I know some of you are leaving for Italy soon. We know you will all have a wonderful time. Stay safe. Take pictures. Caio Alla Prossima! And if you happen to run into the Guys, tell them the whole Crew says, “hi!”

Here, from Ann, are some of the beautiful sites those lucky gals may see. ~Marie


caio 3The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)
Liguria is famous for its picturesque towns and seaside views, but it has much more to offer! Read about Italy’s beautiful coastal region in “Tutto NIAF”!

∞∞∞caio4 Can you picture yourself on the beach in Capri?
Click to watch a simply breathtaking video of Amalfi & Capri…/


caio5 Nonna’s suitcaseItalian American page

caio 6The Best of Sicily – Wonderful Video –
Sicily – Sicilia Wonderful Video – Sicily – Sicilia ….. A place you just don’t see enough of. Wonderful to say the least. Magnificent! Sicily – Sicilia is the largest…


caio 2 ital-am page

 Me and Ann! ‘Cause we’re not goin’. ~Marie

8 thoughts on “Ciao!”

  1. You ladies have a wonderful trip to Italy. I was there in 2009 and once in a while, take out the old video to watch the places we visited and marvel at the beautiful sites. Rome, Pompeii, Amalfi,Tuscany,Pisa,Florence,venice and Sorrento. If you do run into 3 handsome Italians named Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio, you have my permission to give them the tightest hugs and kisses. Not too sweet on Gianluca. Have the time of your life, eat a lot, shop, eat, explore,eat and safe travels. Take lots of pictures to share with us unfortunate ones back home.

  2. Have a glorious trip!! I am so happy for all of you. Take lots of photos to share with us here and of course, kiss and hug all the guys from all of us if you get the chance! 🙂 Safe travels!

  3. Thanks Marie for putting this together. My trip was cancelled last year and again this year because my niece cancelled out on me. Don’t know if I’ll go again. Everyone please have a fun time. Wish I was going with you.

  4. Hey Marie, I’ll be joining you and Ann with that wine/whine. I want to go back to Italy so bad but I can’t. I trust I will someday. IN the meantime I lift my glass up to everyone who IS going. Lucky ducks!

  5. Is there room for more IlVolovers on the wine/whine page?!? Count me in!! I will never be able to go to Italy so really enjoy the photos & articles! Those of you going to Italy have a marvelous time & send pics!!! Grande Amore to all this lovely Wednesday!!

  6. Bella Italia, the most beautiful country filled with such history in every building, every statue, and even everything dinner served… I loved every moment I spent in Italy… For all of you who going to visit Il Volo’s homeland, be sure to document everything you see with pictures… Those memories will be brought to life with your pictures for many years… Just seeing the pictures Marie has posted brought back so many wonderful memories for me…

    Viaggio sicuro, e che Dio sia con voi.
    Safe journey , and God be with you

  7. We (who will be let behind) will be expecting lots of photos, videos, etc. from those who will be going! I find it difficult to even say the words..Italy…Il Volo…does that sound pitiful enough??? I can whine, but I can not wine!! Seriously, I am delighted that there will be a delegation “there” to say “we love you” to you know who…from the USA!! Vaya con dios!!

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