Having Fun and Giving of Themselves ~ That’s Our Boys

telethon june 2015 2

By Foundation Telethon: Thanks to heart! We open the day with a wonderful news: the #partitadelcuore won the research. Thanks to the generosity of all of you, the commitment of the Italian National Singers For Telethon and Piedmontese Foundation for research on cancer has led to a total collection of 2 million and 111 thousand euro! Congratulations!! ilvolomundialoficial

That’s almost 2.5 Million Dollars!  Way to go Guys!

Thanks Gina

telethon june 2015

6 thoughts on “Having Fun and Giving of Themselves ~ That’s Our Boys”

  1. watch highlights of match and Gianluca’s winning goal and the boys on youtube “la partita del cuore 2015 highlights ampa sintesi “. the goal comes right at the end of video

  2. This is such a beautiful post. Pure joy and jubilation. These 3 guys live life to the fullest and show every second of emotion they experience, no matter where they are.

  3. This was only one of the CHARITY events they have participated. They are like three ‘energized bunnies’ full of batteries that go and go. They participate at things they are asked and do it even if their MUSIC schedule is full and exhausting.
    One reason we all are hooked on IL Volo.

  4. Gina, they are indeed energizer bunnies! So full of life, energy and gratitude for all the chances they have to do these amazing things. I bet Gianluca went to sleep that night with a huge smile on his face for the memory of his goal and his IL VOLO brothers congratulations!
    AS for being hooked on IL Volo, well I can’t for the life of me think of anything better. No hangover, no DUI, extra pounds, no bad trips…just three gorgeous Italian young men who make divine music! Oh yeah, I’m HOOKED.

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