The Minnesota Seven Plus One ~~ Jane (Maryjane)

MN IL VOLO girlsL to R – Suzy, Dorothy, Bonnie, Audrey, Mary B., Allene, Joyce, Jane-hiding behind camera 🙂

The Flight Crew delegation from Minnesota got together again for another day of IL VOLO love and admiration!  Spring has sprung in the north land and we decided it was high time to have some more fun with fellow IL VOLO lovers.  We also had a new member, Audrey, to welcome into the group.  Once again Dorothy made the trek from Florida to join us.   Joyce hosted us in her lovely home.

We indulged ourselves on delicious snacks of Italian Dove Bread, Antipasto tray, Olive Tampenade spread and Garlic spread on crackers and garlic bread sticks with marinara, while sipping on Italian wine.

Joyce had an IL VOLO slide show (with an emphasis on Piero, much to Allene and Mary’s delight) that constantly played on her big screen TV with the Grande Amore CD accompanying it.  It was like being in IL VOLO heaven!  We all marveled at how we could continue watching it over and over and not get tired of it.  Can you imagine??   We played a game of CAPTION THAT PICTURE which always provides many laughs and new takes on familiar photos of the guys we have all seen and dearly love.   Mary had translated each song from Grande Amore into English.  We then had to read specific phrases of a song in English and decide which Italian song it came from.  This proved to be a challenge for many (me) and we were allowed to cheat and confer with each other in order to make it through the game.  Mary passed around a bottle of Piero’s own favorite scent…Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male cologne…for each of us to sample and enjoy for the rest of the day.  And boy did it smell good in that house after that went around the room!  If you closed your eyes you could surely imagine a certain someone standing right there!  Joyce gave us each refrigerator magnets with  favorite photos of the guys to take home and decorate our houses with.  Now if only they could come out with a wallpaper of the guys I’m sure we’d each have a room we would find to put it in!  We ate at Carbone’s for lunch and spent the rest of the day enjoying each other’s company.

Once again, IL VOLO brings love and joy into each and every life of those who know and admire them so.

We are all hoping there will be a IL VOLO Fan Faire in Las Vegas someday so we may ALL meet and share our love of these wonderful guys.




Hi Marie,  Jane wrote that she had sent you a report of our get together, but had forgotten a couple of things, so here they are: (Mary Bohling)


We are all so excited about Bonnie and Joyce’s trip to Italy to see two concerts—TWO, and one in Taormina.  How lucky can they get?  They told us about the places that they will visit and promised to bring back T-shirts for all.


When we got back to Joyce’s after lunch, Bonnie served a delicious pistachio dessert, in honor of one of Sicily’s major crops.  A crop that is overshadowed by it’s biggest contribution to the world,(?) Piero and Ignazio, but pistachios are nice, too.


Jane started the perfume frenzy with her encounter with Ignazio’s scent transferring to her when she got a hug at the Meet and Greet in Milwaukee….and then she got samples of it on EBay for us, so when Piero’s favorite was revealed, of course we had to have it.  I didn’t know that the bottle would be anatomically correct when I ordered it, but we really didn’t mind at all…and the fragrance is nice, too.


Guess that covers it.

~  Il Volo Mary


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  1. You gals look great Wish I was there. I am sending a photo to Marie for the book . I thought I was too silly with my Sicilia cap , but I think I would fit in well with the Minn. group. Joanie G Piero’s nonna in california.

  2. You ladies have had great times together!! This is a beautiful story!!! You all look wonderful too!!! A happy Saturday to all. The month of May is almost over which means we are bit closer to the time when we will see our charming Italian Trio again!! GRANDE AMORE!!!

  3. Jane & ladies it looks as if you had a wonderful time with lots of goodies to eat & the best music in the world to listen to.
    Jane if you know the scent that Ignazio uses please tell me. What an idea you had by having their scent in the air. Glad to see lots of fun was had by all.

    1. You are welcome to come, too, Loretta….it’s just a quick trip down from Canada….I would love to see you again. Jane will tell you the name of Ignazio’s scent…it’s something by Georgio Amani, I think.

    2. I’m sitting here laughing along with you guys–and what about the idea of the Il Volo wallpaper!!! Now there is a thought that has my head spinning!

  4. Thank you Mary its so nice to hear from you. I sent you my new email address when I changed over to Rogers. Actually my son lives in Dresden a short ride to the Border & going to meet you girls is something to think about, your not too far from the Border. When I came back from the Festival in Illinois I stayed at my sons & then came back to Bantford. That would be fun meeting the other ladies whom we talk to so often on the blog. I try not to miss a word. I’ll send you my email address again if you want to chat. Thanks for answering me here.

