12 thoughts on “This Needs No Introduction!”

  1. Wish we could interview some of the REGULAR European people and ask them what it is they like about Il Volo. They got so much more out of Eurovision then third place. They got RESPECT.

    1. Hi Gina,
      greetings from Czech Republic ( Heart of Europe) – 1.300 km from Rome Italy.
      In our country knows IL VOLO few people.
      Radio or television do not broadcast their songs.I´ll try find out more.I believe,that the cause is protected rights by Italy.Czechs are very keen to italian music.Our television aired a finale may 23,2015.We can vote by SMS from a mobile phone and 20 voices only.
      I sent about 5 videos – Youtube -with songs complemented pictures of our boys and their young loves.I got back a message:
      Video blocked in some countries.
      I apologize for voting our “experts”and I´m embarassed,that failed to recognize real quality!
      I wish you much Gina and Kelly,Marie,Janine,Jeanette,Marirussu,Alaine,Connie – pirate and other girls,to join you guys back in the sommer and could look at photos of your concerts and meetings.

      1. Zdena, we had trouble seeing some of the videos in the US until some people send us one that did not say “blocked”. I am not sure of your ability to check some of the Il Volo Facebook postings. Kelley and Marie are the ones on this site to ask the TOUGH questions.
        So happy to have you with us. Gina

  2. This was a great video. What;s with the wheel chairs? Was it a handycapped game? Leave it up to our guys to show fun with compassion. Joanie G

    1. I believe it was a handicapped team. You can usually tell by the “sporty” type of wheelchair. Plus if you look, you can see leg issues among the players.

      Leave it up to our Guys to help others have a fun time. And they all sure did have fun!

      Is Piero pregnant?

    1. This is a great video. The guys really had fun. An interviewer asked them how the basketball game was. Piero answered that they had a geat time and a lot of fun. You have to love these guys. They love what they are doing and always seem to have a great time no matter where they are.
      Alice in Florida

  3. I love this video!!! Everyone is having a great time!!! They always have fun & if they can do something beneficial with that fun, all the better! I am not sure, don’t think Piero is pregnant!!! 😎 💖 💖 💖

  4. This is wonderful. I have done this with a group here in the states but we had to tie ourselves down to the wheel chair so we could not get up or out and that way be more like that people that are that way. I am so proud of these guys.

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