We Wish Him a Happy Birthday…Just Because We Love Them


Hey Everyone!

You’re probably looking at that title and thinking, “Huh?”   😀  That’s OK; it’s probably a bit confusing.  But that’s because we have two projects we know that you’re going to be excited about!


First, let’s talk about PIERO’S BIRTHDAY!!!  It’s coming up on June 24, and we are going to do another birthday post.  This is probably “old hat” to you by now, but for all of our new members:

Please e-mail us at ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com with a birthday greeting for Piero.  You’re greeting will be put into a post that will be tweeted to him on the evening of June 23 so that he wakes up to it in the morning of his special day.  Deadline for comments is June 23 at 5 pm central standard time.

I will also be making a video for the post, so I’ll need some music.  Anyone have an Italian version of “Happy Birthday?”  If you do, include the audio clip in your e-mail if possible, or tell me where I can find it.  Thanks in advance!


Second, let’s talk about Il Volo’s tour in Italy this summer.  Yes, I know many of us are disappointed that we can’t be a part of that.  We well remember how we felt when we saw them last year and perhaps gave a gift that we hoped they’d love and remember us by.  Well, a good friend of mine (and yours too)  will be going to Italy in August.  I’d hate her, but she does such awesome things for me, and has actually agreed to put my gift in her luggage to give to them when she arrives, so I guess I’d better be nice…      😉

I’ve been trying, ever since she agreed to grant me this favor many months ago, to come up with the perfect gift, and it hit me last night: how fun would it be if my gift was actually our gift?  How cool would it be to give each of The Guys a gift from The Flight Crew?  Marie thought it was a good idea, so we’re running with it!

In the same vein as what we do with their birthdays, I invite you all to email us (ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com) with your favorite pictures and a greeting for The Guys.  This time, your greetings can be a bit longer, because we are hoping to make them into a keepsake book from The Flight Crew!

Please send us your contribution by the third week of June.  We will be sending everything to the company at that time to allow time for the books to be printed, shipped to me, and then shipped to this marvelous person that is going to take them with her in time for her trip.

Now comes the delicate part.  You know that the Flight Crew Board doesn’t ask for donations.  This site is a gift and labor of love for us, and we are happy to do it.  However, many of you have offered to contribute should there ever be a need.  This gift for The Guys will cost a little bit with the printing and shipping and handling.  We are pricing out the most reasonable cost, but we are coming to you this time with a request for small donations to help offset the cost.

You do not have to donate to participate; we want all of us to share our love with The Guys no matter what.  But if you do have a heart to donate, you can do so by clicking the “Make a Donation” button on the left side of your screen or by clicking the “Donations” link at the top of the website (under the header picture).  You will be able to donate securely through PayPal without giving out any of your banking information, and the money will be held with them until we get ready to pay for the order.



I hope you’re as excited about these two projects as we are!  Please…post any questions you have about any of this below, and we will answer to the best of our ability.

~~ Kelly




31 thoughts on “We Wish Him a Happy Birthday…Just Because We Love Them”

  1. This all sounds wonderful!!! You guys are so great to think of such creative ideas. I so appreciate all you all do!! Going to the donation site right now. 🙂

    1. Sigh. Last year on Piero’s birthday Loretta and I were in the audience at the concert in Toronto. That’s where we met each other for the first time.
      A wonderful night! No concert this year! I will have to THINK a lot about what I want to say–last year I was too tongue tied to say much!

  2. Great idea. There are a bunch of HAPPY BIRTHDAYS in Italian on YOUTUBE. I like the cartoon one. They even have Italian Birthday cards to buy. Can you give us an idea how much of a donation you need. My husband bought a ticket today for some “Megga” lotto so If he wins I could do a large one. Unfortunately I was not meant to be part of the “Rich and Famous”. A book is a great idea. Easy to save as keepsake.

    1. You can donate any amount you wish, but $10 or less would be about right for this project. If we end up with more than needed, we could possibly do upgrades to the book or save it for something else later.

  3. I gave Piero a birthday card last year in Elgin June 20! How many birthdays does he have? lol I have a picture with him and the boys with the card in his hand and I gave Gianluca a new book on Sinatra. They are both holding the envelopes in their hands. Maybe I can send this pic that the photographer took.

      1. You’re welcome, Kelly! I think this is a great idea, too. What a great way to show our Piero how much we love him! 🙂

  4. What a wonderful idea ! i too will hopefully be in Taormina in August for their concert counting the days !! Is this open just for Americans or would it still be possible to send my greetings to Piero ? (together with a donation of course 🙂 By the way I am from Malta (( Europe).

  5. What a wonderful idea, the best gift of all for our boys is a loving gift from the flight crew… And yes, I will be happy to donate to such a beautiful gift for Il Volo.

  6. Such a great idea Kelly !!! You can count on my contribution !! Having just been in Naro this month I have many photos to send him with my birthday greeting. We did not get to see Piero but we did visit with his beautiful mother Eleanora and the Naro Il Volo Fan Club. I am so very thankful to have had this an amazing experience.

  7. Last year I le3ft a gift for Piero at thr greek Theater. I have photo of it so maybe I can send one to you for the book. I will donate with love in my heart for our Piero. Lucky you Joanie in Florida to have been in Naro and met Piero’s mom. Joanie g

    1. John, there is a great web site called “lyricstranslate.com” that I found, and they have all of the Il Volo songs on there, plus a lot more. It’s great!

  8. Alas, I can do many things but I am a computer moron and thus will no be able to make a greeting for my beloved ThunderBarone. So count me in on the $$ contibution instead.

      1. Oh thanks Kelly! That is very thoughtful and kind of you. Should I send it directly to you???

  9. Kelly, I have a neighbor coming over to take my photo withe photo of the fabric art thing I gave to Piero a year ago. I also bought a cap with “sicilia” on it. I hope you will put it in the book. He is precious to me. I am one of his nonnas in California. Joanie g

  10. Kelly I can sent you a copy of the picture I had taken with them in Festival Park is that OK? Also I don’t have paypal but could I send you a donation if I got it changed to American money to you home?

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