  5. So, what is the scent/ perfume that Ignacio wears
    I don’t think I read about it here before, and if it is
    Available way out here inthe west it would a great Father’s Day present! So please let me know?!
    Thanks laney

      1. Thanks Mary Jane now I think I’ll get some & spray it around my apartment then I can pretend he was here.

      2. Thank you for,letting me know! My menfolk will smell like hmmmmmm!
        &’tell Donna she is not the only Canadian! I think there might be 2 more of us out west ( me for sure)

  6. Loretta I would like to know your address, I thought I was the only Canadian. I live in Windsor and saw them in Detroit at the fox. I love ignazio.thanks Donna.

    1. Hi Donna I am also Canadian. I live in Toronto–and I also like the big guy with the dimples! Annie is also Canadian–you are not alone!

      1. Hi Donna, welcome! If you plan to continue viewing this site please choose another favorite Guy. There are enough dimple lovers here already! Just kidding. Maybe. Not so much. Sorta. Welcome.

  7. Mary I sent it again

    Donna nice to meet another Canadian, Penina is from Toronto as well.
    I saw Ignazio first sorry about that.

    1. Good Mary I’ll look forward to that to see our guys as well as meet new friends. I’ll be the first one waiting at the store or Plaza to open at 5 a.m. & will beat everyone to Ignazio

  8. Hi Jane and Mary, You guys know how to have a fun party. Why is the theme always the same? (lol) You say you all get together to share Il Volo, but I think it’s just an excuse to drink some Italian wine and share some hunky men’s cologne. I want wine and the scent of Ignazio too!!

    1. You can get Ignazio’s scent at Macy’s or some similar store….not as good as first hand, but– For Piero’s you have to go a perfume dealer on line….it’s French, strange that he didn’t go Italian. As for our motive in getting together, it’s all of the above.

  9. Marie…the day will come where YOU will be at the party too!!! We all look forward to that day. 🙂 Italian wine and some hunky man’s cologne is all it takes to get us together. 🙂 You really should go out and purchase these colognes so you will know which hunky guy you are hugging by his scent. 🙂

    1. I really look forward to that day! It was nice being with you all last year before and at the concert. And Mary… two years in a row! Let’s do it again this year! Then have that party that smells so good!

      1. Yes, for sure, Marie. We must do it again. As soon as they put out a tour list we’ll pick a place. I’ll bring my Piero scent–you’ve got to see the bottle!!

  10. How on earth did you ever learn what Piero and Ignazio’s scents were? I had wished I had asked Piero after he hugged me in Saratoga CA last year!
    I so wish you ladies weren’t so far away from the West Coast!

    1. Piero mentioned his scent in an interview and I googled it to find where it is available. Jane tracked down Ignazio’s. Now we need to find out what GG uses. Aren’t we a bunch of crazies? Funny how having that scent makes them seem closer. Maybe we will see you in Las Vegas, Pirate….we can only hope.

      1. Ahhhhh, Gianluca. Now there’s a guy who smells terrific. I hugged him so tight then pinched his cheeks after. He has beautiful skin. So smooth and flawless. Please let me know if anyone finds out his scent. My late husband’s was Pierre Cardin and every morning when I kiss his urn and smell his scent, I feel he is there next to me. I would love to feel as though Gian was close through his scent also. Did I just say that? Holy cow girl. I do love that boy.

  11. The group is wonderful to be with and talk Il Volo, plus I just received my tickets for the Verona concert 9/21 can’t wait to get there Dorothy

  12. Mary a couple years ago someone hollerd to Gianluca & asked whatscent he used & he said Gucci cologne. He may have changed it since then. I marked it down but was never able to find out what the other guys wore. I never thought to ask Ignazio what he was wearing when he gave me a couple of hugs, I guess I was in 7th heaven.

  13. Mary this is so funny. I don’t remember what I was smelling or if I was breathing. Its when we are standing in front of them brain dead, we can’t remember what we wanted to say. When he recognized me at the Toronto concert a couple of days after the Festival in Illinois & came he came off the stage steps to give me a hug it was so fast & even the question he asked me if I few home I started jabbering I come from Brantford not Toronto etc. So he probably thought I was a jibbering idiot. Just now thinking about it I am laughing so hard

  14. I still find it amazing that otherwise mature, intelligent, coherent, well-spoken adult women can be so consistently tongue-tied, breathless, “deer-in-the-headlight” frozen while in the presence of these perfectly delightful young men! It’s no wonder some of our family members think we are crazy! 🙂

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