I spend my days in Il Volo Land

Remember when we were young children we spent our days dreaming of the day we could go to Disneyland… A land of magic for children… Now we are all grown up and we are still dreaming of that special day, only now its an Il Volo Concert instead of Disneyland… Back in the day, when we were dreaming of that special day when we would finally step foot in the magic kingdom, we would satisfy our craving with watching The magical world of Disney on TV… That would hold us over till our parents saved enough money to take us to Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom…
Fast forward to today, now we fill our days with Il Volo… January we saw a Special on Il Volo… Oh did they ever look wonderful … February we watched Sanremo and they took home the grand prize, they finally received the recognition they deserved, they got their Grande Amore from Italia… We also got to spend a few moments with them on the Massimo Giletti show…11062315_640670942743314_5094086935771003202_n
In March we saw them with Uncle Bruno on Porta a Porta… So many interviews, Guest spots on radio shows… Oh yes, Singing before a Soccer Game in Italy…
May was even busier than the months before promoting their Grande Amore for Europe so that when they walk onto the Eurovision stage all of Europe would know who they are…  Oh how Il Volo looked on The Red Carpet , were we proud? Oh yes we were, Armani Models for sure… They won the popular vote and were happy that the people of Europe loved them and their Grande Amore…
Now we are in June, and we are able to see more of Il Volo… We were thrilled by the charity soccer game that they participated on June 2… They do so much for Charity… They make us proud…
On June 4th Il Volo was on the Wind Music Awards 2015, They sang to the crowed arena their Grande Amore and the fans sang along with them, not only did they received their award from Carlo Conti, but they received an even greater award from their fans… A standing ovation… It just does not get better than that…
We have so many more Il Volo filled days to look forward to in the coming months and when  they are done winning the hearts of Italy and Europe, they will come back to us and we will be able to finally make our dream come true by buying that Ticket to the Concert and Meet and Greet and see our beautiful men of Il Volo live and in person right before our eyes, giving us their Grande Amore!!!  A dream come true for all Il Volo Lovers..

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  1. Jeannette, I think that’s called an “E Ticket”!

    Wonderful post! So much has happened for them in just the past 6 months! Life altering! More excitement to come!! Thank you, Jeannette!

    Boys…Get some rest!

    1. I have been trying to figure out when they have the time to work on and rehearse for the Italian concert series that starts very soon! And they have been recording again! Can’t wait for the concert videos…!!!

      1. Oh to be Twenty years old again… I can remember those days… They pass so quickly, but our guys are making memories to last a lifetime along with sharing their music with the world… They are so young and have been all over the world sharing their passion of song along with their love with all their fans…

    2. Yes Marie, Il Volo is the E Ticket Ride… And what a ride it is, as they takes us soaring above the clouds with their music… What was it they used to say… Sit back and enjoy “The Flight”

  2. Jeanette, thanks for the “virtual tour”through Il Volo Land! Many years ago I went to Disney Land! Now, I am more than ready to take on IlVolo And, but I may need a motorized wheel chair for this trip!! What ever it takes!! Your post was a great reminder of our boys busy, but wonderful life!! Dot in Texas…..

    1. Lets hope that they have a concert in Texas on their next tour… We can’t have you missing out on seeing Il Volo live and in person… And of course getting un bacio e un abbraccio…
      (A kiss and a hug)

  3. I hope that when they come to the U.S. they will include a concert on our west coast. I am saving up for it. How about the Los Vegas one ? Joanie

    1. Oh Joan, from your lips to Michele Torpedine’s ears… I wish I could talk with their manager in person, I would convince him that Las Vegas is the place for the an Il Volo concert for sure…

  4. Jeannette, it sure has been a terrific six months and it’s been a fantastic ride to be able to see I can’t wait till they get to the states again and complete for me such a wonderful year.

