 2 disc set one of which is a DVD is now on pre-order at to be released on May 19.
    It already is shipping from the Italian amazon as of today.
    Just so you know!!!

  14. I just want to take a moment and thank you all for your posts today… Il Volo deserves all the love that is written in our posts… They work so hard to give their fans something to enjoy every single day, even when they are not in concert or on TV or Radio…

    Your kind words are well appreciated and I know that we all share these same feelings about our beautiful young men… I enjoy writing a post and knowing that you all will enjoy reading the latest tidbits about Il Volo… That is why we love the Flight Crew Blog so much… A place where we can share our love for three young men without anyone thinking we are crazy… Well, we are a bit crazy I suppose… Crazy for Il Volo of course…

    Thank you all once again for your kind words…

  15. Hi such lovely thoughts this morning !! which express just what we all feel 🙂 and a feeling that only we can understand! Everyone thinks i am going crazy at my age ( 52 !!) including my daughter !! but i cannot let a day go by and not hear their voices or their songs every morning /evening on my way to and from the office, when walking with my headphones on my steps have become lighter and everything else around me fades away while their voices lull me to tranquillity!!

    Well now that the Eurovision is getting closer, Eurovision fever is rising high here in Europe – the competition is a tough as everyone knows. Every country wants to win this contest so much !! As the voting depends on the other countries makes it even more difficultto win ! there are still quite a few European countries that have not yet heard about Il Volo and they may not be so popular here in Europe as they are elsewhere but I am sure that their marketing team is doing everything possible to spread their name as much as possible – so here’s hoping that Europe too will fall under their spell just as we all have and keep our fingers crossed that they will get as many 12 points as possible from each participating country ! – I am all out for them so that Malta too give our 12 points to Italy !! I really really do so wish for them to win !!

  16. Marie, I have a question. My son tells me that Amazon has two Cd sets listed. One for $19.99 and one for $29.99 Which one do I order? I want to be sure he orders correctly. (He won’t let me do it myself.)

    1. I can’t find the $29.99 on Amazon–I know I said last night it was available. I thought the 19.99 one was the right one. But I can’t find the other one. Will someone please send me a link to the right page on

  17. Thanks, Marie, but my son says that one can’t be ordered yet, but he’ll keep checking for me. Jim can’t understand my love for Il Volo and their music, but he’ll do whatever it takes to make me happy! Thanks again, Marie.

  18. Well, you all know me. I hate to talk negative about anything surrounding our Angels, but I will tell you…I did not buy the “Platinum Collection” because I already have all of those songs several times. The “new edition” Sanremo cd has the same 7 songs that are on the original EP. I hope the video is good. I am compelled to purchase the set. It’s a damn good thing I love those Guys!

    1. I won’t buy the platinum collection either. I think it’s great for newer IL VOLO fans to catch up on all the previous CDs, but for those of us who have been there from day one it is redundant! I really hope this is the last Grande Amore edition we see also. I still am getting over the fact that I have four We Are Love CDs that are all different.

  19. From Margaret:

    Enjoying all the posts. It’s wonderful that so many people from so many different places and backgrounds can all feel the same about Il Volo. It is truly amazing that with their exhausting schedule, they still find the time to be kind and take pictures with their many fans and let us know what is happening and in some cases sharing their feelings. I read the paragraph about Bruno Vespa from Porta a Porta and I totally agree. When I see him looking at them, even more so when they are singing, there is such love on his face and they obviously feel the same way. It is a lovely thing to see. Thanks for all your work and beautiful articles.

  20. Amen to everything you said Jeannette! I Love them SOOO much! No one else would make me want to empty my Bank account to go to Italy! Thanks for this beautifully written article!! I hope they see it!

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