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Have you noticed that the boys are doing a lot more casual choreography along with their songs lately? No question that they are quite adept at dancing. They have a good sense of timing, and their movements are seductively captivating. They seem toa mary 3 be having fun with it, often showing their playful sides, which we love to see. It is entertaining, to be sure, but does it detract from their main intent, which is the beauty of the song that is being sung at the same time? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Some of the songs lend themselves naturally to the accompanying movements, and it feels right. The problem comes when one is singing, and the others are doing their own thing, which seems disrespectful to the singer and the listeners who want to give him their full attention.

Don’t get me wrong—I would never criticize these great guys in any way. As far as I am concerned they can do no wrong. I love them no matter what they are doing. I even liked Ignazio’s push-ups when it had nothing to do with the song. But I remember how sweet it was back in the day when they just came out and sang with all of the gusto in a mary 15their hearts… antics, just amazing voices.  Maybe what was appropriate for them at that time is different now….not saying that one is better than the other—we know that change is inevitable. And to reiterate, we love, love, love them no matter what they are doing.

So, as for the dancing, I say, “dance away, guys.…just remember that the song and the singer and the listener should be respected. Your power is in the quality a mary 2and dignity that we have come go expect in your performances….the “class act” that puts you so high above other singers. Your fans have the utmost respect for you. You have earned that respect, and we love you whether you are dancing or standing on your heads. Just keep on being your beautiful selves, and we will keep on loving and supporting you.  ~Mary

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  1. Thank you for bringing this up because I have felt the same. Their wonderful music and voices are sufficient. Some playing around is fun but not when there’s more fun than beautiful music.

  2. I too have wondered about this. I think it is another difference between what we are use to and the Italian way. Remembering back to the TLUC days, it took me a while to focus. Directly behind the singer(s) were 2 very dramatic modern dancers. On the left front were the judges who often sang along. On the right side of the stage was a group of kids talking among themselves. Behind the dancers was the full orchestra. To top it all off there was a constant and vivid video running against the background. Sometimes it was hard to actually find the singer. Yeah, another wonderful difference between how we (Americans) do things and the Italian way. As long as the Italians keep producing the likes of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero I’m ok with the distractions. Like Ignazio dancing could EVER be called a “distraction”!!!

      1. Well, Penina, I’ll admit that that is an attractive distraction, and I enjoy Piero’s playfulness as much as anyone–bring it on!! But I am also quite conflicted, because that is a beautiful song and maybe once in a while it could be appreciated for it’s beauty. Call me Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered…..

  3. You know that to an IlVolover, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero are just perfect!!! They are to me! Marie got it right, it is the Italian way, many differences from the American way! They can dance all they want, I will just enjoy the movements. They put all their passion, heart & soul into their performances! If some of that passion is in dance energy, I love!!! it

    1. I love the dancing, especially Piero’s hip moves in “Surrender”. They know which songs they can have fun with & which ones are more serious. But I will watch & listen to them no matter what they do, as long as it is not outrageously obscene, and I don’t think they would ever go that far.

  4. Very interesting! Marie got it right, it’s the Italian way! I, personally, think they have grown accustomed to what the others are doing while one is singing! As far as it being a distraction…all three of them are a total distraction for this senior citizen!!! I can hardly get anything done without being distracted by Il Volo!♡♡♡♡Grazie! !

  5. I think the dancing is very sensual, especially Piero, but The song is the main thing. I don’t think they need the added attraction. Joanie G

  6. I love it when they are being themselves, and if that means they feel like dancing, I’m all for it. I wouldn’t change a thing about them! It makes them who they are. I also think that if something bothers one of them, they would talk it out. They don’t want anybody to be bummed about what’s going on, I’m sure.

    1. I agree with you, Ruth! I love for them to be free to express themselves however they see fit for their songs!

  7. I will send you some money to help defray your expenses but I do not know how to send it. I would send a check in US dollars, if I had an address and guidance on who to make it out to.

    Lesley Newall.

  8. Time moves on and I believe the boys are too. They are now on Sony’s Latin label and have a new audience of the younger generation so I think they are more relaxed and trying to involve everyone in their concerts. From all the concerts in Italy the audience seems to want to be part of the evening. Mexico was like that. When they come to US they might be more conservative with the older fans. I give unconditional love to the boys but also reserve the right to mention things that bug me. Ignazio’s latest “concert jacket” is on my ‘bugs me’ list.

    1. Concert jacket??? Or lack of? I don’t blame them if they chose not to come on wearing jackets, since the temperatures are Summer time hot these days.

  9. Mary. I tend to agree with you, also. Having funny moments with each other is adorable. But hopefully they don’t go too too far.

    Marie: Watching Ignazio do ANYTHING would never be a “distraction” for me or you! Right?

    1. So Right!

      Although I have to say, like Mary, I also miss those days when they just stood there smiling rather shyly (even Prince Boschetto) and sang the best they could. I will always miss those “babies.”

  10. Well, I for one think it is a more entertaining show when they dance, kid around and interact with the audience instead of just walking around the stage or standing there !! But not all their songs lend themselves to these antics and I think by now they do know that.
    I just love them unconditionally no matter what they do !! They could stand on their heads and spit wooden nickels and I would swoon !!!!

