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Tickets on sale for Detroit Concert February 27, 2016 tomorrow (7/30/15) in the afternoon!

Thanks for the heads up Chris.  She and I both received confirmation of this from DPTV!

Update: Detroit

IL VOLO management and Fox theater are ironing out details, but meet and greets are only being offered for $500 per pair through PBS, not fox theater and the tickets will not be avail until Friday at the earliest. The date is correct (Feb. 27 8 pm). The $500 is for your seat at the concert and meet and greet.

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  1. Marie, I keep getting conflicting info such as sale starts tomorrow VERSUS Aug. 7 during the beginning of their next pledge drive. I don’t want to give out any false info. I guess I’ll just call tomorrow and see what they have to say then!!! Thanks!

    1. Hi Christine, I am a representative from Detroit Public Television and wanted you to know that Il Volo tickets for the Detroit concert will be going on-sale August 7th, the first day of our pledge drive. “Live From Pompeii” will also be shown that night at 9pm ET. We had been receiving a lot of inquiries here at DPTV, so wanted to clear up any confusion. Thank you.

  2. I called to check on that too. Woman said they are entering the information on their computer now and should be ready tomorrow afternoon.

    Also, talked to the Miami PBS folks. They are not sure when tickets will go on sale, but swore on his daughter that he would call me as soon as he knows.

    OK, this means that SOME cities know there will at least be a concert. CALL YOUR PBS STATION or concert hall or whoever is in charge of bringing entertainment to your area! If your station (etc) doesn’t know, at least you will be making the cities/stations know YOU WANT IL VOLO THERE!

    Will, of course, update when I know more.


  3. Any info about Miami concert?

    Marie, I’m sorry I have not been following the Italy tour since leaving Naples. I have been working non stop on reducing household items. I am sitting in a medical office now waiting for an appointment. On the way home I will stop at a post office to mail Jana the Il Volo concert program from Wolf Trap last year and then drop off more Goodwill donations. Am I fired?



    1. Thanks for the tip. Can’t wait for the show here in MD/DC PBS – WETA, Aug. 9th. Will contact them if they know if they will be returning here as well.

      1. Correction. MPT Aug. 8th, 6:30 pm and Aug. 9th 3:30 pm. Not WETA yet. 🙂

  4. Exciting news Detroit! Does that mean they are touring US in February? I need Cali info if anyone knows anything! Grazie!!!!

  5. We hope to go to Miami in February! I hope Detroit won’t be snowed in then!!! Wonderful when their schedule will be posted??

    1. Anna, that is a concern of mine also. I am lot closer to Detroit that Miami though. But the snow and ice that we can get is a bit scary to me. It was pretty bad last year. I am probably 3 1/2 to 4 hours south of Detroit. I told my husband that we should fly to Miami and then spend some time traveling after the concert. I doubt he will go for that though.

      1. Jeanie, maybe we will meet in Miami! That would be fantastic!!! We need to start working on our husbands!😍My husband loves Il Volo and has taken me to three of their concerts, so maybe it won’t be too hard to convince him to go!!

      2. My husband told me he got tired of me sneaking around listening and reading about the guys that he would take me to one of their concerts if they came close to us (Maryland). I wilsh they would come around DC or an outdoor venue at Oregon Ridge. I can only hope to be able to see them next year and closer to see their faces up-close <3

      3. Anna, I would love to meet you. We missed the dinner in Nashville last summer because we were sightseeing while we were there and got back too late. My husband loves il Volo also and has taken me to see 3 concerts so far also. I always tell him that I will go by myself if he doesn’t want to go. I tell my DIL, who I babysit for every other
        week for the little ones, that I won’t be there if there is an il Volo Concert. She just says, I know Mom. lol I am not kidding her or my husband either.

        Where would you go to see the boys if you would not fly to Florida?
        Just curious.

        I will be totally crazy by the time next February comes. It is too long to wait and ponder over this. lol

      4. Ha! Ha! Barb, that is funny, sneaking around listening to them. When I read the website this morning, I immediately started listening to my CD’s and the You tube videos. I have been so sad thinking that they would not be back to America again. They are so popular. I just wish it was not in the winter. You will love seeing them if you can get to a concert. I think that I had to scrape my chin off of the floor when I first saw them. I ended up with front row seats the first time. Wow is all I can say.

  6. I called PBS this morning. Thomas from PBS confirmed that there will be a concert in Minneapolis/St. Paul. There are no details yet (dates, times). They do not know if PBS will have tickets during the airing (Aug. 13). Management /PBS are still working things out. If you can’t get tickets via PBS, then go to Ticketmaster.

    1. Me, too. I am speechless. We need something closer to New Orleans. Miami is still too far away to bring my 85 year old mother.

      1. Yeah I wouldn’t mind traveling to New Orleans…maybe hock my mothers china…

      2. We are going to tell your Mom to lock her China up, piratesorka. Too funny.

  7. It is not nice for Detroit and Miami to be always getting them live. We do have people in TEXAS.
    This is not live but the PBS in Hawaii (Aug 15) and PBS Nashville (Aug 11) will show the “Live from Pompeii”.

  8. Support WGCU and see, hear and enjoy Il Volo live in concert in Southwest Florida.
    Tuesday, March 8, 2016 — Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall

    $245 per pair of tickets, Rows J-N
    Just saw on All About Il Volo

    1. OH yes! I would fly to PHoenix for that one. To see my beloved IL VOLO and meet my pal Ruth!

  9. I’m sure with you Ruth. I’m a fellow Arizonan (MESA). I just don’t know if they have the draw here as in other places, to make it worth their while; or it could be that they now need a bigger venue than the COMMERICA THEATER. At least one with screens. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. KITTY

  10. West Palm Beach PBS (WXEL) will be airing the concert on August 10th at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. and on August 12th at 1:00 a.m.

  11. I’m thankful to hear they will be coming to Ohio! That’s driving distance for me! Now, to find someone to come along with me.

    1. Speaking of needing to find some one to go along as Jill does above, The Detroit tickets are only offered in PAIRS and I am trying to find another person to purchase the pair with. I would get to Detroit on my own. If anyone out there is also wanting to buy only a single ticket, contact me via my email at TIME is of the ESSENCE though because tickets are on sale tomorrow, July 31! As it stands now, it looks like I will have to ‘scrub’ plans for Detroit and wait until IL VOLO comes to a city closer to me. It is still winter on that Feb. 27 concert date, but I look on it (going not knowing the weather seven months in advance) as an “adventure”! LOL!

      1. Good luck Chris! I am not an adventurer in winter and will probably fly south! Plus, the boys are are a good excuse to go south that time of year. Ready Ineke? Ready Leelee?

      2. Marie, do you know when the tickets for Miami are going on sale?

      3. I’m ready if Ineke is ready. At least we have each other to keep you in check.

      4. I am not an adventurer in winter either Marie. I checked the flights out to Detroit and wow, the prices were out of sight, as of now.

  12. It’s not looking to good Marie. I called Detroit Public TV yet again and they insist tickets are not being sold until August 7, so the information Michelle gave me that they will be on sale possibly tomorrow may be incorrect. So I guess that gives me 8 more days to locate another adventurer!

  13. Dear ladies, I have read that IL VOLO concerts ,dates in early 2016, in USA will be Cleveland on Feb. 24, Detroit on Feb. 27, and on March 8, 2016 at Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall in Southwest Florida. (The announcement was published and the tickets are already for sale. Until now, no confirmation of Il Volo.). Informations : Il Volo Concert Tickets : .

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