Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Rome


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Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook



“Il Volo will be performing in the Cavea which is a fourth concert hall of Auditorium Parco Della Musica. It is an open air theatre recalling the days of Greek and Roman theaters. I saw a photo of it but was not able to do a copy paste. I found it on the Auditorium Parco Della Musica website. It is a beautiful and stunning outdoor theatre. I have not yet discovered the seating capacity but looks fairly significant. This has to be a great concert gig for them, since they have three consecutive performance dates there.”  ~~ e-mail from Mary S.


Parco della Musica ~~ Wikipedia; Mary S.

Parco della Musica ~~ Lots of pictures! ~~ Google; Mary S.


















(This is not an all inclusive selection of videos.  I’m late on this post trying to capture them all, and that is just not possible.  You can go to YouTube and search, “Il Volo Rome 2015” for many, many, many more.)





Concerto Roma 22-23-24 Photo Album ~~ Il Volovers Italy Official; Mary S.



Rome 22 23 and 24 Photo Album ~~ Rocke Me Il Volo Facebook; Mary S.



Grande Amore Tour Rome; June 23, 2015 ~~ All About Il Volo






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Il Volo June 22, 2015 ~~ V.I.Photo Facebook; Mary S.




Il Volo, Roma ~~ Sara Fiore Facebook; LiJoy






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Piero’s Birthday  birthday dance










Thank you, Mary, Lisa and affiliates for all of your help!

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10 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Rome”

  1. Buon onomastico Piero e tuo nonno Pietro. Bella giornata ! 🙂 I wish a happy name day to you and your grandfather,have a nice day with family and friends ! ❤️❤️
    Today has name day also my grandfather Pavol, who died last year, I think of him, všetko najlepšie dedko !❤️

    I can vividly imagine that this was certainly a wonderful and memorable evenings full of beautiful singing, love of music and demonstration of humanity,kindness,joviality , gentle behavior of three young boys who respect and appreciate their fans and give them always good energy, joy and their love. I would like to be there… 🙂

  2. Thank you Kelly, once again you outdid yourself in giving us all the wonderful information about the three Rome Concerts filled with wonderful videos… The Flight Crew Blog always delivers thanks to you , Marie and all the others who continue to bring us great happenings about Il Volo… I was able to spend some time this weekend catching up on Il Volo … One very special video I found yesterday was one that was almost the complete Rome Concert… I hope you do not mind me adding it here… It is a complement to all the videos you have shared with us … Since it was shared publically on Youtube, I am sure it is okay to post…Sit back, relax and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did…

  3. Thanks Jeannette for the video it gives us an idea of how the concerts went. I saw a clip of where Ignazio was hurt on another site. In my estimation that was a rotten trick that Piero did to Ignazio he not only hurt him but he embarrassed him in front of thousands of people on stage. Piero has just reduced a few pegs off himself in my eyes. Where he was laughing I didn’t not think it was funny in fact it was downright cruel AND Ignazio is supposed to not only be his friend but his coworker.
    I also know there are not going to be many people who agree with me. It is not the fact I like Ignazio that should NOT have been done to anyone

    1. I totally agree with you and have been waiting to find someesle with the same ” opinion” as I was not impressed with piero either, as this not the first time he has pulled this distasteful trick on Ignacio and it shows such poor professionalism, manners, maturity, taste, respect for his brother, and to quote them “soul”
      I truly hope some one will show him what it looked like (& felt like from our side of,the stage :-((

    2. Thank you so very much for posting this video , I just watched it for,the “umpteenth ” time with the same thrill (except for pb’s nasty trick)
      Many thanx again
      ( comment of agreement with you re pb’s behaviour. Below

    1. Hi Loretta!
      Will my email ONLY be available to YOU this route? Just in case not –‘ I will reply to your address above
      Thank you so much
      Laney 🙂

    2. Hi Loretta
      I emailed you my email address
      Reply to yours above
      Did you get it? (Yet.)
      Have a great day 🙂

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