    1. I agree, Joanie. Love their antics and think they are too smart to overdo .. If we want less, we can watch their DVDs or play their CDs.

    2. The concerts are different now because they are not the shy teenagers we grew to love they have become not only singers but entertainers.

  11. Is it just me, or is the Italian audience a little younger? I have to wonder if this is more of an age thing…trying to stay out of trouble. 😉
    The younger generation is very stimulated and probably don’t see any distractions at all. Just last week, I was trying to watch one of my favorite shows, live tweet about it and keep up a side conversation with LiJoy…ask her how “well” I did. lol I’ve seen my brother do this very thing a million times. I can’t see them doing the exact same show in America.

  12. I remember going to a concert of a certain young country singer whose act was to sing as she strolled across the stage only to sing another song and stroll the other direction, Good music but boring as spit entertainment!
    Frankly, the guys could do most anything and I would love it. I guess I have that Italian point of view. . Now if Only I were Italian I would be such an excellent Italian pirate!
    As for our lovely men, I think they look to make each concert different and being lively young men, they do mischievous stuff to each other. I love it all! Oh to be able to dance with Piero! YUMMM.

    However there is one thing I do not like at concerts and that is the audience sing alongs. Its one thing to sing with gusto “O Sole Mio” but not all songs need to be sung along at concerts. I sing with the guys when I am in my car. Alone. Loudly…and very badly. ( although I like to pretend I have the voice of Celine Dion) You really don’t want to hear me do that at the concert you paid the big bucks to enjoy. I love watching these videos but the fans singing along…OY! Some of those folks need to walk the plank!

    1. I have to sing along at a concert. If you sing in a normal voice not even the person next to you can hear you. The Guys sound system is very loud! Now..if you feel you have to shout the song while sitting next to me, you will have my elbow in your ribs!!!

      1. Now see I could probably do well if the people near me only sang at a normal voice level but Nooooooo my experience has been that many people sing at the top of their lungs and most likely as if they have all drank too much grog.

        Maybe I ought to stop going to Jimmy Buffet concerts…

    2. I agree, Pirate. Sometimes the audience is singing so loudly you cannot hear the guys! In Trieste especially they were very noisy. Gianluca still sings but I have seen videos when Ignazio just gives up and some when Piero also stops singing.
      We come to the concerts to hear out wonderful guys–not the audience!

  13. I love the dancing, but I have, too, found it distracting from the real reason they are on stage – to sing. At Eurovision I was thankful that they didn’t pull out costumes, special effects, dancers, but instead just sung their song beautifully. They do not need to add anything to their voices. Dancing is fine but I don’t like it when another one of them is singing.

  14. Just one last thought…I have a feeling that all that kidding around is more or less planned out before hand! Turn Ignazio loose with no plan and he’d be a one man show!! He is so full of P and V!! Whatever they do, the audiences are eating it up!! And , as someone said, the audiences are getting younger!! As IlVolovers, we’re hooked (right Pirate?) so I’ll just enjoy whatever I can get!!

  15. Personally, their dances on stage don’t bother me. I think they love to dance, especially Piero 🙂 , and Ignazio is still funny. 🙂 They are good showmen ! 🙂 The audience in Italy is composed of many young people, especially girls and Italians are a nation that likes to have fun, singing, dancing…They have also songs where dancing is not distracting element. For example, Volare- this song is conceived in a very vivid adaptation and their dance is suitable here and when I hear it, so I want also to start dance ! 🙂 When my mother saw the video, she said they are so cute, when are dancing. 🙂 When they feel in their hearts, that they want to dance and entertain the audience, so I say : let’s do these things, boys ! 😉 It is important that they still remain ourselves, honest, modest, gentle, nice, natural, spontaneous ,mettlesome and cheerful guys, who can be a serious, but also playful and happy with their sense of humor ! 🙂 I trust them that they know what they are doing and they do it always with the best intentions to please fans ! As individuals they mature and it is natural that enrich their performances on the stage with new elements. I personally think that they not doing anything wrong. Still they have and will have my sympathy ! 🙂
    Look at Volare :

  16. A reporter said of Gianluca that he knows how to sell a song. These young men have to ensure that their humor and dancing add to a song, and do not compete with a song. especially Ignazio. O Solo Mio is an example of how they can embellish a song. One thing is a definite NO NO. You NEVER NEVER
    hit another singer in the groin. Piero did this twice, in Mexico and Rome to Ignazio. There were awful comments of fans in Mexico. You should respect each other’s boundaries. In order for the audience to respect a person’s gift, they must respect the person. Bur I love them no matter what!

    1. I, too, love them so much. But what I love are their voices and their songs. I think it’s great when they tease each other back and forth, but I think if I was at a concert where Piero or any one of them did that, I’m not sure what I would think. I don’t think I would be laughing or very happy. To me, it’s unfortunate that maybe they have to act that way because of the age of the audience or where they are, either here or in Italy or Mexico or somewhere else. It makes me wonder if they have this behavior planned or if it is impromptu. As i said before, I hope their “antics” do not go too too far!! I will always love them, also.

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