Well,  this answers the Detroit Concert question!  Thanks DPTV!

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News Flash!!! Tickets on sale for Detroit Concert February 27, 2016 tomorrow (7/30/15) in the afternoon! Thanks for the …

Hi Christine, I am a representative from Detroit Public Television and wanted you to know that Il Volo tickets for the Detroit concert will be going on-sale August 7th, the first day of our pledge drive. “Live From Pompeii” will also be shown that night at 9pm ET. We had been receiving a lot of inquiries here at DPTV, so wanted to clear up any confusion. Thank you.

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    1. Sure is! Thanks Chris!

      Thanks for reading our site and giving us the correct information, DPTV. We need all the guidance we can get! Sorry for all the inquires, but We love our Il Volo!

  1. Does anyone know where the seats will be through the Detroit PBS? I read that the PBS seats in Fort Myers, will be in row J through N, maybe, I forget.
    Thanks in advance!

      1. I am spoiled also Joanie. But, I did check the website for the Venue in Fort Myers and who ever it was that posted that the tickets are on sale now and that the Seats for PBS are in row J – N are exactly right. That is what the website shows. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the poster that posted this information.

  2. This is exciting, but disappointing. Being a local Detroiter, I’m familiar with the various concert venues. I absolutely loved IL VOLO at Freedom Hill last year, and two years prior at Meadow Brook. So I’m thrilled that they are coming here, but disappointed it will be at the Fox. The Fox is a beautiful theater, but the outdoor venues are so much more fun. But thanks for the news.

    1. I saw them at the Fox in 2013. I thought it was beautiful and the acoustics were great! We are all so different! I much prefer an indoor venue with FULL orchestra!

    2. I like the Indoor Venue’s with the full Orchestra also. I also was at the beautiful Fox Theater in 2013 to see the il Volo Concert.

    1. I am thinking that if you purchase your tickets through PBS, then you might not get to pick your seats. Is that right?

      1. I can only speak of my 7 experiences. Every venue does things a little differently. If you are purchasing the M&G you usually do not get to choose seats. However… you are, usually, guaranteed a seat in the first 10 rows. To purchase a seat w/o M&G you, usually, get to choose your seat.

        It is true, in my experience, that sometimes if you wait until closer to the concert date, some better seats come back up for sale. Have I ever waited for that to happen? Not on your life!

      2. I think you are probably correct Marie. I have some decisions to make, I guess.

        Where do you think that the Miami Concert will be held at. Maybe
        the Jackie Gleason Theater where they filmed a PBS Concert?

        Where is the other lady from Canada? I can’t remember her name either. She was in the Detroit picture with you.

    1. Jeanie, I don’t know where the Miami concert will be held. I just hope there is a concert still planned there!

      You are thinking about Loretta. I don’t know where she is or how she is. I have emailed her without response. I do have a phone number and will try to call her today.

      There is soooo much I don’t know!

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