  5. Jannette,very nice article, in which you are nicely summarized what all we have experienced so far this year with our marvelous boys. 🙂 I look forward to the European tour (Ignazio mentioned that should be at the beginning of 2016), I believe that Il Volo also visit Slovakia and I will be able to hear them live ….It is my big dream to be on their concert. 🙂 Since childhood, I love listening to music, but I never liked any singer in the past as at present I love Il Volo-it was love at first hearing, O sole mio ! :-)♡♡♡ Il Volo music has divine power,my opinion is that Il Volo make the world more beautiful with their music, give love to the world,because love is the eternal essence of life and light that leads our souls on the way of goodness and beauty.I feel that when they sing, so sing their souls and always put into singing their whole heart and pure emotions.Their music and singing are able to reach, caress people’s hearts and evoke different feelings and strong emotions. For example, my mom, when she listens to their songs, she cries and I have goosebumps from their singing. Il Volo sing like angels.:-) They are modest, kind, humble and gentle people with a heart in the right place. 🙂 At his young age they are very smart and have good opinions and it is nice that they are youngest Ambassadors for Unicef. At Eurovision final, whole evening,I was looking forward to Il Volo, their performance was the highlight of the evening, a fantastic experience, for me THEY ARE THE BEST AND REAL WINNERS ! Il Volo demonstrated outstanding performance ! They won the hearts of people across Europe and this is the most important ! After final my thoughts were : I would like to hug them, if I could, and I would say to them that their singing made happy all of their fans and also made them proud. Il Volovers love you, ragazzi, you have our hearts, completely. 🙂 Your fans appreciate you and your music.Ignore the criticism from any juries , because they have their ” professional opinions”, but focus on the people who love a real music and perceive music through feelings and heart.I
    Il Volo are GREAT ARTISTS,great musicians and personalities. ♡

    1. Hi Lydka you have summarized the Il Volo buys so completely & stating their music has divine power to give love to the world. That is how I feel also. They won my her in 2009 & continues to do so. Thanks for your lovely post.

      1. Hi Loretta,t
        thank you for your response to my post.:-)
        I got to know Il Volo only two years ago, because unfortunately in Slovakia they are not known. But I think ,I’m caught up everything what I missed before.:-))) I tried to find on internet as many videos and interviews as possible and watched all of them and I think I was successful. 🙂 I always look forward to a new article, video with boys.
        only sometimes I think I should start learning Italian,because I don’t understand when boys speak in their native language.:-)
        I sincerely greet you and wish you all the best !

    2. Thank you so much Lydka for your beautiful and kind response..
      I too hope that they visit Slovakia so that you can attend their concert…I always thought that the CD’s, DVD’s and YouTube videos were amazing and I fell in love with Il Volo just by listening to them and watching the videos… But seeing them live and hearing their magnificent voices gave me a whole knew perspective on their music… I was like in a trance while they were on stage… I did not want to miss a note , I could not take my eyes off them.. I was overwhelmed with emotion because they were so much better in person than on a DVD or Video…
      I think it is wonderful that you and your mother share in their beautiful music…
      Thank you again for posting here and I am very happy to make your acquaintance and I hope to read many more of your posts .. I am looking forward to that…

      1. Thank you Jeannette for the kind words.This page ( as well as All About Il Volo page) is really a great place for all Il Volovers. 🙂 It is nice to share feelings with people, who feel the same ,and love bel canto music.Gianluca at the Wind Music Awards said that their music is vintage, but I think that there is no old and new music, but good and bad music. . their music is especially so beautiful, and actually vintage style became fashionable again :-). I like it too. 🙂 I would like to share with you my special experience which became during Eurovision.I am not on social networks, so I was happy to use the opportunity to engage in Ask Eurovision question for Il Volo.I wrote a few questions and I waited if the luck smiles on me, because I feel that the boys received the most questions from all competitors.On Tuesday, May 18, I was wondering what question they selected, and then I saw my question, I was shocked, my eyes widened and at first I could not perceive what the boys says in the video…I was so happy , as a young child, even I also had tears of joy in my eyes. It seemed incredible that they just picked my question. Dream come true,this memory forever will be in my heart… Video https://youtu.be/QvzN44lEIpA..
        I also sent on Il Volo Flight Crew email wit my birthday greeting for Piero, hope he will like it when he will read it. 🙂 I thank Il Volo Flight Crew for this opportunity !
        I sincerely greet you and wish you all the best, a lot of joy, happiness in life, a lot of enthusiasm to work and look forward to more new articles that will come from all the great people of this website. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Jeannette! We all love our Guys, and you do such a good job of putting it in print for us. Isn’t it amazing all of the wonderful things that have happened to them in such a short period of time? People are waking up to this beautiful thing called “Il Volo”…and I couldn’t be happier for them!

    1. Thank you Ruth, you know that this is the place to share the love of Il Volo, and now all of Europe knows what we have know for six years… There is no better music than the music of Il Volo… It doesn’t take long to fall in love with these three young men once you hear their voices and see the Grande Amore they share with the world…

  7. Thank you, Jeanette for the lovely article!!! Agree with everyone’s beautiful comments! I just love these marvelous young men & I am so thankful that they came into my life!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero, thank you for bringing so much love, joy, & brightness to the World with your amazing music!!!
    Jeanette, tomorrow will be one year since we met at the Greek Theater before the Concert! Much has occured since that magical night! I am slowing down much to my frustration & regret! My English friend ( blonde hair), Marlene has cancer & I don’t know if she will get to see Il Volo again! Doubtful! Has been a stressful time since har diagnosis the first part of May! I do hope to see you & your daughter & Myron at next Concert!! I am hoping to connect with some other IlVolovers too! The other lady, Carol will be there also. I am also planning to be normal & not have brain fade!!! Grande Amore!!!

    1. It was so exciting to meet you before the concert… I had just learned about the Flight Crew a few months before and was very shy about posting here… Meeting you, Myron and several other ladies was such a warm experience… I felt like we knew each other for years, for we all had so much in common to talk about “Il Volo” of course… In the few moments we had together we became family,.. That was just as thrilling for me as the concert itself… When I returned to the Flight Crew after the concert I was no longer shy about posting… That is an understatement, I now cannot go a day without my Flight Crew Fix… I hope we can meet up at the next concert either in Ca. or Las Vegas…
      Marlene is in my prayers…

      1. Thank you, Jeanette & Marie for your prayers for Marlene! I ask God every nite to place healing hands on all my IlVolover friends who need healing!! We will meet at the concert!!! If they are at another venue that is close, I want to go to that also!! It is wonderful that our amazing Gianluca, Ignazio,& Piero have brought us all together with their Angel voices & Grande Amore!!!

  8. Jeannette – a lovely stroll down memory lane! Pretty soon, we will again be scouring the net looking for tidbits of their upcoming concerts from devoted fans to share with us. Us Detroiters will be sure to give an astounding review of the Pompeii concert on July 6! They are taping it next Wed, Jun 10! We are also celebrating Piero’s birthday on June 24! Why can’t it be October yet? 🙂 We can only imagine what the next 6 months will bring!?

    1. Jana, I never thought I would say this, but I wish I was living in Detroit just so I could see that concert on PBS the moment it is televised… Lucky you, Donna, Sharon and all the other
      Il Volovers in the Detroit area… Yes, there is a bit of green on my face when I look in the mirror… No amount of make-up will cover it… I will be green with envy until it is broadcast here in Las Vegas!!!

  9. Enjoyed your article, Jeannette. To think it’s less than 6 months that all these events have taken place so far! From this point on we all need to “hold on to our hats” as things in Il Volo land are about to pick up the pace even more! When we are in this magical land, we never want to leave as we can never get enough!

    1. Thank you Vivian, it’s always a pleasure to write about Il Volo and all their grand accomplishments… You are so right, we never get enough of enjoying Il Volo, because they always leave us wanting more…

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